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Prayer for Unexpected Income

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Prayer for Unexpected Income and Financial Prosperity

Why Prayer for Unexpected Income Our blog Money and Abundance Prayer has been received very well by the cyber readers. Even two related videos on YouTube: Money and Abundance Prayer and Powerful and Short Prayer for Money, Abundance and Debt Relief have been received good views. Encouraged, we thought, it would be a good idea… Continue reading

How to Align with the Source of Abundance

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How to Align with the Source of Abundance

It is simple is a simple guess that it this point of time you are interested to increase the flow of Money, Wealth, Prosperity etc. in your life so that you can enjoy being in the Abundance When we are taking up the subject of Aligning with source of Abundance, we have to come on… Continue reading

Affirmations for Business Success

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Affirmations for Business Success 2

When my friend John (name changed) started working for a very large bank, he had no experience or formal training except of course a degree in Business Management. He felt frightened and undeserving of the opportunity. When he shared his problem with me, I advised to start using Affirmations for Business Success to counter his… Continue reading

How to Attract Abundance in Life

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How to attract Abundance in Life

The Universe is Abundant Universe has always been abundant. There is enough conclusive evidence of this around us. Look around and you will find that nature is lavish and extravagant. Abundance is the fundamental law of the nature The world population was one billion in the year 1800 and it is over seven billion today,… Continue reading