From Poverty Mindset to Prosperity Mindset

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From Poverty Mindset to Abundance MindsetAre you interested to earn more money? Do you want to have one or more regular sources of money to not only take care of your needs but also uplift your life style? May be you have already tried some methods but not with much success. You may remark that what new is there in this article. Well, we want to go to the root cause of poverty and eliminate the origin of poverty in your life. Hence we named this article: From Poverty Mindset to Prosperity Mindset.

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What has mindset go to do with becoming rich?

You would not believe it, but unless you throw out the poverty associated thoughts from your mind, the prosperity would always hesitate to enter your life fully.

Let us elaborate this logic.  The poverty mindset can make us look away from the potential prosperity. If a person keeps focusing on what he does not have or what he lacks, his subconscious mind will actually show him more of lack and negativity only. This will keep his thought process busy. Repeated thoughts form the basis for the behavior, action and eventually the personality. So this person in example will actually stop the flow of money to himself, by his own doing or rather not doing.

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In other words, we are what we think. And the things and circumstances start working out accordingly in life.

From Poverty Mindset to Prosperity Mindset

The previous lines have tried to emphasize the point that we should stop our subconscious mind to sabotage our wealth creation process. Otherwise, we will not be able to open the doors to prosperity.

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The Corrective Steps from Poverty to Prosperity

Depending on our belief about money and about ourselves, we attract or don’t attract money.

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#1 Identify Negative Self Talk and Stop It

Do you hear voices in your head, which are something like following:

  • “I can never be good with money.”
  • “It is embarrassing to ask price, I just pay”
  • “I hate asking for the discount”
  • “I’ll never be a rich person”
  • “I can never get a decent salary raise.”
  • “ I am poor at managing money, finances and investments”

Well you have immediately put a stop to this very damaging behavior.

How to stop negative self talk?

If you want to be rich and prosperous, the first step is to boldly acknowledge that negative self talk is your habit.

Second, as soon as you find such damaging words coming out of your mouth or echoing in your head, stop right there. Say aloud, “this is cancelled”.

Third, think of at least 3 occasions when the reverse of what you are thinking or just said has happened. For example, if you say, “I am poor at managing money, finances and investments”, think of the recent times when you actually managed the budgeting of an activity successfully and kept tight control on expenses. It might have been a picnic with friends.

Once you become good at re-framing your words and thoughts, your finances will certainly improve.

#2 Change Your Thoughts

There is a famous quote by Norman Vincent Peale – “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

Invariably the individuals who don’t enjoy abundance and prosperity are the ones who have the habit of constantly surrounding themselves with the negative thoughts. They don’t do it out of choice but it seems to be their habit.

It is this habit which needs to be eliminated and replaced with positive thoughts and an attitude of gratitude.

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Initially it may be a challenge to do so as old habits die hard. One may begin by changing the friends and the reference group. Once you start connecting with new people who have a positive and uplifting attitude about success and wealth, you will begin to think and act like them. Allow you subconscious mind to absorb the good aspects of their language, body language, attitude, tone and posture.

#3 Save Money

You must not spend all the money you earn. Make a habit of saving some money regularly from your earnings – even if it is a very small amount.

When you form a habit of saving, you will begin to notice a change in your position of finances and wealth. You will start feeling an amazing sense of control over money and empowerment over your life.

#4 Invest Money and Create Wealth

It is not enough to save some money but money has to be sensibly invested also. You will be happy to see money earning money for you ( also called passive income). Once the period and amount invested both increase, you will be amazed to see the creation of wealth – thanks to the power of compounding.

By this stage, your sense of self worth will increase and you will value yourself much more.

Like attracts like and soon you will connect with people with a similar mind set. This will reflect your new worth and reinforce your positive values and a strong belief system – thus inviting abundance and prosperity.

#5 Live in Attitude of Gratitude

Once you make a habit of being regularly grateful for the things that you already have (e.g. your health, looks, education, family, spouse) you will open your doors so that Universe can give much more.

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#6 Believe in Charity

Just look around and you will find many rich people strongly believing in charity and philanthropy. Not only is this their philosophy but they actually practice it. In our times, the biggest example is Bill Gates who is doing a great job through Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). It is said to be the largest private foundation in the US, holding $38 billion in assets

Becoming rich doesn’t mean to attract more money and wealth and save it. It is nothing but hoarding. The act of giving attracts getting. Even if you are not earning lots of money, you can still spare a tiny amount and give to less fortunate. This act of charity will raise your energy vibrations, and open doors to attracting more good things to come your way.

By doing acts of charity, you may actually find that you are attracting more money. By then you will automatically increase your amount to be contributed to charity.

#7 Practice Affirmations

A lot has been written and is still being written about the useful tool called Affirmations. These affirmations have the power to change our thoughts and mindset from undesired to desired direction. Affirmations can change the habits, actions and even complete personality of a person on the desired lines.

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#8 Have faith in Universal Power

Proper actions in the right direction, positive thoughts and affirmations get multiplied by your faith and belief in the higher powers of Universe. This is also the law of attraction

You may also call it Spirituality or follow it through the path of your own belief and religion. That is your very personal choice.  Your faith brings you energy, determination, patience and the will to carry on. You feel blessed and empowered to pursue your goal of become rich and prosperous. Once you take Higher Powers as your partner, there are good reasons that you will achieve it.

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To Sum Up

If you seriously intend to move from poverty to a state where you are rich, wealthy and prosperous then you have to work on changing yourself. Yes, the most important thing to focus on and work on is YOU.

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The greatest change to be achieved will be the psychological change in you. Once you are successful in achieving a paradigm shift, you will be successful in changing your belief system and eliminate your poverty mindset.

Your thinking will expand, you will see new possibilities. Your horizon will become broader, allowing you to think outside the box.

All you need is the power of your decision. Once you decide to change your mind, you will open a door to amazing possibilities, which you never thought existed.

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