Guidance Prayer for Clarity and Direction

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Guidance Prayer for Clarity and Direction

Here are four prayers in text as well as in a video. In guidance prayer for clarity and direction, you may like to repeat these words with your eyes open or closed. For best results, do say these words of prayer often in your day, especially in the morning.

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What to do when you are praying

God almighty does not require special methods or rituals to listen to your prayers – unless of course, if these things help you to connect better with your God.

Go past all the limiting beliefs, doubts and negative thoughts, leave aside your logic, let go of you ego and be in oneness with God.

Remember always, you are reaching out to God, and He is always there for you.

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How the Prayer Works for Us

When you connect with God, He welcomes you.

It’s where you begin discovering you inner strength. Of course, you have to try to keep your mind calm, cool, and composed. Interestingly, your faith and the process of prayer also help you there.

On a regular basis throughout your day, whether for a lengthy period or a brief break in your activities, try to do prayer for strength and guidance and actually hear God’s collected coolness in your mind.

Listen to His voice in deep silence for words of guidance, clarity and right direction. Some people may also call God’s voice as their own inner voice

How to Pray for Guidance, Clarity and Direction

When praying open your mind and feel His divine grace upon you.

Believe it or not, these few moments of prayer when the mind is calm and collected, you may begin to receive guidance, direction and clarity of thoughts. Your feelings shall confirm that you are connected with God and the holiness is at work.

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How to Focus and not get disturbed while praying

During prayer for clarity, direction and guidance if any irrelevant or frantic thoughts start to surface, that’s okay. Simply acknowledge the presence of such thoughts and then gently but firmly say good-bye, shut the door on them, and proceed back to your in/out breathing as a mindfulness technique.

While in prayer for clarity and guidance or any other prayer, it is okay to if there are background noises such as a low flying plane or a loud person nearby. Initially you may get distracted but don’t let this disturb your peace of mind. Simply carry on and after some time your mind will learn to ignore them.

If it helps, you may want to close your eyes and take some time to center yourself. Do this if you’re at home and are sitting in a comfortable posture.

It’s how you’ll begin to make a connection with the divine.

Guidance Prayer for Clarity and Direction

Short Prayer for Clarity of Mind #1

Dear God, here I am before you, and I know that you have a solution for everything including a solution for my issue relating to _______

You have been guiding me through the wisdom of my subconscious mind and for this time also I accept the way out suggested by you now. I am sure of the happy ending in the Divine order.

Dear God, please show me the right path in my thoughts like a torch shining in the dark.

Please be in my heart and inner feelings like a compass pointing towards the right directions.

Please be in my body to give me the clear vision

Please be in my soul to take me on the right path.

Oh God, please be in my speech so that I speak the truth and the right words.

Please be in my mind to give me strength to accept the wind of change.

Kindly sweep up all that I am, blowing away the dirt and bring light to my being

And take me as an instrument for you.


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Short Prayer for Guidance, Clarity and Direction #2

Dear God, I’m here before you today with open hands and an open mind, waiting for your guidance and ready to receive your direction.

I now completely surrender before thee. Please give me the clarity and help me chose the path that is right for me.

Dear Lord, I depend on you to help me come out of the confusing situation.

As I face tough choices and hard situations, help me with your guidance, give me strength, direction and protection.

Help me to set my sights and thoughts on things that are right for me.

Help me to speak only what will soothe and encourage others.

Keep me from getting tempted to things that are not right.

Help me guard the truth and remain an honest person in life

Help me to treat everyone I come across, with respect and love, forgiving defaulters and asking for forgiveness myself when needed.

I am your beloved child and your creation. Help me live in this world in a way that brings glory to Your holy name.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Short Prayer For Guidance, Wisdom and Strength #3

Dear God, I come before you in this moment of distress and uncertainty.

I ask for Your wisdom and guidance to shine down on me.

Help me to understand what Your great plan is for my life and how to make it happen.

I ask for wisdom and strength in this great decision that must be made.

Help me understand the situation and what You want and aid me in executing Your will.

I realize that this decision is in Your hands, even if I am uncertain.

Lord, I ask You to give me wisdom and directions as I move forward in life.

In Your name we trust, Amen.

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Short Prayer for Clarity, Inspiration and Direction #4

Dear God, My heart is troubled and my mind is wayward.

I seek You to still my thoughts and calm my mind.

I am not able to figure out a right way out on my own

And right now I am depending only on You.

Please take away all my anxieties, worries and fears I feel inside

And I release them all to You

Dear Lord, I look up to you for guidance, inspiration and direction.

I await Your voice to give me direction and clarity.

Give me a sign that I may know what to do and where to go so that I can honor Your will

Dear  God, I ask this of You, as Your humble servant.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Key to receiving answers to prayers for guidance

After praying with full faith and discharging the responsibilities honestly, one should  simply let go of the constant attempt to “figure things out.”

Although the habit of “figuring out on your own” is almost incessant and it is not easy to give up but effort should be made by surrendering to the will of God. You would receive the light and right counsel in one way or the other.

Video: Guidance Prayer for Clarity and Direction

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