How to Achieve Spiritual Fitness

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How to Achieve Spiritual FitnessThere is so much talk about fitness. Be it physical fitness, mental fitness or even financial fitness there are specialists and consultants. If you search Face Book or local newspapers you may find talks, workshops and training programs being organised on physical fitness, mental fitness and financial fitness. Similarly search on Google and you will find millions of pages relating to these keywords. But what about your Spiritual Fitness? Do you know what Spiritual Fitness is? And if you know about Spiritual Fitness then do you know how to achieve spiritual fitness?

What is Spiritual Fitness?

Chances are that some of you have vaguely heard the term Spiritual Fitness, while most of others are not even familiar with the term. Perhaps very few are fully aware of Spiritual Fitness.

Spiritual Fitness can loosely be defined as a way of keeping yourself Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Socially fit through spirituality. Here the term spirituality refers to godliness or connecting to God or Higher Power.

Elements of Spiritual Fitness

Some of the readers my feel a question springing up in their minds – “Does being spiritual mean being religious? Well it is not the intention of this blog to promote or recommend any particular religion nor are we asking you to turn religious.

Yet at times, the link between religion and spirituality is inevitable as both talk of godliness; suggest ways to seek ultimate truth; connecting with the Supreme power. For some people, religion and spirituality are interconnected.

Spirituality as well as a religion suggests ways to strengthen one’s faith, so as to improve everyday life on earth as well as to improve karma to benefit in the life after death or life eternal.

Benefits of Spiritual Fitness

You may ask a candid question, “What can I expect if I decide to work on my spiritual fitness?” .

I can give the answers from personal experience and experiences of some people known to me.

Most certainly, you can expect to feel happier and more peaceful almost throughout. You will enjoy a positive attitude and be filled with more energy and life. Consequently, you will let go of negative emotions like jealousy, anger, hate, frustration, worry etc. With a greater level of self control one is also able to have a better control over anxiety and depression.

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The benefits of Spiritual Fitness don’t stop just at you. Due to your connection with higher power, you are likely to experience some welcome changes in your relationships too. You will feel protected, safe and guided in the right direction when dealing with people you are not familiar with. As a result of you being an evolved soul, you will laugh more, give and receive love more, enjoy more with your loved ones.

How to Achieve Spiritual Fitness ?

If you come this far on this page, it shows that you are certainly keen to know – How to Achieve Spiritual Fitness?

1. Practice Gratitude

Regular practice of gratitude is a game changer. It is my firm belief that the more gratitude you express, the more the Universe will provide you to be grateful for.

Here are a few simple ways to improve your practice of daily gratitude:

  • As soon as you get up in the morning, think of at least five things you are grateful for. Maybe it is simply a sound and restful sleep you had, being alive and healthy could be second reason, if it is the sun shining through your window then it could be the third reason to be grateful for. Likewise your spouse snuggled in bed with you is a great reason to be grateful for.
  • Another way to practice gratitude would be to do Gratitude Affirmations regularly.
  • Many people like to keep a gratitude journal. It is a great way to involve your body (hands and eyes) and mind to be grateful to God. Be grateful to Universe as often as you can. Every time you notice something nice happening to you – whether big or small, express your gratitude. Also regularly thank the Universe for everything that you get

This habit will not only help to achieve spiritual fitness but it will give you a sense of inner peace and contentment.

2. Regular Meditation

Meditate regularly for at least 15 minutes every day. The best time to meditate is early morning.

One of the objectives of the meditation is to connect with yourself or your higher self. Of course, connecting your consciousness with the Creator, God or the Universe is also Meditation.

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Meditation is one of the best methods to raise your level of spiritual fitness. Meditation helps to quieten your thoughts. The process of regular meditation when done regularly over a period of time will help you evolve to a higher level. Meditation will help improve your being at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

For more benefits, please see: Many Benefits of Meditation

If you are new to the practice of meditation, you may start with 5 minutes every day and then slowly take it forward. If you do not know how to meditate, we have many articles on this website to give some tips and easy methods:

Also with so much of popularity to the concept of meditation it should easy to find books, websites or teachers where you live who can teach you meditation.

3. Find a Teacher or a Spiritual Guide

Finding a right person who can teach you, guide you or rather take you through your spiritual journey could be immensely beneficial.

On the other hand, finding a real Guru or a spiritual teacher could be a daunting task. It is like finding a needle in the haystack. Do not just pick up anyone at random to be your spiritual guide, though you will meet many persons who will claim to have arrived on the spiritual front. But be on your guard, before you surrender to the real Guru.

4. Enrich your Spiritual Knowledge

Have you tried Spiritual Reading and Learning? If not then form a habit of regularly educating yourself through books, scriptures, workshops, satsangs, lectures and discourses.

Whenever you learn something or discover a new piece of information how you can use that you make yourself more spiritually fit and enrich your life.

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There is treasure in spiritual literature and reading it, understanding it will compliment your other practices of Spiritual Fitness.

It is amazing how reading these holy books – even one page a day, can have a profound impact on you. Enriching your knowledge about the spirituality will deepen and widen your awareness of God’s presence in everything and everywhere.

5. Spiritual fitness is supported by consistent discipline

Just as our physical body is healthy and fit when we maintain certain healthy life style with discipline, healthy habits followed in a regular disciplined are key to develop our spirituality and take it to next level. Though it may not be perfect analogy, these healthy habits include sattwic food (spiritual food), Yoga and exercise, meditation, purity of thoughts, good morel conduct, service to mankind, regular prayers to mention the important aspects.

A spiritual connection with good or higher powers requires consistent efforts, dedication, devotion and discipline.

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