3 Steps To Mental Programming For Success

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3 Steps To Mental Programming For SuccessEverybody wants to be successful in life.  But why is it that only a handful of the people around the world are extremely successful, while the rest are either languishing in poverty or are suspended in mediocrity. This surprising phenomenon has been occurring for decades, if not for centuries. This blog is giving expert advice in the form of 3 steps to mental programming for success.

Who can benefit from 3 Steps to Mental Programming for Success?

It is our firm belief that these three steps if followed seriously sincerely and persistently can benefit anybody whether you are a student or a business person or a self employed professional or in job. Our idea is that you should make these three subjects as your habit. It does not really matter what is your age, background, level of education or present state of affairs. You can and you will definitely reap benefits regularly from these three steps.

We live in the information age where there is availability of plethora of self help guidance in the form of books audiotapes, videos and direct counseling. Also there is availability of success experts in the form of life coach, self help gurus, mentors and success coaches.

While this blog cannot even attempt replace all the material on self help and self development, but we can certainly focus on something specific and of course, very helpful.

3 Steps to Mental Programming for Success

Step 1: Decide what you want

This is self explanatory. You have to be aware of what you want, where you want to reach. Unless you set the goals, you will be like an aimless wanderer who moves around the whole day long but reaches nowhere.

You may like to begin by deciding that in what area of life you want to achieve results. Then think of what stage or level of achievement will give you happiness and a sense of satisfaction.

These areas could be your:

  • Finance – including money, income and investment
  • Career – Job or Business
  • Relationship
  • Health

In other words, your goals tell where you want to be from where you are now.

The benefit of fixing and knowing goals is to do the course correction. Perhaps you are too slow right now or you are moving in another direction – if you are on an auto pilot mode. By interrupting this pattern and taking the corrective measures, you will start your journey in a proper way.

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Step 2: Find the Best Strategy to Reach Your Goals and Take Action

Let us say, you have been thinking of changing your job to a better one. While this thing has been on your wish list for the last one year, but you have hardly made any progress. You have not received even one interview call – even though you may be one of the best candidates in your domain.

So you may have to consult a mentor, counselor or a career coach and discuss your goals with him. The counselor can then advise the best course of action and strategy for achieving what you have been wishing for the last 1 year.

But the second part of this step is equally important. Once the best plan of action has been worked out, you have to make sure that you take regular and consistent action till you reach your goal.

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Sometimes the expert could be you yourself. If so then activate the internal counselor, listen to his advice and words of motivation regularly. This will also help you to silence the internal criticizer who is not letting you aim for higher goals in life.

Step 3: Change your Environment

It is very difficult to achieve something which is higher or bigger if you are surrounded by people who discourage you, criticize you or do not support you. At the same time the process of achievement or the journey of success becomes enjoyable and almost fun if you are in the company of people who are already very successful and highly charged. This will get you motivation, inspiration, new and useful ideas – all free of any charge.

Of course, their advice and motivating words would be what’s their weight in gold but even spending some time with them or learning from their behavior, style and action would give you tons of inspiration, motivation and encouragement.

So if you want to achieve your goals smoothly then evaluate your environment. Look at your friends, immediate relatives, neighbors and colleagues. Do not hesitate to change your job or the house where you live if you find that by doing so you will attract more positivity and minimize the negativity.

You will bless yourself later in your life for having taken such a decision. Most importantly perhaps this information will not be emphasized enough by your mentor – be it a life coach, counselor, career coach or any success coach.

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To Sum up

Let us now review all the steps with the help of an example. Suppose find that you are overweight and you would like to lose some weight.

So the step 1 is to decide that how much weight you want to lose. With the help of an health expert or your medical doctor, you find that it would be good to lose 10 kg of extra weight.

Of course, you have been trying off and on – like going to the gym, experimenting with low calorie diet etc. but the results are not forthcoming.

So as recommended in step number 2, you now take the help of a nutritionist or a dietitian who guides you to the proper exercise regime, the right slimming diet and other important things for weight loss.

This is part one of step 2 only. The other part is to take action regularly and be persistent. If you have planned with your dietitian to shed 10 kg of extra weight, she may give you a plan of action you which helps to lose about 3 kg weight every month and to maintain the weight you have to continue on her recommended plan of action for another 6 months. So it has taken a time period of 9 to 10 months to achieve your goal of being slim and fit and keep it too.

The utility of third step in this case would be to move away from your friends as most of them are not health conscious and as a result are quite fat obese. This is because you are not getting any motivation to change yourself nor do you get inspired to go on a new health regime and stay on it – always.

You may like to make some new friends who are fit, slim exercise regularly to stay healthy. Being in the company of new friends, serves as a constant reminder for you – not to indulge in any unhealthy habits. On the contrary, you remain quiet charged and motivated to get back into shape. You do not complain when you have to get up early in the morning to go to the gym or eat a healthy diet which may not be always very tasty.

This shift in the environment makes the process of becoming healthy enjoyable and lets you sustain the benefits also.

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