How Spirituality Can Help Through Depression And Anxiety

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How Spirituality Can Help Through Depression And AnxietyThe well known Television personality from America – Anthony Bourdain apparently had everything going well for him. He had international fame, money, a great job, a girl friend and perhaps much more. Yet he committed suicide. He is just one of many such cases where the individuals had everything, yet they were so depressed or stressed that they decided to take their own life. Of course, our medical science is there to help such cases of depression and anxiety. Besides, there are various alternative therapies too. But have we thought of spirituality? Let us examine, “how spirituality can help through depression and anxiety”?

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Spirituality and Depression

Clinically, there can be many reasons and types of depression. However, in the world of spirituality, it can be said that there is a spiritual vacuum in the life the person who is suffering from depression and related challenges. You may call this spiritual vacuum a spiritual crisis also.

The reason for this vacuum is the non fulfilment of desires. From the time a child is born till the time a person leaves this world, he has desires, desires and desires. Of course, the desires drive us. Desires are a motivating force.

But when the person gets entangled in too many low-level worldly desires like food, fashion, physical entertainment, the person gets bored. Alternatively when he is not able to fulfil them, he gets frustrated. In either case, some kind of sadness, gloom encompasses him. When this group of negative feelings is allowed to sustain in the mind of the person for a longer period of time, depression sets in. The soul now wants to break free of this materialism.

How Spirituality can help through Depression and Anxiety?

I would like to share a few ways which can help you understand depression and deal with unwanted situations like stress, anxiety, tension or depression.

#1 Set higher goals

When a person seeks higher goals and works on them, he raises his frequency vibrations. Over a period of time, positive changes start to occur. For example, if a person starts doing something for the society, he imbibes the virtues like kindness, empathy, philanthropy.

Helping and serving others, makes the person take time off the limitless and mindless self gratification. Naturally his vibrations are now resonating at higher levels. For his good karma, he stands to get rewarded with blessings like peace, wisdom and internal harmony.

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So think and set a higher purpose in life and pursue it. This will bring a meaning to your life and the lives of other people. Reach out to the people of need your help. The secret to living is giving.

#2 Meditate

Meditation is the most necessary step on your spiritual journey. It is almost like a prescription if you want your soul to connect with the higher powers.

Meditation is the most important thing if you want to create an inner balance. This is because Meditation is extremely helpful in connecting you harmoniously with the outer world, as well as it makes a mind – body – soul connection.

Meditation helps you stay calm even in the face of a storm – which could be inner turbulence or challenges in the outer world.

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You may wonder that why I am praising meditation so much? Well, meditation works in two ways. Firstly it puts a stop on the agitating thoughts and emotions and secondly it creates a soothing and healing effect on our body and mind. Meditation recharges our system beautifully. No doubt, meditation has been studied scientifically and found to be helpful in overcoming stress, tension, depression, anxiety, phobias etc. You may like to read: Many Benefits of Meditation

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#3 Control the consumption of stimulants

If you are in the habit of drinking too much tea or coffee, perhaps your body is taking in too much of caffeine. Similarly through smoking you are taking in nicotine. Well to some extent caffeine may be good but not if the amount is too high or if it is combined with nicotine. Also you know that the effect of alcohol and drugs is far worse on our mind and body.

These types of chemicals stimulate the brain for a short period. It may give you temporary excitement but why not chose healthier alternatives and experience the life naturally?

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Going a step further, healthy eating and keeping your surrounding clean will give clarity of thoughts. It will cleanse your soul and provide better connectivity with higher powers.

Say no to addictions to too much of spending, shopping, eating, drinking, and drugging. Overcoming addictions will provide room for better health, good intuition, self-awareness and peace of mind.

#4 Connect with happy people

Since you need to increase your Spiritual Quotient, join some groups or society which is more spiritually active. For example, there are groups which help the needy and poor. There are prayer groups, yoga and meditation groups and so on. Just chose what suits you the best and give some time to such activities.

The idea of joining a group is to connect with like-minded people. They will share their experiences, there shall be activities organized regularly. All this will keep you gainfully connected and engaged for your self – development. Of course, this will help you to win over depression and anxiety.

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Also in such groups, you may find many people who have successfully come out of depression and anxiety and this will give you much needed encouragement, hope, support and inspiration to get better and live a wonderful life again.

#5 Be Grateful

You have been given so much by the Creator. It could be your education, parents, siblings, helpful friends. Even if you look at your physical self, may be you are blessed with a good physique, attractive looks. Perhaps you have a decent education or a good source of income.

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Make a list of things you have and be thankful for them. The more you thank the more of the good things you will invite in your life. This is the law of nature. As a result, your list will keep expanding. Is it not a wonderful way to win over your depression and anxiety?

#6 Unplug

There is too much noise, distraction and information overload in the modern world. We don’t need so much repetition of news, information about unrelated things and peep into our friends’ daily trivia.

So every day, for some time, consciously spend time with yourself in silence. At that time there should be no television, social media on your mobile or website surfing on your laptop or phone chatting.

Just be with yourself and try to connect within. You will also enjoy reading: How To Destress And Relax Body And Mind

Video: 5 Powerful Ways Spirituality can help through Depression and Anxiety

Towards the end

It is hoped that you will find the path of spirituality an effective therapy to deal with the problems like stress, tension, depression, anxiety etc. Once you become regular, you will enjoy this way of life giving you better harmony, peace and control over your mind.

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Before proceeding further, it is requested that readers should not treat this as a substitute of basic and necessary medical treatment. If anybody is suffering from such challenges, he must consult and be under the care of a medical doctor.

Also please do refer to our disclaimer.

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