How to Manifest What You Want Fast

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How to Manifest What You Want Fast

Let us see how best we can use the Law of Attraction to manifest anything we want…fast.

Probably you have read the book Secret or similar books and have watched the movie Secret too. In the last few years, we have been regularly coming across the words like Law of Attraction, Secret etc. which have become the buzz words in our times to help manifest our desires and needs.

How to Manifest What You Want Fast

If you keenly want to manifest (whatever your requirements are – ideal weight, job, relationship or money) you may ask “is it really possible to manifest by applying Law of Attraction (LOA) in the life ?”

Does Law of Attraction really work ?

The researchers have proved to us that our brain works like a wireless transmitter and like a radio to transmit and receive the energy and thoughts. Every thought has energy and it vibrates on certain frequency. That means if a thought is repeated knowingly or unknowingly, it creates vibrations which the brain sends out to the Universe. The cosmic energies then oblige by facilitating / creating opportunities for you and this helps manifest what we want in life.

This to a great extent confirms to our personal individual experiences which you yourself would have had. Try to recall that while in a public place such as a restaurant or the airport, you might have experienced some vibrations and when you look around, you found someone looking at you rather intensely.

You Get What You Think About Most of the Times

A better example would be that if you are thinking of someone for sincerely or intensely for some time, then this person calls you or bumps into you at a mall or at a metro station.

The possible explanation of this is that what you think creates a magnetic pull and it attracts the situations or people or the products accordingly.

Hence you get what you think about most of the times. An extension of this statement can also be ‘You become what you think most of the times’.

To manifest whatever you want in your life – A luxury yacht, a sports car, an expensive watch, a diamond necklace, a big house or a million dollars of money, you have to think constantly in mind about that in a positive way with mental images and feelings that you are already enjoying the possession of that money or jewelry or watch or the house.

Secondly, make sure that there is no negative feeling attached to it. For example, if you are wishing for a house then do not worry yourself about where the money for paying the mortgage is going to come from.

Thirdly, it has to be in present tense. For example, affirm regularly “I am receiving 10,000 dollars every month regularly in my bank account” and see it in your mind.

“Whatever man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”, was said by Napoleon Hill. Author of Think and Grow Rich

How to Manifest What You Want Fast

How to Manifest What You Want Fast

While it is as simple as saying that you should think of the thoughts what you want to manifest in life and believe in your thoughts. Yet it may not bring success in all the cases, all the time and that too fast enough.

There has to be a step by step plan and a strategy to manifest what you want fast.

1. Know what you want: Be specific about what your desire is.

It is not necessary to say “I wish that I had more money” and money will just manifest before you. You have to know specifically what is it or how much you want. It is very important to know specifically what you want. Therefore, it would be a helpful exercise to write down specifically what you want. It would be worth spending some of your time.

2. Have a Clear Vision of What You Want

Continuing with the same example of you wanting to have money, you may rather say “I want to be in a job that pays me 10,000 dollars per month”. Another example could be “I want a 5 bedroom house, with a garage, kitchen garden, heated swimming pool, front lawn and beautiful drive way in this city (name of city)”.

3. Set a clear Goal: It is merely not sufficient to know exactly what you want and to wish for it. It is like calling a fine dining restaurant and just telling them to book a table for you. You have to tell the restaurant clerk that you need a table for 2 for the specific day (say tomorrow) for dinner at 7.30 and you want this table to be near the window so that you can have the view of the city. Also you would have noticed that setting a time line is also important.

This is called goal setting and to manifest what you want fast, you should make S.M.A.R.T. goals. SMART is the acronym for : Specific, Measurable, Attainable and Realistic.

4. Desire: You should have a high level of desire to attract to yourself what you want. Let us say that you want to manifest 10,000 dollars per month in your life. If making 120,000 dollars in the next 12 months is your goal, then this desire should be a strong desire and not a wishful thinking.

Think for a minute of someone who got accidentally pushed into the swimming pool has a very strong desire to come out of the water’s surface and breathe again. This desire to stay alive and breath would be 10 on 10 thus a very strong desire. Similarly your goal to earn or to receive 10,000 dollars per month should also be very high – say 8 or 9 out 10 – at least.

5. Belief: Just like desire, you need to have a high level of belief also that your goal shall be achieved. Continuing with the previous example, accepted that you have a strong desire to make 120,000 dollars in a year or a million dollars in a year. Now check what is your level of belief that you will actually manifest this much money in a span of one year starting 30 days from now, given the situation that currently you make about 50,000 dollars in a year. Do you doubt that you will actually make this much amount? Do you wonder that where is all that money going to come from? In such a case, your belief may be less than 4 on 10, may be 2!

Please make a note of the underlying rule of the game that if you need to attract something in your life then you have to have high level of belief that you can manifest it, or you can achieve your goal.

