6 Essential Steps to Develop an Abundance Mindset

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6 Essential Steps to Develop an Abundance MindsetAre you interested in creating abundance in your life? Did you know that it is possible to achieve abundance by almost anyone. You can never possess a great course in life without the right and healthy mindset. The research on human mindset says that your thinking approach regarding yourself and your surrounding ambiance can significantly change your learning capability and how you handle your stress. Hence this blog: Abundance Thinking and 6 Essential Steps to Develop an Abundance Mindset

The term ‘abundance mentality or abundance mindset’ was coined in the bestseller, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. According to him, ‘abundance life and abundance mindset is an altogether remarkable concept in which a person believes that there are huge resources and successes to share with others’.


He has even further contrasted it with the scarcity mindset (unnecessary competition and destructive mentality) which he founded on the basis of an idea that if someone else is the winner, it means that you’ve lost the game. Here, people don’t have a positive attitude and they don’t consider the possibilities of everyone winning in some or other situations.

Abundance Thinking and 6 Essential Steps to Develop an Abundance Mindset

Since that time, to foster an abundance mindset and abundance life has come up as a highly recognized virtue in the overall personal and spiritual development of human beings.

What’s the prevailing belief on abundance mindset and abundance living?

  • It can allow you to live an unlimited, full, and satisfied life.
  • You will feel creative, inspired and content.
  • It can let you share emotions of high value with an ease.
  • You will create meaningful experiences in life.

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According to famous executive and leadership coach Katia Verresen, here are a few examples to figure out whether your mentality belongs to scarcity or abundance:

Are you somewhere not leading an abundant life?

Here are some effective ways how you can have an abundance mindset:

Read on….

#1 Know the real meaning of gratitude

If you believe in abundance living and wants to lead an abundant life then practice gratitude. It can be one of the best tools to create happiness, abundance, and a positive attitude towards life. In fact, there are several studies out there which prove the power of gratitude on well-being.

Oprah Winfrey said, “f you look at what you have in life, you will always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you will never have enough.” In the same vein, Tony Robbins is quoted for saying, “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears”.

What should be your action?

Make it a practice to maintain a gratitude journal and always write down what you are really grateful for every day. You should aim to note down at least 10 things. It will keep you reminding how beautiful an abundance life can be. It can be certainly one of the most positive attitudes to handle stress.

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#2 Create mastery experiences

It is one of the best ways to handle stress and lead an abundance life with self-efficacy. This virtue stands to a deep level of knowledge through which you think that you can generate whatever you want in life and lead a life full of abundant affirmations.

What should be your action?

Here, you need to think of a huge goal that you want to achieve. Next, make a list of all the small steps that you need to take to get there. All that you need to do now is focus on the small and achievable steps. You will soon reach your goal.

#3 Understand your thoughts well

It is one of the best ways to handle stress. You can cultivate mindfulness which will eventually help you decipher when your thoughts are either crafting a scarcity or abundance mindset. All that what you need to do is just take some time out to analyse the thoughts that are rushing in your mind. Thus, you will be able to tilt more towards abundance affirmations.

What should be your action?

If you think that you are getting undesired results in certain areas of life then you must ask yourself that whether your thoughts about this come from fear an scarcity. If the answer is yes, try to identify what you can do to shift your mindset towards abundance.

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#4 Give importance to what you’ve

Switch up your train of thoughts from negative to positive. Instead of concentrating on what is not there, you should keep in mind what you are having. You’ll certainly be more abundant then and definitely feel the good and bad a bit more.

What should be your action?

Imagine, you met a friend of yours after a decade and found that he is financially more stable than you. It shouldn’t disturb you. Rather than thinking about a huge money that you aren’t having, you should think of the various thoughtful bliss of your life which might not be materialistic but certainly worth enough.

#5 Don’t think like a pro

An abundant mentality comes from constant learning and growth. It basically initiates from such a mind which thinks that it doesn’t know everything in the world.

The beginners usually always bear such a mentality of openness and enthusiasm. You should do the same for your entire lifetime. A continuous feeling of willingness to overcome preconceptions, no matter how much educated you are, will certainly lead you towards abundance living.

What should be your action?

Always make it a point to learn something new and unknown with which you aren’t comfortable. Whether it is learning a new hobby or language, you should always place yourself into something that forces you to learn.


#6 Be around similar people

It is always smart to surround yourself with such people who have abundance mindsets. It might sound futile to you but believe it or not, their positive attitude, creativity, organizational skills etc. can impact you significantly.

What should be your action?

Try to analyse people how they are when you meet them for the first time. Once you’ve identified who are having an abundance mindset, befriend with them. Try to learn from them as much as you can because it will finally help you maintain the right attitude when times are tough.

Summing Up

Isn’t abundance mindset something really great for upgrading your personality? Incorporate within yourself with no more delay and you will definitely end up living a happy and satisfied life all the time.

Think broad, live great!

This article is written by Lyuthar Jacobs

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