Effective Ways To Unlock Power Of Subconscious Mind

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Effective Ways To Unlock Power Of Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is an amazing, partly mysterious but very powerful system of each and every human being. The subconscious mind has no physical existence yet it works silently 24 x 7 – controlling and facilitating many functions of our body and mind. In short, all of the physiological functions are the job of your subconscious mind. But that is not all. It is a storehouse of information to the minutest detail and some believe that even the memories of the past lives are stored somewhere in the deep layers of the mind. But did you know that our Subconscious Mind is a very powerful system and is capable of doing unimaginably wonderful tasks. Thus it is the purpose of this blog article to share with you some of the effective ways to unlock power of subconscious mind.

What Is Need To Unlock Power Of Subconscious Mind

Neuroscience has acknowledged that the subconscious controls about 95 percent of our lives.

Secondly, in metaphysical terms, the subconscious has the unlimited power that can transform our body, mind and spiritual processes. In many ways, the subconscious is a reflection of our soul, while some people call it a smaller part of cosmic intelligence which can communicate with God.

Your subconscious mind has powers that you probably wouldn’t believe, especially if it is paired and aligned with conscious mind and body. Since the subconscious mind is so powerful, we can tap its power to make positive changes in our lives.

How to make Subconscious Mind create or manifest what we want?

Simply reprogram it to make positive changes in your life. This essentially calls for re-programming your conditioned thinking which might be responsible for not letting you live the life you always wanted to. Your thoughts have the power to manifest in reality. Of course, you have to take charge and take right action.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” ~ Earl Nightingale

Effective Ways To Unlock Power Of Subconscious Mind

The secret to unlocking this power is simple. Here are 5 life changing and effective ways for unlocking the amazing power of your subconscious mind.

1. Affirmations

To change our lives, we need to do more than change the way we think. This means there is a need to reprogram our thoughts. The quality and color of thoughts is the result of our habits. Therefore, one has to go deeper and breakdown old neural Pathways and create new connections in the brain. The best way to teach subconscious mind new habits is by repeatedly affirming new beliefs or thought patterns over a period of time. It is like sowing the seeds of new programming.

For example, if someone is suffering from deficiency because of self love, he may affirm, -“I deeply love and respect myself.” similarly a person who has been brought up with negative beliefs about money has to affirm, ” I love and respect money.” “Money is good energy.” To overcome inferiority complex or shyness, the recommended affirmation would be, “I am successful. I am a strong, independent individual.”

It is important to point out that if you want to re train your subconscious mind with a specific goal then read it with only what you want to achieve and not what you don’t want. For example, the case of a person suffering from infinity complex, the affirmation, ” I do not suffer from inferiority complex” would not be a right affirmation.

For more information about and samples of specific affirmations, please refer to the following articles on the blog:

2. Meditation

There are many forms and techniques of meditation, but the underlying principle is the same. Through meditation the practitioner successfully and consciously lowers his brain frequency waves to alpha, theta and delta. Alpha is achieved at the beginning of the meditation process and is the first altered state of brain which gives light relaxation and connects the two brains – conscious and subconscious. New ideas come to the surface and the creativity improves.

The person is also able to find solutions and suggestions to his issues which he could not have got otherwise in the conscious state of mind.

As your practice meditation increases, you also progress gradually and access even deeper layers of your consciousness. This helps to unlock the true power of your mind.

Meditation can be practiced by anyone and is easy to learn. The practice of meditation has many other benefits as well. For more details and information, please do read these articles:

As you progress down the path and learn to relax more deeply, you learn to unite subconscious and conscious and transcend to a state of super-consciousness. It is at this level of mind you can very easily release old negative beliefs and install new useful ones.

3. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

The guiding principle of Hypnotherapy is quite similar to meditation – to induce a deep state of relaxation. The only difference is that in Hypnotherapy there is a trained hypnotist to guide you through every step of the way.

Hypnotherapy is especially useful for those who cannot either enter the alpha or deeper levels of relaxation or they get so relaxed that they are unable to do the ‘programming of the subconscious mind’ at that time.

A good hypnotherapist can help you in all of those situations and do much more.

In case you are unable to find a good hypnotherapist in your city or afford then don’t despair, there are a number of other methods such as self hypnosis, guided meditations and recorded hypnotherapy videos etc. on YouTube for free. Also here are links to excellent articles which will give the readers very good insight:

 4. Visualization

This is an amazingly simple technique to access the power of your subconscious mind. Simply decide what you want to achieve. It can be any goal – big or small and related to anything.

Now sit in a quiet place, make yourself very comfortable and try to relax your body and mind. At this point of time visualize your intent as achieved or completed. In your mind, imagine the positive result or achievement. See it, feel it, believe it and be with it for some time. Stay focused but relaxed.

This visualization can be in the form of still pictures or a video – with you in the center stage. Repeat this process each night right before falling asleep for at least 3 weeks. If possible do this immediately after getting up. It should take only a few minutes but would yield fantastic results.

Here is a good link for you: Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals

5. Make use of Sleep Time

The time before you actually fall asleep is the most precious and useful time for you to reprogram your might for success and manifestation. Rather than hitting the bed in whatever mood you are (depressed, angry, anxious, worried) or physical state you are, (such as tired or exhausted), take advantage of this great time frame to access your subconscious mind.

Wash your face hands and feet, be in your comfortable night clothing and lie in your bed. Take a few deep breaths and try to relax as much as possible.

Visualize yourself with your perfect life partner all business partner, picture yourself progressing in that perfect career path. You may also visualize having earned a lot of money at driving your dream car or having your dream vacation. This process is repeated regularly for a few days begins to plant the positivity in your subconscious mind. You will wake up the next day feeling great, and the subconscious will begin to get you how to achieve these positive goals.

This should be the last thing you do before going to sleep.

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