Affirmations for Winning Lottery

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Affirmations for Winning LotteryDo you sincerely desire to win the lottery and that too a big value lottery? If you are also a believer in Law of Attraction and wish to apply the principles mentioned in the book The Secret, then you are at the right page, Congratulations! In the following lines, we share with you the method of Affirmations for Winning Lottery

As you know, some of the tools to win the lottery using the Law of Attraction are Affirmations, Visualization and Meditation. In this blog, there are a good number of Affirmations for Winning Lottery.

Also at the end of the section ‘Affirmations for Winning Lottery’, is a detailed process explaining how to do these affirmations and apply other tools. This would be particularly helpful if you are a beginner in the practice of Law of Attraction or have not been successful in manifesting a lottery win.

To make the affirmations effective, it is strongly recommended that you read and understand How to Win Lottery Using Law of Attraction?

Affirmations for Winning Lottery

Given below are more than 30 positive Win The Lottery Affirmations that work if all the necessary tools of Law of Attraction are applied sincerely.

These powerful affirmations are to help you win the lottery! By regularly repeating these affirmations you can align your conscious mind and subconscious mind.

The ultimate idea is to unlock your natural psychic or intuitive ability to pick up the winning lottery numbers.

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Feel free to pick the affirmations that suit your taste and requirements and practice them regularly. For your convenience these affirmations are given under different suitable heads in the set of 10 each.

To help you chose better and faster, the Positive Affirmations for Kids have been divided into following sections:

  1. Affirmations for Winning Lottery
  2. Lottery Winning Affirmations
  3. Win the Lottery Affirmations
  4. Winning Lottery Money Affirmations
  5. Video #1 : Affirmations for Winning Lottery
  6. Video #2 : Money and Abundance Prayer
  7. Recommended books on the related subject

Affirmations for Winning Lottery

  • I am now manifesting a big lottery win
  • My mind is totally tuned to picking winning lottery numbers
  • I am destined to win lottery for huge amounts of money
  • It is my destiny to win the lottery
  • I am destined to be a lottery winner
  • I am so grateful to Universe for letting me winning the lottery
  • I take charge of my thoughts and feelings to attract good fortune whenever I play a lottery game.
  • I desire to win the lottery. I am sure about winning.
  • I am empowered to win the lottery.
  •  I have the belief and luck to consistently win at lottery play.


Lottery Winning Affirmations

  • I deserve to win lottery
  • It is my destiny to win millions of dollars in lottery
  • Winning the jackpot is something I just naturally do
  • Picking winning numbers comes easily to me
  • My mind is effortlessly clear, focused, and in-tune with the universal force of luck
  • Others see me as a person who is naturally lucky at winning lottery
  • I am deeply connected to the universal force of luck
  • I will take good care of my family and friends with my lottery earnings
  • I strongly believe that I can win the lottery
  • My mind is in harmony with the power of universal luck

Win the Lottery Affirmations

  • My mind vibrates in sync with the universal abundance
  • I now attract the winning lottery numbers
  • I am visualizing to attract a big lottery win
  • I regularly win lottery
  • Sensing the lucky lottery number comes naturally to me
  • I always pick winning numbers effortlessly
  • I strongly believe that I will win the lottery
  • With every passing moment, I am becoming more attuned to the reality of winning the lottery
  • My belief in a big amount lottery win is getting stronger
  • I naturally attract luck and win lottery

Winning Lottery Money Affirmations

  • Being naturally lucky, I attract money and win lottery
  • I am extremely lucky in matters of money and winning lottery
  • I find it easy to visualize myself winning large amounts of lottery money
  • I am the one who is always lucky in winning money on the lottery

Video #1 : Affirmations for Winning Lottery

What to expect from the process of Affirmations?

To tap into the Universal Abundance is not some kind of a magic. One of the well known and practised methods is applying The Law of Attraction for manifesting what you desire.

Contrary to the popular belief, it is not just about “think about what you want to manifest and it will magically appear”. It asks you to sync your mental, emotional and spiritual energy with the Universe.

To manifest the lottery win or any other object for that matter, your entire being has to vibrate at the same frequency and send out a strong signal to the Universe. The Cosmic will then conspire to put together and deliver to you the object of your desire.


For more information, you will do well to refer to:

So if you’ve been trying to manifest winning the lottery with limited or no results, it doesn’t mean that the Law of Attraction isn’t working – it means that you are emitting different signals, and the Cosmic is responding accordingly.

Probably there is a need to look for right method of projection through your subconscious mind and also to check for the obstructions in the path. Perhaps you would like to check both your conscious and unconscious thoughts; your self- talk; limiting beliefs; lack of patience, if any.

For example, the most common problem with manifesting the lottery win is that people don’t actually believe that they can actually win a lottery. This could be due to negative mental blocks about money, lack of deserve-ability, other limiting beliefs which hinder the process of manifestation of money.

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These Affirmations for Winning Lottery were created exactly to help you with “convincing” your subconscious that you can definitely you can do something – it contains powerful positive statements focused around lottery winning that will eventually get stuck in your subconscious.

Do these affirmations regularly till you develop a deep belief in your power to manifest every amount you imagine.

Video #2 : Money and Abundance Prayer

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