Different Ways Souls Communicate with Us

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Different Ways Spirit Communicate with usDo the souls of the people who are not alive communicate with us? The answer is “Yes” or “May be”, which can be given by many who have experienced bizarre things happening around them. And religion, region or belief system has nothing to do with this nor do we intend to link them. These strange coincidences or unexplained happenings experienced by some people could be seen as different ways souls communicate with us.

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Do the souls communicate with Psychics or Mediums only?

It can be just any common person who may have experienced the ‘communication from the other side’. The spirits or souls of the departed friend, family member does not need the help of a medium such as a psychic, psychic medium or a clairvoyant.

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Why do the souls need to communicate with the living?

The possible logic could be that it is the need based communication felt by some spirits. This drives them to contact us from other side of the veil. It may be to just let someone know they are fine and happy. In some case the need for communication may be to console and give comfort to a near and dear one.
Some communications can be very specific too. For example, warning you of the consequences of a wrong decision if already taken or to be taken soon.

Different Ways Souls Communicate with Us

1. Dreams and Visions

Souls communicate through Dreams and VisionsDreams are easily the most common or shall we say the easiest way a spirit can communicate with the living person. Just pay attention, it would be a different dream, giving you certain message. Just recall the full dream. It could be comforting, reassuring, forewarning or even disturbing. Same or similar dreams can reoccur. If you can’t connect the dreams with any aspect of your life then writing them down would a good idea as the connection may reveal itself sometime later.

If the dreams are disturbing and upsetting, it is recommended that you turn to spirituality and prayer to seek comfort and relief. Recommended reading: What Do Dreams Mean and Dream Interpretation

Some people believe that you can also ask the Spirits for guidance and advice and they will share message from higher conscious with you. All you have to do is ask with a deliberate intention before sleeping.

2. Flickering of Lights and Blowing Out Bulbs and Tube Lights

Different Ways Spirits Communicate with usPsychics believe that spirits are energy and they have the ability to play with electricity, suggesting that flickering light-bulbs can be a sign indicating that spirits are present in your room. Some people have complained about light bulbs blowing out despite being newly installed.

You might brush this off as absolute stupidity, but let me share with you my personal life experiences. Twice when I lost a very close family member, a new tube light flickered and got fused off. You may argue that perhaps the voltage fluctuation damaged them, but then why on two similar occasions and in the same way, when I was alone in the office?

When you experience unexplained lights flickering in your home, or bulbs blowing off for no reason then ask in your mind “Who is this? What is the message for me? A reply may come to you.

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In addition to manipulation of light bulbs, some people have experienced other different things too. This was turning on and off the TV and radio, electronic devices giving beep or doorbell ringing for no apparent reason. Sometimes children’s toys can start to play and no one is there to do it.

This the soul’s way to let you know it is nearby.

3. Smell and Fragrances

Souls or Spirits who want you to know of their presence may do so through your olfactory senses by letting you smell a particular flower or perfume / cologne (may be they used to wear that). At other times it might be smell of a particular cigar brand or food item or herb.

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4. Hearing voices or music

Hearing voices or music from the other sideDid you ever hear odd sound or voice? It could have been footsteps, knocks, raps, door squeak, iron moving, furniture screech etc.

Sometimes you think that you heard your name being called out in your head or simply hearing noises that are inaudible to everyone else. According to Psychics and Clairvoyants, these are said to be a sign that loved ones are trying to make contact. Although this is specialization is called clairaudience.

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It is claimed that spirits move at higher frequency and their audio message can give a high pitch noise in one or both of your ears. Perhaps a good research can help us decode this in future.

Other ways souls communicate with us:

5. Seeing Orbs, Apparitions or Shadows

Different Ways Spirits Communicate with us

Though not a very common phenomenon, some people do see an apparition. This takes place during their waking state and with their eyes open. The apparition can appear in different ways.  Either it could be full body or partial which is usually just a face.

Also some people have noticed a silhouette or shadow from the corner of their eye, while they were busy doing something. Also there are people who have captured orbs in the pictures of their mobile phones and cameras. Orbs are those balls of light which our high speed cameras are able to catch.

Often the occasion could be some family gathering at birthdays, festivals, weddings and picnics. They want to say that they are still part of the family but just in another form.

During weddings usually best professional photographers are engaged. Yet there are orb like structures. Psychics believe that this might be the confirmation of the presence of the souls and there is no problem with the lens of the camera or the focus. These are spirits captured on camera. They might be trying to highlight their presence to the photographer.

If you have a look at family photos that have an orb in them, don’t you think their presence is quite obvious?

6. Change in Temperature

You may be busy reading the book and quite absorbed in the contents. And then you feel a sudden chill, even though the door and windows are closed. This might signify the presence of a supernatural being. It may be experienced by everyone in the room or a particular person that the spirit might be trying to make contact with.

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7. Feeling their presence

By now you must have noticed that spirits try to communicate through our senses of smell, touch, taste, vision and sound.

You might sense a soul’s presence. It could be an airy hug, a cool breeze blowing over you only, a light brush of your hair, a blessing hand over your head, a gentle kiss implanted on your forehead.

Alternatively it could be change in energy in the room, you may suddenly feel a difference in temperature, or you might directly feel that someone is sitting next to you.

Usually you are likely to feel a sense of love, comfort and peacefulness for no reason. It can happen at the most unsuspecting times, and there’s no rational explanation for such sudden feeling of bliss.

8. Odd behavior of pets

Sometimes pets start behaving a little odd.  Your dog may bark in a particular direction or growl for no reason – as if it seeing some entity.  At times the dog may wag its tail excitedly at something.  Or for that matter, your cat seems to look at something in the middle of the room and stretch to be picked up.  Could your pet be seeing someone which you don’t? Well according to the experts, any of these could be a sign that the spirit of your loved one is around you.

9. Clocks and watches stopping

Clocks and watches stoppingIt is not uncommon for some people to notice the same time for the past couple of minutes. If the time reminds you of a deceased person, perhaps the time they died, or the time you received the news of their demise, you are being visited.

Sometimes a clock stops. Perhaps soon after the death of a dear one, it may be some message or a mark of time and they want you to remember them.

10. Moving the object or changing the position

Sometimes photo frames on the wall or on the table shift or tilt a bit. May be a particular photo keeps falling off or a certain form of mist has developed on the glass or the picture of a deceased person. Mediums or psychics might confirm that the soul is making her presence felt.

11. Computers

In the modern times, it could be appearance of a particular of web page on your browser or some odd tinkering with computer without any logical explanation but as if someone has done it deliberately. You may find yourself telling your Computer Engineer that the computer started acting on its own.

Short Video: Different Ways Spirits Communicate with Us

To Sum up

There are many people who have experienced one or more of above types of communication from the ‘other side’. In case you too have encountered such occurrences, you can assume that someone is trying to contact you. Now you have to figure out who is it, why and what is the important message.

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