How to Activate Subconscious Mind

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How to Activate Subconscious MindAre you interested to activate your powerful subconscious mind? Without going much into the theory, we discuss specific methods, “How to Activate Subconscious Mind”. Before proceeding, it would be helpful to understand some terms and concepts first.

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The Powerful Subconscious Mind

These days we often get to hear or read about the term subconscious mind.

It is now a frequently used generic term in the context of thoughts, mind power, healing etc. –  but not very well understood.

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While volumes and volumes can be written on the subject of sub conscious mind and conscious mind, but for the sake of this blog, it is sufficient to remember that your sub conscious mind is an eager servant willing to obey your commands which are communicated to it through your often repeated thoughts and words, patterns of thoughts and affirmations.

People also use and inter use sub conscious with another term super consciousness. While super consciousness is consciousness of a higher order, the job of the sub conscious mind is to obey your commands (often repeated thoughts) by bringing them into this physical world – called manifestation. The thoughts are a kind of energy and the subconscious mind converts them into physical reality.

Understand the Power of Your Thoughts

Are the thoughts so powerful? Yes, most definitely they are! The phenomenal success of the titles like – “Think and Grow Rich”, “The Power of Positive Thinking” “The Secret” and many more such books are a living testimony to this phenomenon.

Hence almost every human being can and should use this immense mind power to manifest abundance, money, prosperity, unlimited wealth, good health, knowledge, power, position, a healthy body, right body weight or the desired weight loss, and satisfying relationship.

Since time immemorial innumerable successful people have tapped into this amazing power by activating subconscious mind. They may have done knowingly or unknowingly, secretly or in the knowledge of others, but successful people do have certain habits, thought patterns which make them successful in achieving what they set out to achieve in life.

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From getting into the college of their choice to becoming successful in their chosen field of profession to finding the right life partner people have successfully used the power of their sub conscious mind.

Authors like Louise Hay (You can Heal your Life), Brandon Bays (The Journey), Vianna Stibal (Theta Healing), have miraculously recovered from terminal illnesses or serious health problems by simply tapping the power of their subconscious minds. Now they are teaching the world through their books and courses.

Similarly authors and speakers like Napolean Hill, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Wayne W. Dyer, Joe Vitale, Robert Kiyosaki, Oprah, Stephen Covey etc. have given out secrets to becoming rich and wealthy where the use of sub conscious mind, activation of sub conscious mind and tapping into the power of sub conscious mind is liberally discussed.

How to Activate Subconscious Mind

How to Activate Subconscious MindFrom health to money; from education to life partner; from poverty to power – if the subconscious mind is so powerful in granting you your wishes then the million dollar question is How to Activate Subconscious Mind.

The Basic Concept

When you think a thought intensely, you issue a command to your subconscious mind. This obedient servant of yours manifests it in your physical world – in terms of tangible products / events / circumstances in your life. Thus where you are right now or whatever is your state of affairs or your set of circumstances – it is simply a mirror reflection of your thought patterns.

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You can change your life

If you don’t like this then for future, change your thought patterns, and you change what the life will bring for you now. In other words, you have exercised your choice in life.

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The Method and Steps To Activate Subconscious Mind

Actually in theory it is quite simple to explain but not so easy to master in real life for many of us. Therefore, we bring to you a few very important and practical methods and steps to activate subconscious mind. Practice them and get immensely benefited like thousands of others.

In addition, there are videos and recommended books also in this article.

So let us begin and proceed systematically.

1. Mental House Cleaning

Before one starts the process of tapping into the powers of subconscious mind, it is very necessary to start with an absolutely clean state. This means there has to be flushing out of all negative beliefs, thoughts, ideas including doubts about the powers of subconscious mind and the efficacy of this system.

Thinking negatively causes unspeakable harm to mind’s productivity. If the person speaks or thinks negative repeatedly or even surrounds himself with negative people, he will attract more negative people and not so pleasant circumstances will take place in his life. In short, positive growth in life could be a big question mark.

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On the flip side, if you inculcate the habit of regularly feeding your subconscious mind with positive thoughts, positive affirmation and positive self talk, you will invite positive changes and favourable results.

Thus from this very moment onward feed your positive thoughts only and stop all negative thoughts.

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2. Observe your Thought Process Like a Watchman

Consciously watching your thoughts is the key to your personal advancement and success. The finest method of tapping into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind is to first become aware of what’s genuinely going on inside your mind.

Then like the dutiful watchman let the positive, constructive and healthy thoughts be there and multiply while all the negative thoughts should be thrown out and no new negative thoughts be allowed to enter the mind or the system. Is it not a fact that people hardly bother about what they’re thinking of during the course of a day?

Ordinarily successful or not successful individuals permit all kinds of thoughts to pass through their minds. Whereas, successful people or super charged with positive thinking and they are extremely careful in allowing what enters their mind by exercising tremendous control over their thoughts.

This way you activate the Law of Attraction through your subconscious mind when you choose and control your thought patterns and self talk to attract what you want in life.

The difference between thinking of successful people and unsuccessful people is simple. Successful people think and talk about what they want, and unsuccessful people think and talk about what they don’t want.

