How To Remove Fear and Anxiety

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How To Remove Fear and AnxietyThe biggest problem of every human being in the world is fear. This fear can occur in any form, such as fear of losing a job, fear of your health, fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Rejection etc. Sometimes this emotion can also be in the form of anxiety. Examples of anxiety could be – anxiety about passing or not passing in the exam; anxiety about getting the tickets to the music concert or anxiety about getting through the job interview. So the purpose of this article is to share some trips on how to remove fear and anxiety.

Why is it necessary to Remove Fear and Anxiety

This fear or anxiety is one of the forms of negative thinking of a human being. When the fear of the person completely overcomes the mind of a man, many problems and challenges crop up in life. It also has many side effects too.

Different Kinds of Fears

Although the fear can of anything or because of anything, but here are the main kinds of fear, which bother us:

  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of death
  • Fear due to over anxiety
  • Fear of Exam
  • Fear of depths
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of drowning
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of ghosts and darkness ( recommended reading: How to Overcome Fear of Darkness and Ghosts)

What kind of problems can one have if fear is allowed to stay long?

If fear or anxiety is allowed to take roots in our mind, it can cause many serious problems. Such as:

  1. Due to fear of criticism or fear of rejection or fear of failure, a man hesitates to showcase his skills to the world. This keeps the person confines to his cocoon and keeps him chained to his limiting beliefs.
  2. Due negative thinking, the person loses self-confidence – which is so important tool for success in every sphere of life.
  3. Thus the person looses the game even before the game starts.
  4. When stagnation sets in, it kills the growth and progress
  5. Because of fear, the person may hide truth or become a liar
  6. Humans under the long influence of fear can fall into depression
  7. People start distancing themselves from such a person who is suffering from fears and anxiety

How To Remove Fear and Anxiety

1. Identify Your Weaknesses and Strengths

It is often seen that man does not understand his weaknesses and power rightly. This leads to negative thoughts in his mind. Not being able to count the strengths and yielding, the fear starts to dominate the human mind.

Therefore, man should prepare two separate lists of his strengths and weaknesses. He should face his weaknesses. In case there are many issues or the challenges are complicated, it would be a good idea to take advice from a specialist to achieve success in his vulnerable areas.

With the advice of a therapist and it can be a psychologist or counselor or mental health specialist, one can develop more confidence to improve the weak areas and overcome the challenges. If you do this then your fear can be overcome soon.

2. Never Allow Fear To Grow

There is no such way that fear can penetrate within us from somewhere outside. This is negative energy which man himself creates and accepts. Then he experiences fear in his mind. It is up to man to reject or accept fear. When the fear of man grows within, then mind’s power to think of grows weaker. This allows fear to embed itself more powerfully.

Therefore, do not let fear ever flourish within yourself. Think and analyze the reasons that why you are scared?

Face your fear fully. When you think and act this way, you leave the fear behind and move on. This makes the fear inside you disappear.

3. Fix Your Goals

If there is no direction in your work or goal in your life, then fear can overcome you. On the contrary if you have already set your goals, then the desire to attain the goal fills you with enthusiasm and strength.

For example, on people are able to climb Mount Everest, despite many challenges and difficulties because they have motivation to achieve the goal. This fills them with strength to achieve their goal. Therefore, you must have some worthy goals in life. The power of goal setting is very useful to make you successful. It also increases your self-confidence and most importantly it can help to eliminate fear completely.

4. Meditation

To permanently take care of your feelings fear or anxiety, a few minutes of meditation can help most of you.

Just chose a quiet corner and watch your breath. Try to relax and still your mind. When you are able to center yourself remind yourself that you are being supported by the higher powers. Your welfare is the concern of the Universe, just allow Universe to do it. Tell yourself that everything happens for the best.

Meditation is a great antidote to fear.

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5. Companionship of a well-wisher

There must be at least one partner or friend or adviser in your life of man who understands you very well and is a true well wisher. Such a companion can recognize and make you realize your mistakes.

It is very important to have such a partner who can help you to reach your goals, by giving appropriate advice from time to time. He can also play a significant role in facing and conquering your fears. Such a partner will not only keep you happy, but will never let you wander from your course nor will he leave you in trouble. Therefore, a good partner plays a very important role in removing your fear.

6. Create a peaceful environment like Zen

Try to organize your papers, table and drawers. Let this habit spread to other things of your life. Adopt a system in life that is simple, calm and zen-like environment. Living and working in such an environment brings incomparable peace and creativity in life and tension and fear are overcome. Recommended reading: How To Control Mind

7. Be Grateful

If you express gratitude for whatever you have, it has positive results. Negative thinking and negative energy goes away from your life. Others also feel good with this habit of yours. Giving thanks to God for whatever you have got in your life and acknowledging the contribution of others in your life, will pave the way for more happiness and peace in your life. This is the method to connect yourself to the source of spiritual prosperity. Please see: Importance of Gratitude and Gratitude Affirmations 

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