Why You Should Bless Money

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Why You Should Bless Money

It may sound strange or weird to many that money should be blessed. Definitely you may ask that why should you bless money. Well it is not difficult to explain. So here is a short article.

It is important to realize that human beings are spiritual creation are subject to certain Laws of Universe. Similarly money is a spiritual force too and all the laws of nature such as the law of attraction are applicable on it. So if you want to increase the availability of money in your life you have to align yourself with the spiritual laws in addition to apparent methods such as hard work and sincere work.

One such important and beneficial spiritual ritual is to bless your money.

Why You Should Bless Money

Anything you pay attention to expands or increases. Blessing is a form of giving positive attention with love. Blessings are sum total of love, gratitude, respect and more.

Since money is a spiritual energy, one can increase money by amplifying the spiritual energy. Also please see Spiritual Ways of Attracting Money

Powerful Spiritual Methods to Increase the Flow of Money

Subtle spiritual methods to increase the money supply are:

  1. Love Money
  2. Respect Money
  3. Appreciate Money
  4. Bless Money
  5. Release Money and let the Money Flow

The money energy can be increased when it is allowed to flow. Just like you cannot use stagnant water to produce electricity, you have to let the water flow so that it can move the turbines which in turn generate electricity – especially in a hydro plant.

In the case of money it is done by way of receiving gracefully and giving it with blessings.
Some examples of giving money for good causes are doing charity (like tithing), helping a poor or a needy individual or paying your bills in time and in full. In such cases, give your blessings to the payments.

How blessing the bills can increase the supply of money to you?

Let us first talk of blessing the money you already have or blessing the money when you receive the payment. Take time to express appreciation and gratitude for the money you possess.
This way you are showing respect to the energy and the source of the money by being grateful. The attitude of gratitude increases the flow of money to you.

Also please see Gratitude Affirmations.

Secondly, if the money you have received is carrying with it someone’s negative energy then the blessings by you will cleanse the money and clear off negative feelings. You may like to refer to: Is Money Spiritual or Evil ?

Now let us talk of blessing the money when making the payments. Some of the readers may have a thought that giving money or making payments of their bills is the last thing they want to do. It may be emphatically mentioned here that each time you bless the bill and release the payment happily, you can expect to receive back much bigger amount.

Believe that by making payment, you are now creating space with you to receive twice or ten times or may be hundred times more money.

Every time, you do so you remind your subconscious mind that you are worthy of receiving much more as you are connected to the infinite and inexhaustible source of money and abundance. Over a period of time, this will reinforce your faith and belief.

How to Perform Bless The Money Ritual?

Just like any other spiritual ritual, sit in a place where you can work quietly and will not be disturbed for a few minutes. Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. Hold the checks, bills and currency notes (if you are making cash payments too) in your both hands with palm of the right hand over the bills.

Now bless the checks, bills and the cash. You may like to say, “Dear God, bless this amount of $100 to the electricity supply company. I now send the thanks to all those wonderful people who worked to produce the electricity for me and making my life so comfortable and rich. I am sure that this will money will come back to me soon and multiplied manifolds.”

Similarly, when you receive the money either in the form of check or cash, say “Thank You God. Thank You for being in my life. I love you, I bless you.” Next, look at it lovingly while holding it in your hands. Be conscious of the amount you are receiving. Welcome it into your life by blessing it too.


You don’t need to work hard for money. Use Spiritual Methods to increase money flow. Use these techniques regularly and every time you have an opportunity of receiving money or making the payment. Simply make it a habit. Also refer to: Habits that can make you Rich

Once again, let me remind you to do so lovingly and with enthusiasm if you want to invite abundance of money in your life!

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