Gratitude Prayers To Thank God

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Gratitude Prayers To Thank God

Welcome to the Blog Gratitude Prayers To Thank God

Irrespective of the faith, the purpose of Gratitude Prayers is to give credit to God for every gift he has given in life.

Why Gratitude Prayer ?

When we are thankful to God, our focus moves and shifts from selfish desires and from the challenges of current circumstances. It also reminds us that God is ultimately in control.

Beginning each day with gratitude will cultivate a grateful heart. Start your day off with this prayer for gratitude. For more information, you may like to read a detailed article The Importance Of Prayer

Gratitude Prayers To Thank God

Given below are a few prayers, in text and in video. Pick up a prayer that you like. You may even add your own words to a prayer or combine two ore more prayers to make your unique prayer.

Say this prayer daily or just listen to my voice in the video. Allow the meaning of the words sink in your subconscious and welcome God’s grace on your life.

Let us pray

Gratitude Prayer #1

Dear God, As I begin this new day, I have so much to be grateful for.

My blessings are many and my heart is filled with gratitude. I am grateful for the ability to love and be loved.

I am grateful for shelter, food and air you have been providing.

Also, thank you, God, for keeping me healthy and safe. You protect me from those things that seem to pain others.


Dear Lord, with Your help I am able to make better choices, and you have provided me with well wishers that help me sail through difficult times.

You speak to me in so many ways so that I always feel your presence.

You have surrounded me with nice people who always care for me.

Thank you for giving me an able body and intelligent mind that helps me achieve so much.

Thank you for giving me a family who love me so much. They lift me up in ways that soars my spirit.

Dear Lord, thank you for those you have given me less than I would hope them to be.

I thank you, for not giving me those things that I wish to have. I trust that you have a better plan for me.

My soul is always thankful to you for all your unconditional and eternal love.


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Video: A Prayer of Gratitude

This is a simple video where I would like you to join me, for giving thanks to God Almighty.

You can pray with me

Gratitude Prayer #2

Dear Lord, as I express my gratitude to you in prayer, may it be from the core of my heart and with all humility.

In full faith, I thank you, God, for your love. It brings me acceptance and significance in this world.

I thank you, for your guidance and direction. It gives me purpose and right path.

Thank you, God, for your mercy. It reassures me and provides comfort.

Thank you, Lord, for your help and support. It brings me stability and strength.

Dear Lord, I thank you for your kindness. I am able to live and enjoy a better life.

Thank you, for taking care of me. It brings me health and joy


Dear Lord, I thank you for daily provisions for sustenance of me and my family.

Thank you, Lord, for making the earth so beautiful. It brings me joy and peace.

Thank you, Lord, for the fresh air, water and the sunshine. It brings me rejuvenation.


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Gratitude Prayer #3

Gracious Lord,

I stand before you for the countless blessings You have been showering upon me ever since you brought me on this planet.

Your blessings are infinite and my heart is filled with gratefulness for the wonderful life and the gift of living.

Gracious Lord, I thank You for the ability to love and be loved.

I am thankful for giving me a loving family and company of friends who care so much.

I am grateful for letting me see and experience the everyday wonders of your creation.

Thank you for our daily provisions, shelter, water, light and water

Thank you for a body that works and for a mind that thinks.

Thank you for making night and for restful sleep that rejuvenates after a tiring day.

Thank you for not giving me which must not be right for me

Thank you for giving me which I don’t know or do not appreciate

May your blessings of Love, Mercy and Kindness be always with me and my family


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