Can Anyone Develop Psychic Medium Abilities?

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Can Anyone Develop Psychic Medium Abilities

Can anyone develop psychic medium abilities? The short answer to that question is yes, anybody can learn how to connect with and speak to the other side.

Where to start

Generally it is a good idea to work on other parts of your intuition first. So before you dive into psychic mediumship, what you would want to do is ask yourself: “where is my intuition the strongest?”

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Almost everyone has a gift of Intuition

For a lot of people their intuition is very subtle. It comes to them in a whisper and it seems to pop up only when they are in some type of danger or when we’re about to make a decision that they know they are making the wrong choice on.

For example, let’s say you meet someone and you hit it off with this person really well. It does not matter if you’re looking at this person as a friend or someone more special.

You connect with this person really well. But there’s something inside of you that’s saying be careful!. Something’s off with this person – like there’s something that seems off. But you may override that intuitive hit because you get along with this person so well or because they have such good social proof. So there is something that is causing you to not listen to that inner voice of yours.

And more often than not what happens that inner voice turns out to be correct.

How To Develop Intuition

So most people haven’t taken the time to really develop their intuition and so when it does pop up it’s almost by accident.

Or it’s something that they don’t really pay attention to because they haven’t taken the time to really develop it. Therefore, before you dive into psychic mediumship, it’s really important that you first learn how to develop other parts of your intuition first.

There’s so many different ways to do this you can develop your intuition:

  • through prayer
  • through meditation
  • through working with tarot cards or Oracle cards or
  • any type of divinatory system

You can even open up your intuition by reading spiritual books so things like a course in miracles or the Holy Bhagavad Gita or even the Holy Bible. Whatever resonates with you simply reading these books and taking the time to contemplate the messages afterwards is a wonderful way to start opening up your intuition.

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How To Develop Psychic Medium Abilities

When we’re reading spiritual books or listening to them through with audio books, we are proving to the divine that we have an interest into the spirit world. When we have an interest in the divine, the divine take special notice of us and the divine starts working with us.

That’s when we might notice that our energy starts to expand or our intuition becomes a little louder.

As mentioned already, there are many different ways of developing your intuition and it usually happens once you just become more spiritually aware. So awareness is always the first step in expanding your intuition.

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The Next Step Toward Developing Psychic Medium Abilities

Having a relationship with spirit world, whether that’s your angels or guides or God or whatever you call it alongside practicing different intuitive exercises of strengthening your intuition are going to be the two components. These two are necessary to build the bridge for you to start working with the spirit world; to start working as a psychic mediumship.

That first step of working with your intuition and with spirit whether it’s the universe or guides or whatever, it should take probably at least a year to get your ground.

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Sometimes it takes a lot more than a year but a year is enough time to at least get the foundation and get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Benefits of Developing Psychic Medium Abilities

If you feel you have hidden intuitive abilities and you wish to develop them, you may have to dedicate time and efforts developing them. If you wish to help others with your unique gifts – you can.

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With your special abilities, you might want to help others by facilitating contact with their loved ones who have departed from this world. You will thus become a bridge between the people on this planet with the entities in the spirit realm. You may discover that your abilities are somewhat better developed than you had imagined.

You may do it as a hobby or as a profession to provide guidance, healing and relief for friends family and professional clients.

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Communicating with the spirit world on a regular basis keeps you in touch with spirit companions, spirit guides, and the universal consciousness. It also allows receiving in the infinite intelligent energy.

How You Can Help Others With Your Psychic Abilities?

Being a spiritual medium, you can provide huge help to people. Primarily this would come in the form of conveying the messages for them from the ‘other side’. Such messages of their departed dear ones may be of different values to people here. For example, it may give a feeling of comfort to a woman that her husband still lives-on in spirit, or confirming to a skeptic that death is not the end, or giving a message to a lady that her father is pleased with her achievements.

Imagine how this can make people feel. People may transcend their grief, sadness, guilt etc. and this in turn give them relief from stress, depression, worry, anxiety. Some clients may even experience healing.

The Dos and Don’ts of Mediumship

Mediumship must under no circumstances be taken as a game. It requires years of dedicated training, self development, personal balancing and tuning. After all, you are dealing with other people’s emotions and personal life issues and it’s a big responsibility.

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A good spiritual medium has to be spiritual, honest and truthful, with the will to serve. Spiritual mediumship is a selfless act. A good professional medium may need to charge his clients a fee to take care of his needs in this materialistic world, but mediumship should not be undertaken with the motive of making quick profit and lots of money. Instead it should be with the highest intent to help others, provide understanding, reassurance and comfort.

When you become a conduit or a channel for spirit entities to convey meaning to their loved ones on earth, you are reaffirming to your client that these bonds of love and friendship go on forever. It’s an incredible service to provide for someone. It is going to require a lot of practice.

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