Suppose for some reason you cannot bring your level of belief to a high level, you need to re-write your goal. If you were to answer the question that what is your belief that you can make 90,000 dollars (instead of 120,000 dollars), your answer comes 6 or may be 7. Now the next question could be what about 80,000 dollars and you jump out saying “Yes, my belief is 9 on 10 that within 45 days from now I can start an activity which will take me to that level”. Well then that’s it! Please readjust your goal to make 90,000 dollars in a year, starting 45 days from now. Also see How to become a Millionaire – Core Principles.

It is okay to start with a smaller goal and then go up in steps as your belief in Law of Attraction and yourself develops and increases. Once again, it is a level of belief 8 or above which will manifest for you what you want in life. So if your belief level s not very high for a particular goal or desire, don’t bother to apply Law of Attraction at this stage. You may readjust your goal using the SMART goal setting technique.

6. Think your thoughts regularly or rather all the time: besides the intensity of your desire and belief, it is also the frequency of your thoughts which activate the Law of Attraction to help manifest your desires in life.
7. Visualize very often what you want as already with you: This will help send out the vibrations to the Universe frequently. It is the Universe which will bring your product or situations to you.
8. Focus on your feelings that it is already with you: Emotionalizing will increase the energy and intensity of the whole process of attraction and manifestation. Whatever you focus on the energy works on it. You will start applying yourself more, better and with higher motivation to achieve your goal.

9. Affirmations: Regularly do affirmations for what you desire to achieve. Know all about affirmations.

10. Gratitude: Be grateful for what you already have. Chose your Gratitude Affirmations

11. Meditate: Meditate on what you want to achieve and you are attracting it. Meditation is a powerful method to attract and manifest what you desire. For example, please see Powerful Meditation for Manifesting Money

A practical exercise to manifest what you want fast

Let us put this step by step approach to real life example to manifest any two things you want to manifest in your life fast.

Step 1: Create 2 Goals

Make 2 goals for yourself, from your desire of what you want to manifest in next 10 days. It could be anything such as:

  • “Someone buying you an iPhone”
  • “Receiving an order which will earn you 5,000 dollars in business”
  • “Finding a new job which is closer to place you live and yet pays you 20% more than your current job”
  • “Someone buying you a coffee at Starbucks”

Or something like this.

Once you have decided on the 2 items to manifest in next 10 days, write them down as clearly and specifically as possible

Step 2: Check your desire and belief level

For each of the goals, ask yourself what is your level of belief that it would be manifested in the next 10 days. In case, your belief is not 8 or above, then scale down the size of the goal. For instance, you are OK with an intensity of 8 to 9 with the goal that you shall be invited for a sandwiches and coffee at Starbucks but you are at about 5 or 6 that you’ll receive an order of 5,000 dollars. Check your level of belief at 4,000 dollars, if you find it to be 7 may be you still need to lower it to say 3,000 dollars.

If at 3,000 dollars, you feel confident and can say that your belief is 9 out 10 then go ahead, fix this goal and write it down.

Step 3: Visualize, Affirm daily whatever you wish to manifest

From now on, everyday for 2 to 3 minutes and for at least 3 times a day feel in your mind that you have already achieved your goal. Feel it with your 5 senses (Touch, Hear, See, Smell and Taste). For example, you are at Starbucks with someone – see the scenario, smell the coffee, feel the taste of hot coffee which you are sipping from the cup you are holding in your hand, and you can hear the sounds of footsteps and the coffee machine.

Similarly, for money manifestation, visualize checking your bank account online, seeing the increased balance, feel the relief of paying your next bill from the money received, your partner shaking your hand and giving you a hug, you smell the perfume.

Step 4: Check out the opportunities

You have done your bit to create the right environment in the cosmic. Now keep your eyes and ears open for the opportunities and signals to cash the opportunities will get created.


Repeat this exercise in your mind with no doubt whatsoever. I am sure the repetition, intensity and expectancy will do their job of sending out the message to the Universe which will oblige you with providing you with the right opportunities.

To Sum Up

If you follow this strategy without omitting any single step, you will start attracting whatever you want and it will begin to manifest. Have a great combination of clear idea of what you want, a specific goal with a time frame, high level of desire, high intensity of belief, frequent visualization and repetition of your positive thoughts to attract and manifest whatever you desire in your life.

This is not to say that there is no need to take an action or this is a replacement of the action or the physical efforts required. On the contrary, this is a great supplement to your action on the physical level. You will get the desired motivation or there shall be marked increase in the level of motivation and with this strategy your physical activity will get improved or facilitated.

To motivate yourself, look around and you may find people whom you already know who have manifested and are regularly attracting things they want using law of attraction besides actively putting efforts for it.

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