How to Achieve Spiritual Growth

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How to Achieve Spiritual GrowthAre you also looking for ways to grow spiritually? There comes a stage in almost everyone’s life when he wants to draw strength, peace or sometimes answers to his questions from Spirituality. Furthermore, I have observed that people also find solutions to problems and difficult situations when they become spiritual. Not only that they also get rich – financially, socially, emotionally, and of course, spiritually. But the main question is how to achieve spiritual growth?

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What is the definition of Spiritual Growth? / What is Spiritual Growth?

As a matter of fact, there is no official and standard definition of spiritual growth. It is just a term which is now being used more often and by more people than before. Simply speaking, spiritual growth of an individual is same as personal spiritual development or individually developing higher level of consciousness or better connectivity with the Supreme .

Why do we need Spiritual Growth?

As humans, which is the most evolved form of Nature’s creation, Spiritual Growth is of great importance for everyone, of all ages, in all walks of life.

What is the process of Spiritual Growth?

Spiritual growth is the process of inner awakening, understanding Universal truths, raising of the consciousness and connecting to the Supreme and Creator. It means going beyond the body, mind and soul, erasing the ego and realizing who you really are.

How to Achieve Spiritual Growth

1. Connect with God Directly

Let us simplify the whole thing. Think of God, Universe, Higher Powers or the Creator as someone who can be accessed by simply focusing your thoughts on Him. Only thing you have to accept is that He shall remain invisible and won’t talk back in human language, until of course, you are a very very evolved and blessed soul.

Instead of doing some fancy rituals, just sit down with God at a quiet place. Share your thoughts, plans, even worries and anxieties with Him. Hear him in silence; let God speak to you in your mind. Remember God is loving; God is not to be feared; treat God as your friend and partner in everything. This is one of the simplest way to “grow up” spiritually.

2. Read your Holy Book Daily

Whatever, is your faith or belief, find a spiritual book that connects your inner self or soul with the Ultimate Divine. It does not really matter that you are a Christian, Buddhist, Jain, Hindu or don’t know your faith, you may find real peace in reading Holy Bible, Gita, Upanishad, or even a commentary by a holy person of our times. Just find a reading plan that’s right for you.

A regular reading habit and following it in your daily life will put on a spiritual path. This is the patch which leads to God. This is one of the easiest way achieve growth. Also please refer to: How to Write A Personal Development Plan

3. Be Truthful and Trustworthy

When you follow the path of truth and honor your commitments and promises. Follow on all your promises, big or small and you are on an ethical path. By your actions and thoughts, you will be seen as a person who is trustworthy and can be counted upon. This will keep you clean and pure and that is the desired condition to receive the grace of God. Your connection with the Creator will become better.

Therefore, do what you say you that you will do and fulfill your promises made -whether it’s convenient or not. Follow through on all of your commitments, large and small.

4. Pray Every Day and Pray Regularly

It is said that an earnest prayer is the simplest method of talking to God and God listens. You need not give your shopping list to God via your prayer. You may simply give thanks to Lord for taking care of you and for everything that you already have. You may also pray for uplifting your soul, giving you directions or pray for more grace from Him. Of course, in case of difficulty being experienced by you, you can pray. Same way you can pray for someone else also.

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There are no defined rules for saying a prayer. You can pray anytime, anywhere, with your eyes closed or open, while sitting or standing, kneeling or lying on your bed. You may say your prayer mentally or speak your words. Just begin and make prayer a part of your daily routine.

For the benefit of our readers, we have a whole section on Prayers and there are different types of prayers such as:

5. Learn to Make Your Mind Quiet

Regular practice of Meditation, observing silence, being alone in nature, fasting and doing affirmations are some of the well tried ways of raising your level of consciousness higher.

For your benefit, we give here links to:

Both the sections have many useful articles.

6. Serve

Some spiritual paths or beliefs very strongly recommend serving the community while expecting no rewards or returns for your service. It is called self less service. It is said that God himself resides in the community. Thus serving the community or the man kind is like serving the God himself.

Let us not forget the recent example of Mother Teresa.

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Towards the end

If you have been taking care of you body with good food, exercises and cleansing; if you are taking care of your mind by educating your self and adding to your knowledge; it is equally important to take care of your soul. So what step are you going to take today?

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