Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing

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Affirmations for Health and Holistic Healing

It is a well established fact that our bodies have healing properties or as some people call it healing power. Unfortunately, there is no button or standard procedure prescribed by Universal Power or God to activate the self healing power or to accelerate the healing process. What the mankind does know since time immemorial is that the healing power is largely dependent on the faith and belief. Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing could be the key to activate the process of self healing in the body.

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The Healing Power Within

We live in the scientific world where the medical science has made great progress. Therefore, the drug prescribed by a doctor has its therapeutic value as a remedy. But consider a situation where the patient also applies auto suggestions (in addition to the medical treatment prescribed). This is likely to give better results compared to the patient taking only the drug and no suggestion or positive thinking or does not have any belief in body’s healing powers.

Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing

Of course, it is very difficult to determine the exact therapeutic value of any medicine, unless the element of suggestion in its application is carefully weighed and considered.

To tap the real healing power residing within the patient himself, any positive method that serves to awaken or arouse that inherent power will tend toward the cure. One of the methods that are capable of arousing that power to a good degree is suggestions. When these powerful suggestions are given to the subconscious mind by the patient himself it is called Auto Suggestions or Self Hypnosis (loosely defined).

Power of Thoughts and Good Health

As a matter of fact, when the person lives in harmony with the nature and the laws of the nature he may enjoy good health always. On the other hand, he may not be healthy if he constantly talks negative or entertains unhealthy thoughts or worries about illness. Hence, to maintain good health it is necessary to have positive and health focused thoughts. If due to some reason you have fallen sick, it is rather necessary to feed the mind and body with thoughts of health and holistic healing. This is so because every cell of our body is affected by our thoughts.

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Some people constantly worry about a particular illness and they worry so much that they eventually invite that disease into their body. It is given a name psychosomatic problem or psychosomatic disorder – whereby the person’s state of mind manifests the problem or disease in the body. Whereas simply by continuously having healthy thoughts, it is possible to have a healthy body, healthy mind and lead a healthy life.

How to use Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic healing

Combining auto suggestions or affirmations with good life style is a powerful way to health. Visualize a healthy body and repeat the appropriate suggestions to yourself. Combine a few affirmations. Say these affirmations at least a hundred times, preferably when you are relaxed. Allow yourself 5 to 6 months and see the difference!

Given below are select affirmations or Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing. Please use them regularly with full faith and visualization and be benefited in life.

Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing Set # 1

  • Every day in every way I am getting healthier and healthier.
  • My body knows how to heal itself, and is doing so every moment.
  • I eat healthy and I stay healthy.
  • Every day my eyesight is better than the previous day.
  • I get good sleep every night and I get up fresh every morning.
  • I love exercising and I exercise every day.
  • I am grateful for my healthy body and I bless every part of my body.
  • Perfect health is my divine right and I claim it now.
  • Every cell in my body is healthy and radiates health.
  • My immune system is very strong and can deal with any kind of bacteria, germs and viruses.

Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing Set # 2

  • I am now ready to enjoy perfect health.
  • I am capable and ready to heal my body.
  • I attract pure health and wholeness every day.
  • With every passing moment my health is getting better.
  • I am known for my positive energy and healthy lifestyle.
  • I always choose options that are best for my health.
  • I love taking care of myself.
  • Every organ in my body is healthy and functions at its optimum scale.
  • I am pain free in every respect and my body is full of energy.
  • Throughout the day I am full of energy.

Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing Set # 3

  • I breathe deeply and every breath energizes me.
  • I love myself in totality and I radiate energy.
  • My body metabolism is at its optimum and provides me with all the energy that I need.
  • My body communicates to me what it needs.
  • I trust my body’s wisdom and listen to the signals that it sends.
  • Every part of my body carries out its tasks easily and naturally.
  • My body is in sync with the Universal wisdom to keep itself healthy naturally.
  • Gratitude and peace flow through my mind and body like a healing stream.
  • Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.
  • I am completely pain free, and my body is full of energy.

Affirmations for Health and Holistic Healing Set # 4

  • I give myself permission to have perfect health.
  • I nourish my body with healthy food.
  • All of my body systems are functioning perfectly..
  • My body is healing, and I feel better and better every day.
  • I enjoy exercising my body and strengthening my muscles.
  • With every breath out, I release stress in my body.
  • I send love and healing to every organ of my body.
  • I breathe deeply, exercise regularly and feed only good nutritious food to my body.
  • My body is being healed right now!
  • I pay attention and listen to what my body needs for health and vitality.

Auto Suggestions for Health and Holistic Healing Set # 5

  • I sleep soundly and peacefully, and awaken feeling rested and energetic.
  • I am surrounded by people who encourage and support healthy choices.
  • An endless supply of healing energy streams through me at all times.
  • I deserve to live a healthy life.
  • I love exercising and eating healthy foods.
  • I am grateful for the healing that is happening in my body.
  • I take care of my body with respect and love.
  • My body deserves to be whole and healthy.
  • I manifest perfect health by making smart choices.
  • I produce extraordinary results by living a healthy lifestyle.

Affirmations for Health and Holistic Healing Set # 6

  • I enjoy being happy, healthy, and whole.
  • I am surrounded by people who encourage me to be healthy.
  • People admire my healthy lifestyle choices.
  • I admire other healthy people and I’m inspired to learn from them.
  • My lifestyle choices inspire and motivate people.
  • My perfect health is a necessity.
  • I am meant to be a beneficial presence on earth.
  • I listen to the messages my body sends me.
  • I respond to my body’s messages with patience and understanding.
  • I create the exact lifestyle I want to have with enthusiasm.
  • I choose happiness and health in my life.
  • I welcome good health and celebrate life every day.
  • Healing miracles and magic of health surround me everywhere i go.
  • I am healthy and whole.

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