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Introduction to Money, Wealth & Prosperity Affirmations

It is seen that a lot of people do just the opposite. They focus on what they don’t have. They train their thoughts on lack, problem such as inability to pay bills, insufficient money to buy a house. This leads to daily struggle to make both ends meet. In other words, by focusing your thoughts on the negatives, all your mental and spiritual energies oblige you by producing conditions leading to more frustration and scarcity.

Our thoughts are very powerful and are capable of producing negative as well as positive vibrations. Therefore, be careful, what you choose to focus on as your thoughts can produce for you a cycle of ‘lack’ as well as ‘abundance’ and ‘prosperity’.

Affirmations for Money, Wealth and Prosperity are one of the well accepted and also an easy way to train the mind to focus on the positive. These affirmations are a set of positive statements in the present tense which take our mind to what we already have, be ready to receive more while being thankful and grateful to the Universe in providing you in its own unique ways.

Different types of Affirmations on this page

Just for you, we have prepared three sections of affirmations to attract (1) Money (2) Wealth (3) Prosperity and Abundance.

Furthermore, each section has 2 to 4 sets of affirmations. You may like to start with one section at a time. Also feel free to choose affirmations you like the best, combine them and repeat them regularly to attract the blessings in the form of Money, Wealth, Prosperity and abundance into your life.


Powerful Affirmations to Attract and Manifest MONEY


Set # 1

  1. I feel Rich
  2. I love money. Money loves me.
  3. I attract money now
  4. I am very happy & grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities from many sources on a continuous basis
  5. I am receiving money now
  6. I have more than enough money
  7. I am willing, ready and able to receive money
  8. I see abundance everywhere
  9. I am a money magnet
  10. I am grateful for what I already have and for all that I receive now.
  11. I have more than what I need
  12. Money now comes to me from unexpected sources & I am grateful
  13. My income is growing higher and higher
  14. I am a rich child of a loving universe
  15. I have the power to attract money
  16. I receive money happily now
  17. Money flows to me easily
  18. I am sensible with money and manage it wisely.

Set #2

  1. I realize that money is essential for leading a good life but that I should not make it the number one priority of life.
  2. The Universe is the constant supplier of money for me and I always have enough money to fulfill my needs.
  3. Whatever activities I perform make money for me and I am always full of money.
  4. My bank balance is increasing everyday and I always have enough money for myself.
  5. Money and I are friends and our friendship will never fall apart.
  6. I am a money magnet towards whom money is constantly attracted.
  7. Every day I am attracting and saving more and more money.
  8. Money is an integral part of my life and is never away from me.
  9. I am debt free as money is constantly flowing into my life.
  10. My money consciousness is always increasing and keeping me surrounded by money.
  11. I have a positive money mindset
  12. I am focused on becoming rich
  13. Attracting money is easy
  14. My bank account worth is always growing
  15. Money is good. Money is energy
  16. I am fully supported making money doing what I love to do.
  17. Money comes to me through expected channels and unexpected channels
  18. My income automatically rises higher and higher

Set #3

  1. I am open to best things in life
  2. My wallet is overflowing with money
  3. Life is so easy
  4. I welcome money into my life.
  5. I am open and ready to let money into my life.
  6. The money is in my life just as natural as eating, drinking and sleeping.
  7. Money simply falls into my lap
  8. My pockets are full of money
  9. My positive money thoughts are coming true
  10. The universe always serves my highest interest
  11. I can always get whatever I need
  12. Financial success is mine, I accept it now
  13. I love having money
  14. There is enough for everyone
  15. I attract money naturally
  16. My middle name is money.
  17. The more I contribute for others. The more money I make
  18. The more I enjoy life, the more money I make

Powerful Affirmations to Attract and Manifest WEALTH

Set # 1

  1. I welcome all the things money can buy
  2. All my bills are paid with wonderful ease
  3. I am passionate about building wealth
  4. I give thanks that I am now rich, wealthy and happy
  5. I have the power to attract wealth
  6. I receive money and wealth in unique ways
  7. All resistance in me to receive more wealth has dissolved in total grace
  8. Wealth and Money comes to me easily & effortlessly
  9. I create money & wealth, joy & happiness in my life
  10. I am increasingly magnetic towards money & wealth
  11. All the money I need is already waiting to reach me
  12. I let go of all my fears about money
  13. I let go of all my inhibitions about money
  14. I spend money without fear
  15. There is plenty of wealth in my life
  16. Money is an energy and it flows freely through me now
  17. All my blockages to receive money have now dissolved
  18. Everything I need to generate wealth is available to me right now


Set # 2

  1. I am wealthy right now
  2. I am worthy of receiving more wealth
  3. I love myself, as a wealthy person
  4. I am an abundantly wealthy person
  5. Wealth flows to me
  6. My positive affirmations bring me wealth and prosperity
  7. My self-worth and net worth are increasing
  8. Wealth floats around me continuously
  9. I am passionate about building wealth
  10. I give thanks that I am now rich, wealthy and happy
  11. I have the power to attract wealth
  12. I receive money and wealth in unique ways
  13. There is plenty of wealth in my life
  14. All resistance in me to receive more wealth has dissolved in total grace
  15. Wealth comes to me easily & effortlessly
  16. My mind is open to the infinite supply of wealth
  17. I allow wealth to follow freely & generously in my life
  18. I attract ideal circumstances and opportunities to increase my net worth

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Affirmations to Attract Prosperity & Abundance

Set # 1

  1. I value my time and energy.
  2. I am living an abundant happy life.
  3. I am easily attracting all the wealth that I desire into my life.
  4. Money comes to me freely and easily from multiple sources of income.I am a money magnet
  5. I love money, money loves me
  6. I am attracting money now
  7. Prosperity and abundance comes to me easily and effortlessly
  8. It is easy for me to become wealthy.
  9. I am worthy to have abundance and prosperity.
  10. I am a magnet to prosperity and abundance.
  11. All the wealth I have brings me joy.
  12. I receive prosperity just by thinking luxuriously.
  13. I will always have more than enough wealth and prosperity.
  14. I attract financial abundance
  15. I am and will always be prosperous
  16. I always think positively about money
  17. I have many financial opportunities
  18. I am rich and prosperous
  19. My life is full of abundance
  20. I am focused on achieving wealth
  21. I always have more than enough money
  22. My net worth is always increasing
  23. My wealth is increasing regularly