What Is Animal Whisperer Or Animal Communicator

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What if there is someone who could talk to your dog and have your dog communicate to him? Such person is an animal whisperer or animal communicator.

Is your pet dog not behaving normally these days? What if there is someone who could talk to your dog and have your dog communicate to him its feelings about you? Yes, such people do exist. In this world, there are many unusual careers as well as hobbies. One of them is animal whisperer or animal communicator.

Some people might it know it by different names such as Dog Whisperer (since Dog is one of the most common pets the world over) while others use the name Animal Communicator. The other not so common (till now) names are Pet Psychic, Animal Psychic and Pet Communicator.

What Is Animal Whisperer Or Animal Communicator

The animal communicator talks to the animals telepathically and there is no need for any human language. Not only does the animal communicator talk but the animals also communicate their feelings such as fears, dislike, pain and other information and messages. Not only those, the animals do respond and obey the messages of the whisperer.

Don’t believe me? There is a YouTube video about an animal communicator – Anna Breytenback who is shown pacifying an agitated leopard with her mental communication. Working almost like a therapist, she is able to bring the deadly South African cat into a state of calmness – as if it were a pet cat.

Anna also tells the keepers the woes of the leopard so that they understand the root cause of the problem.

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How does animal communicator work?

Their way of working is quite strange perhaps as amazing as their career choice. The animal communicator believes he can communicate with the animals through his thoughts.

This is quite different to giving commands to the animals by the pet owners or the trainers who bring the animal up from their young age with certain human words of instructions and the animals do it accordingly.

Please do watch this video:

The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit – Anna Breytenbach, “animal communicator”.


How Do You Talk to an Animal telepathically

There is another rather sophisticated term for this: inter specie communicator. Although it is working in the energy realm, but it is different from Psychic reading as it involves two way communications with animals.

Secondly, the animal whisperers claim they don’t need to be physically near the animal. All they need is the photograph of the cat or dog or that animal and they can tune in to the unique frequency of the animal. Instead of photograph, it can even be the hair of the animal.

They can talk to the animal across cities, across countries and even across continents. It is a leaf out the quantum mechanics.

Does this not sound as one of the psychic abilities.

What does a pet psychic do?

What does a pet psychic do? What if there is someone who could talk to your dog and have your dog communicate to him? Such person is an animal whisperer or animal communicator.

There are many different ways the pet psychics have been helping the humans as well as the animals. For example,

Early in the morning a dog with the medical condition of limping legs was brought to the hospital. The vets were unable to decide the course of treatment as they did not know if this is case of snake bite or something else. An animal whisperer talked to the dog and said that early morning it heard a noise and it went out to bushes in the backyard of the house where it was bitten by a wild cat like animal.

The dog even communicated the exact spot where it was bitten.

This saved the dog from a possible anti venom injection which could have had side effects and it was treated with anti – inflammatory and other medicines and therapies. The dog was alright the next day.

Another instance is of a pet dog owned by the couple which almost stopped eating. On their visit to the dog whisperer, they were asked by the psychic if they were considering a divorce? To their amazement, the couple did admit that they have been fighting too much in the house and had decided to end their marriage.

The animal whisperer told them that their dog has communicated this to her.

Sometimes the animal like the horse want to be set free. There can be a case where the pet does not want to stay with its present owners. Such communications from the animals are then passed on to the humans connected with the animal.

Then there could be cases where the animal is scared of something. For instance, a particular cat conveyed to the animal whisperer that it is scared of the vacuum cleaner.

Often the animal whisperers also reassure the animals that they are in a safe and loving environment. Especially the abandoned animals who have been rescued need reassurance about their new environment.

The animal communicators are also helpful in communicating to the pets about the arrival of a baby so that they are prepared.

The role of animal psychic in the issues in the behavioral realm of the animals where the psychic communicates to the animals can be very helpful.

Another kind of service undertaken by these experts is help find the lost pets.

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Animal Whisperer near me

Is your pet trying to communicate something to you but you don’t understand it? Is your pet dog behaving abnormally or your pet cat not eating properly?

In that case booking an appointment with an animal whisperer near yoy may be helpful. The animal psychic may communicate telepathically with the animal and help you understand the reason or suggest the solution.

The best way would be to search on google with terms something like these:

  • Animal Whisperer Near Me
  • Dog Whisperer Near Me
  • Animal Whisperer in (name of city or location)
  • Dog Whisperer in (name of city or location)

How to become Animal Whisperer?

What if there is someone who could talk to your dog and have your dog communicate to him? Such person is an animal whisperer or animal communicator.How to become animal whisperer?

Are you thinking about becoming a professional animal communicator?

If you have some psychic abilities and love animals, the idea of becoming a professional animal communicator can be really exciting.

There are courses, classes and weekend workshops where you can hone or pick up the skills to become animal whisperer.

The weekend workshops are essentially for the pet owners, which help them to understand their pet and build a better rapport with them.

These workshops essentially teach the people how to calm their minds and improve their intuition. This method of accessing the intuition helps people to deal better with domestic animals.

Are you interested to know how to develop your Psychic and Intuitive Abilities?

Here are some Animal Communication Classes and Resources:

To sum up

Even though there are people practicing as Dog Whisperers or Animal Communicators or Animal Whisperers in many parts of the world and they have a very convinced client list of pet owners and others, yet not everyone is totally convinced about this way of communicating with the animals.

Perhaps it would take more scientific studies and research before the rationalists or the skeptical find it an accept it as a proven scientific way of communicating with the animals. Oh Yes, time will tell!

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