Tips To Develop Your Hidden Psychic Powers

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Tips To Develop Your Hidden Psychic Powers

There is a theory that we all are gifted with psychic powers but we do not do enough to develop them. For example, did you ever know that the phone was going to ring before it actually rang? Or did you have any idea what someone would say before he said it? Did you ever had a dream that come true later on? So if you are fascinated by the psychics, here are a few good tips to develop your hidden psychic powers.

Is it possible to develop psychic powers or psychic abilities?

It is said that some people are completely psychic or psychic medium, but we are all intuitive to some extent. They say that if you follow these steps, you will improve your psychic abilities to a remarkable degree and it may even be useful in your daily life.

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Tips To Develop Your Hidden Psychic Powers

Follow these simple tips and it will not only be you who sees the positive effects . Even others around you will also feel the mental energy you emanate and the clarity of thought that you are capable of transmitting.

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#1. Change Your Routine

You may find it an interesting tip or perhaps surprising tip too. If you usually spend your days in a mechanical way, doing work like a robot, it is likely that your brain is not functioning at full capacity. Try to alter your routine by breaking away from monotony. This would challenge your brain to try out and be successful at new things.

Stimulating your brain revitalizes your mind and fills it with energy. Changing the routine is one of the first steps you can take to elucidate your mind. Doing the same thing always makes you an automaton that does not give enough challenges to your mind.

There are many ways to change your routine. For example, choosing a different route to go to your office or college, or doing some activity that you have never tried before. You may try to meet new people, read a good book, listen to music different from what you usually like, watch a movie of different genre etc.

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#2. Fill yourself With Good Vibes

All people transmit their vibrations. These vibrations can be positive or negative for others. If you usually surround yourself with people with good vibes, your mind will be filled with positive energy. Your mental power will increase and you will always be a person with a positive attitude. That will help you be more creative, stimulating your mind with short and long term plans.

And since everything has its rewards, it will not only increase your mental energy but also your physical energy. In the long run, all these benefits will result into a healthier lifestyle.

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#3.  Meditation

Undoubtedly there are many methods and techniques of meditation all over the world. However, one thing is common in all kinds of meditation practices and that is quieting the mind as the first step towards understanding that you are not your thoughts and those thoughts simply exist.

When you have a clear distinction between what you know as real and what you know as thoughts, you can begin to witness the environment of the thoughts found in what we call “the field.”

The field of thoughts is available as Wi-Fi signals in certain places and some people are more receptive for them and at some places they are less receptive.

Thoughts look more like an energy translation, some people are clear translators while others get somewhat distorted version.

It depends on the stillness of mind and ego less mind. The bigger our ego, the less clear is the channel through which we can receive.

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The best psychic mediums are the ones who are able to stop their mental chatter and allow the messages of angels, spiritual guides, loved ones (who have departed) and the Divine to be transmitted to them clearly.

Hence, if you too want to develop your own intuitive skills, meditation is the key to calming the noise of mental chats.

# 4.  Trust Your Instincts

Most people have accumulated some kind of negative experiences in life as they are growing up with the natural flow.

There is a clear difference between following your instinct and going with the flow. There is an instinctive magnetism that is created when your spirit feels the path you must take.

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However, many people follow the flow and ignore their instincts. They prefer to follow the pack or going the safe route.

It may be remembered that the road less traveled always requires a pioneer. This time it’s you. Listen to the inner voice more frequently and finally, you will not hear anything else.

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#5. Get Organized To Develop Your Hidden Psychic Powers

Multitasking or even thinking about multiple things at the same time tires you and prevents you from concentrating on specific goals. A good way to organize is to plan ahead. If you make a list of what you plan to do, it will be much easier for you to decide in what order you want to perform your tasks.

Delegating some of the tasks you have to do can also help you. Appreciate the fact that you cannot just carry the world on your shoulders. There are always duties that others can do for you. When you let go of useless things from your mind, you leave it free to focus on those things that really only you can do.

#6.  Be Creative

As I mentioned that the road less traveled requires a pioneer, the creative glimmer that exists within you is an extremely important component for your psychic ability to channel information from “the field.”

The more creative you become, the more in sync you will be when you are called upon to listen to a higher level of thought or message from higher level.

The creative space requires you to tune in and allow life to flow freely through your body. Through creative methods, speech, art etc., you can use this energy to impact the world around you and it is a great practice for a psychic mediums.

#7.  Take Coaching Classes

Many good psychics teach classes to help others connect and develop their skills. Some even teach online classes, which can be as inspiring and effective as those taught in person. Look around and see which teachers or classes resonate with you.

Once again, trust your instinct. Most of the time, you will have a good feeling about a certain teacher or class that is right for you. Try to avoid teachers who may have an attitude “my way or the highway”. A good spiritual teacher can help you navigate and better understand what your special gifts or abilities are.

 #8. Communicate With Your Soul

As you begin your journey to discover your own unique abilities, you may not be fully aware of your spirit and how it works mysteriously to help you. It’s okay. It may seem crazy, but as you start talking to yourself, you will get a clear channel of intuition through your surroundings and your subtle sense of energy around you.

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You can even hear clear messages in the form of an audible voice and, sometimes, it is only a magnetism that you perceive from “the field”, which you can then translate into an understanding instantly. Write any message you think you may be receiving, even if you are not sure.

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#9. Keep A Dream Journal

The dream state is the only plane of existence that is specifically designed to reflect your subconscious.

When you are in the dream state, your mind is obviously in a more relaxed state and, therefore, allows you to reflect, in real time, in the form of stories and interactions.

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The more you write these dreams, the clearer your memory will become. Some people even have cases of connecting with the past and future events, spiritual guides, angelic beings, etc.

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When a psychic reaches a certain level of attention during the dream state, he can navigate through the collective subconscious known as the astral plane and this is a point where we can also begin a deeper navigation towards our psychic powers.

#10. Learn About Your Chakras

Chakras are points of energy within your body and can provide you with different ways of accessing psychic information. Keeping your energy system clean and healthy is as important to your well-being as bathing and brushing your teeth.

Being able to understand this energy is vital to your success in the development of your psychic senses. There is a lot of information on the Internet that can guide you on YouTube or even in books and PDF.

#11. Be Grateful

Thank all the good things life gives you. Unless you are an exception on planet Earth, you will always have many reasons to thank all the good that life offers you. Being grateful means inviting more positive mental energy and blessings into your life. Having more of the positive mental energy gives you more confidence and that confidence will make you radiate security in all aspects of your life.

Gratitude allows you to give fair value to your qualities, your skills, the people around you, your relationships. A good exercise is to write at least five of the reasons why you should be grateful. Just being alive is already a reason for gratitude, don’t you think so?

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To Sum Up

We all have the ability to tap into our hidden psychic powers and abilities and, as we age, they become increasingly useful to us as our role and responsibility in the world increases.

Hopefully these tips would prove to be useful to you.

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