How To Control Mind

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How To Control MindOur mind is an extremely smart, intricate and mysterious system of our being. It is doubtful if anybody or any stream of science can say it has fully understood the working of the mind. It is quite capable of looking after ourselves under normal as well as during very distressful situations. At the same time, the same mind is capable of pulverizing us and damaging our self confidence, self esteem and overall personality – if it is not controlled properly.

Therefore, one of the most important learning every individual should go in for is – “how to control mind”.

An untrained mind is like a naughty monkey or a bird let loose. Since it is not under control, the mind will do anything at anytime unpredictably. Like a monkey it will jump playfully from one point to another as it pleases causing havoc. Since we know that the mind is capable of doing millions of tasks beautifully, it is important that the mind is put to the best possible use for the sustenance and development of the human being.

Key Technique to Control Mind

To control your mind, there is a need to exercise self-control over the set of behaviors you want to change. There are a number of healthy methods which can be successfully utilized to change the working of your mind in the desired way and to get right behavior.

How to Control Mind

The key to mind control lies in getting hold of this naughty, jumpy or unstable mind and pull it out of its drifting and fix it on one healthy idea. This must be done gradually and over a period of time. This will require patience and carefully applying will power.

There are a number of suggested methods and techniques and here below, we give a few of the effective and easy techniques to control your mind.

Technique to Control Mind

1. Give time to yourself

The irony of the modern times is that we may have time for everything right from the most useful and important thing to the least important thing like checking text messages even late in the night but we hardly sit and talk to ourselves. As a result, the mind does whatever it pleases and is not under any control.

The easiest method is to sit quietly everyday and watch your drifting thoughts. It is like observing a bird which is flying high and low, jumping from tree to tree and hopping from a branch to another. It is sometimes chirping and sometimes singing.  In the beginning, preferably this should be done a few times in the day.

The idea is to merely be a witness to the whole process. Don’t be judgmental.

Next picture the mind as a quite lake. After some time and regular practice, you will observe that the level of turbulence has reduced. Now the thoughts are only bubbles emerging from the bottom of the lake only to break at the surface. Even now, you should not make any conscious efforts to control or direct your thoughts.

2. Purify Your Thoughts

One of the reasons the yogis and wise men have remarkable control over their mind is because of the purity of their body, thoughts and spirit. Of course, one thing is connected with the other and thereby there is mutual influence.

Therefore, try to be clean at heart, deliberately chose to have good and clean thoughts and have an exemplary character. It is easier to control the mind and when the thoughts are pure.

The person who is perfectly moral has nothing more to do, he is free. Perfect morality gives him all the complete control over his mind.

3. Reduce the Desires

This is almost an extension of the previous point. The lesser the desires, the less the human mind is likely to think about it. Similarly the human behavior will also be more settled and at peace rather than chasing myriad of desires. Lesser the desires, the easier it is to control the mind.

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