Different Types of Psychic Abilities

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Different Types of Psychic AbilitiesThe world of Psychics is as interesting and mysterious as the word itself. The psychic abilities of such persons who are called Intuitive, Mystic, Medium etc. are not accepted by science yet a large section of people have experienced or witnessed it. Maybe you are an intuitive person yourself who can sense the danger before time or you have met someone who is gifted with paranormal powers. Well, if you are interested in exploring this aspect of life, then we have compiled a list of different types of psychic abilities.

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An attempt has been made to include as many types of psychic abilities, yet we do not claim that we know all. Therefore, we will update this list from time to time. At the same time, the readers are also welcome to add to this list by sharing their knowledge in the comments box. Also if this area fascinates you, then we strongly recommend you reading the following articles on this blog:

Different Types of Psychic Abilities

Even though science has yet to accept psychic abilities in humans, there is a list of psychic abilities that continue to be accepted by those who believe in such powers, all through the world. While different psychics have one or more of these intuitive powers, some psychics claim to have developed or gifted with only one of these abilities.


According to psychic, apportation is the teleportation of an object from one place to another place during the séance / channeling session. Also this scope of psychic ability includes disappearance of an object without physically moving it. Hence apportation is appearance or disappearance of objects using psychic powers. Some feel skeptical about this and sense fraud in this.

Astral Projection

Astral Projection Mental Projection Out of body experience Different Types of Psychic AbilitiesAstral projection is sometimes also known as out of body experience (OBE). It is a phenomenon that can be put into a few categories such as near death experiences (where individuals report leaving their bodies and returning during the moments of trauma, illness, or surgery), lucid dreaming (when one is aware that one is dreaming). However, the most powerful form of astral projection is when the psychic separates his soul from his physical body and traverses the astral plane with the specific intention.

Over the period of time, several successful astral projection techniques have been revealed.

Aura Reading

It is believed that all living things that breathe in oxygen have an aura. It can be described as a magnetic energy field. The psychics can sense, feel and even see the aura around the physical body. They can read the aura and tell when someone is happy, healthy or sick and similar details.

A sensitive psychic can read the disruption in the aura and give a timely warning.

Reading auras or electromagnetic radiation surrounding a person, animal, or object is a psychic ability that is very common. The psychics can see different colors in the aura and they also ascribe different meanings to the colors.

Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing Psychic AbilitiesAutomatic writing, also known as Spirit writing or psychography,is a way to channel information from the “other world”. Automatic writing is a psychic ability lots of clairvoyants use to get the messages that include predictions and prophecy.

The concept of automatic writing is that the psychic’s hand is controlled by an outside intelligence, spirit or supernatural source.

Channeling Medium

Channeling means a practice where a spirit or an angel or a spirit guide which is in non physical form takes over the vocal chords of the psychic or the medium and communicates through the channeler. Channeling is just like automatic writing where the friendly spirit guides communicate and give knowledge through the psychic mediums and help the audience on their spiritual journeys or offer advice on other aspects of life.

Different Types of Psychic Abilities Part I


The word Clairvoyance is derived from French language which when broken into two components means clear + vision. Any person who is claims to have this psychic ability is therefore, said to be a clairvoyant. Such a person has the ability to use his sixth sense or extrasensory perception (ESP) to gain information visually about an object, person, location, or an event.


Dowsing Psychic AbilitiesDowsing is the exercise by experts psychics to obtain information in a manner beyond the scope of the standard human physical senses or faculties. Dowsing is usually done with tools such as pendulum, rod or other such instruments but some also use their body or just intuition.

Dowsing is famous for the search for things under the ground and which cannot be seen with naked eye such as water or metals. Dowsing is an ancient art. It is believed that expert water dowsers are usually correct over 80% of the time.

Dowsing is also a way to get answers to questions you cannot answer logically. For example, “should I go abroad for job or not?” The answer sought is usually in “Yes” or “No” format.


Levitation is a rare psychic ability of an accomplished yogi or a psychic to make his body light and rise from the ground and stay afloat in air. The word “levitation” has roots in latin language where the word “levitas”, means “lightness”.

Levitation has been reported in several instances, especially when one is in meditation but it has not been scientifically recorded or proven.

Indian yogis and Buddhist monks have been known to levitate their bodies and also make heavy inanimate objects rise into the air while in a meditative state.

Short Video: Different Types of Psychic Abilities Part II

Mind Reading

Aren’t you surprised when you meet someone for the first time and this person can tell you so clearly about what have been thinking and also something about your private life which no body else but you only know.

This is called Mind Reading and the psychic abilities that may give this faculty to some one are intuition, the third eye, the sixth sense, telepathy, empathy, aura reading, face reading, spirit guidance and so on.

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Telekinesis, also sometimes referred to as Psychokinesis (PK) is supposed to be a psychic ability to move an object in some manner without actually touching it.

The person performing telekinesis such as bending of spoon, has to exude energy from his mind to move or re-shape the physical object without handling it in any physical manner.


Telepathy is the psychic phenomena by which a person is able to communicate with another person. Telepathy is derived from Greek language, where tele means “distant” and pathos roughly means feeling, perception, experience”. In other words, telepathy is transmission of information from one person to another without using any of known methods of communication or physical interaction.

There are different kinds of telepathic phenomena:

  • Telepathic impression (planting a message, image, or word into someone else’s mind),
  • Mind reading (sensing thoughts going on in someone else’s mind, but without interfering),
  • Mind control (commanding another person or controlling his thoughts, and thereby the actions, of person through telepathy).

Telepathic Communication with Animals

Animal telepathy is a generally known ability to communicate with animals. People who have this ability well developed are also called by other names such as Pet Psychics, or Animal Intuitives or Animal Communicators,

These psychics are supposed to have a psychic communication with animals through their thoughts and feelings of.

  • Telepathic communication with animals is useful in a few different situations, such as:
  • Locating the lost pet and its owner wants to know where it is or persuade it to return home.
  • Training the pet. Even some of the professional animal trainers may have this ability.
  • Understanding and correcting the unusual behavior of pet is behaving and get it to stop.
  • The pet owner wants to contact the pet’s spirit.

Just like the animals communicate with each other, animal telepathy is also done without any spoken words.

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