Fruits of Karma the Deeds

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Fruits of Karma the DeedsEvery action creates karma. Karma has consequences. Consciously doing correct actions or making right karma is the most effective way of creating good rewards of karma in future. There is a belief that good deeds are rewarded, while one has to face consequences of evil deeds (Fruits of Karma the deeds). Does everyone have to bear the consequences of his karmas? Can the fruit of karma or bad deeds be avoided? Such questions arise in everyone’s mind.

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Your personal experience or belief may be anything and we shall not debate on that. Without trying to get involved into this deep subject and personal views and individual perceptions, here is a story on this subject.

Fruits of Karma the Deeds: An Inspirational Story

Not very long time back, there was a mountain outside the limits of a small town and there was a lot of uninhabited ground around it. People did not visit that area much.

In the same town, there lived an artist who had creative thinking and was inclined towards spirituality. He was particularly good at sculpting.

One day while roaming around, the artist, got near that mountain. Looking at vast space and the scattered stones which had rolled down from the hills, he thought to himself that he could make statues  of Gods and Goddesses with these stones.

From the next day, he started coming to that place every day. He worked very hard to carve the rocks and made beautiful sculptures.

The sculptures were really beautiful. The word gradually spread throughout the city. First a few people came; they talked about what they saw and this brought more people to that place to see those idols.

Some devoted people collected the money and gave it to the artist. With that money he got a built building constructed. This building came to regarded more of a temple or a spiritual place where all those statues were kept.

As the days passed by people started coming to that place from nearby and faraway places. Almost every day the place was crowded with visitors, devotees, tourists etc.

The devotees also started putting money in the cash boxes placed before the idols. With the passage of time the flow of money offerings increased considerably.

Considering the immense popularity of this place, people also started setting up their business there. The transport business owners started plying taxis and buses, shopkeepers started selling food and other types of things around, even the builders, developed shops and houses and sold these properties.

A few years later, the artisan who was almost the owner of that spiritual complex, suddenly fell ill. After a medical check-up, it was discovered that he had a horrible and a deadly disease. The doctors even told him that he had only a few days to live.

“Why this terrible disease at that time, when everything was going on well?” he often thought to himself. The artist became very sad and he used to cry a lot. He even started taunting God regularly. He used to say, “I have served you so much, spread your word around and in return why did you give me this punishment? This is absolutely unfair!”

One night he dreamt that God came before him and said, “What are you crying and complaining for?” “Okay you built the building in my name and made sculptures. But remember that day when an orphan child came crying to you and you made him your slave.”

Remember the day when an old hungry and beggar who came to the temple, but you pushed him away from the temple premises instead of giving him shelter and food.

Remember that the day when it was raining heavily and you had a mother and her child thrown out of the temple courtyard, saying that it is now time to close the temple doors. They both got drenched in the rain for very long.

Remember when some elderly people came together to ask you for help of money, as they wanted to open a school for the poor. You had enough money but you said advised them to go to the local government for help.

Have not you kept a widow as a bonded laborer? She works all day long and in return you give her some stale bread.

God asked, “After so many bad deeds and evil karma, with what right, are you blaming me for your present state?” “You will have to suffer the consequences of your actions and karma. You will also get the punishment for the misdeeds you have done.”

The artist got up from his sleep and opened his eyes. He understood the reason for his miserable state. And he was very embarrassed for the bad deeds done by him.

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Moral of the Story

Dear Readers, we get very good moral education from this story. We Reap What We Sow.

We do get the fruits of our karma. Now this fruit can be good or bad, it depends only on the good and bad deeds of a human being.

Many of us are deeply troubled by the injustices we see or experience in life. But you can be sure of this, if you do good deeds you will be rewarded and if you do bad karma, you will be punished – sooner or later.

Therefore, we should always do philanthropic and auspicious deeds and should perform karmas with an inanimate feeling.

Video: Fruits of Karma – A Story


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