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Change Your Attitude and Belief to Improve Your Circumstances

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Change your attitude and belief to improve your circumstances

The tenets of positive thinking, law of attraction, positive attitude which can bring forth multiple benefits such as good health, good circumstances, healthy relationships, great career and abundance of money, wealth and prosperity are known to almost all who have interests in metaphysics, psychology, para- psychology etc. Great speakers, successful achievers and motivators very often… Continue reading

How to Stop Negative Thoughts about Money

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts about Money

In response to my blogs about money manifestation, especially a recent blog How to change your mindset about Money, I got quite a few responses asking me How to stop negative thoughts about money or how to get rid of automatic thoughts about money management or how to stop anxiety about money and wealth. The… Continue reading

Our Relationship With Money

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Our relationship with Money

Different people assign different associations to money in their lives. While some people call it a necessity, some call money as bad because it makes a person greedy while a section of people believes that too much of money is evil. However, it is the belief of this writer that money is neither good nor… Continue reading