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3. Meditation

Meditation is a powerful technique as well as it is the basic step that can help to activate power of subconscious mind. Scientifically proven benefits of meditation include our stress relief, boost to creativity, besides refresh and recharge us for giving a boost to our mental powers. Meditation also connects us to the higher consciousness and raises our vibration level.

This facilitates us to better manifest the things we want. In other words, this makes our law of attraction practice better.

Basically meditation helps us to slow down our brain waves to alpha or theta levels. This brings in benefits and better connection with the Universe. Anybody can learn and practice meditation.

Innumerable successful people and celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Steve Jobs, Dr. Joe Vitale, Arianna Huffington and many more like this are regular and committed practitioners of meditation.

If you too would like to be successful then I strongly encourage you to practice meditation and make it a part of your daily life.


4. Set a Goal, to Activate Subconscious Mind

Set a Goal, to Activate Subconscious MindFourth, write your goal clearly and in every detail. A goal is merely a wish till it is not written down. When you write down your goal, you associate your brain in the activity (Neuro Associated Programming) telling your subconscious mind exactly what you really want to achieve or manifest through this particular objective.

While the subconscious mind is very powerful, it is also very simple. It does not have a “brain” of its own. Therefore, whatever you wish to manifest, you have to describe it to yourself what you want and that is the way of ordering your subconscious. Thus the secret or the trick in achieving whatever you desire is in first knowing precisely what you want.

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For example, if you wish to have a luxury car, then you have to tell yourself the name of the car manufacturer, the model of the car, the variant, the color and other such related details. So rather than just saying a luxury car, say white Mercedes Maybach S 600 with 6 L V – 12 Engine in Black Color and beige interiors.

Later, you develop a game plan and go about implementing it.

Without a clear-cut goal, you are like a kite flying aimlessly!

5. Make a plan to achieve your goals

Make a plan to achieve your goalsCongratulate yourself now on setting up crystal clear goals. Next you have to decide on the plan of action to ensure that you work genuinely with a purpose to attain your goal. Doing something regularly causes it to become a habit.

Divide your goal into smaller or short term goals and also make strategies to achieve them.

Let us understand this better with the help of an example. Suppose you wish to increase your income and earn more money thereby raising your standard of living and level of wealth. You are earning a modest income of say USD 20,000 per annum.

Following the steps and suggestions given in this article, you are keen to activate your subconscious mind to tap into the infinite universal resource. As a result you decide to achieve an income level of USD 100,000 per annum within a period of 24 months.

This is great but it may not be always possible to simply leapfrog to the figure of $100,000 from $20,000 – which is 5 times increase in income. While it is not impossible either, but there has to be an element of faith and belief to let the Law of Attraction be triggered by your subconscious mind. It is a tall order.

Hence what is suggested is that you do it in some stages to strengthen your belief system. For instance, you think of increasing your income in next six months by 50% (USD 30,000 pa), followed by another 50% increase in 4 months to $ 45,000 pa ( now you have seen that the magic of mind works), the third sub goal could be reaching $ 60,000 in again 4 months and so on.

Did you notice that you are actually working on the final goal through a series of smaller goals? It is easier to convince your mind that it is possible through a series of smaller realizable goals than just aiming to achieve the final goal in a single shot.

With every success your entire system gets strengthened with confidence, faith and belief that you only can do it! Obviously, you will need a long term plan and several short term strategies to become successful every time.

Therefore, as a fourth step, you should make a list of everything you think that you can do or should mobilize that will move you toward your goal. At such a point of time, writing down your plan and making a list will make your desires stronger and strengthen your belief that the attainment of the goal is possible for you.


6. Review your Progress Frequently

This is the fifth point in the series of steps to activate subconscious mind.

Reviewing the progress made by you against your goals regularly helps you to remain focused specifically on what you intend to accomplish. Since you check your goals frequently, you automatically embed (and also reinforce) your goal in your mind.

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You also plant the seeds deeply in your subconscious mind. Doing this empowers you to achieve literally anything you’ve ever wanted.

Another suggestion in this regard is that to drive still more mileage out of this tip, you should write down your daily goals in the present tense.

It also implies that you must take some concrete and specific action every day as per your original plan or the strategy. Doing something every day moves you toward your goal, so that you can maintain your drive.

7. Do Affirmations or Auto Suggestions

If you have been interested in the fields of tapping into the powers of subconscious mind or The Secret or Law of Attraction, then there is a high probability that you already know about Auto Suggestion. The other synonyms of Auto Suggestion are Self Talk and Affirmations.

These are one of the very effective methods to make your subconscious mind fully and unconditionally understand the command being given so that it can kick start the process of actualize your desires.

To help you appreciate this subject more, here are some useful links:

8. Do Visualizations to Activate Subconscious Mind

Eight, visualize as if your goals having been achieved and visualize repeatedly. See it in your mind’s eye as though it were already a reality. When you relax with your eyes closed see vividly on your mental screen a clear picture where you have achieved what you wanted. The clearer the picture and more frequent this exercise, faster it will manifest into your life.

For instance, visualize yourself standing next to the model of the car you intend to buy ( refer to our earlier example).

Visualization is similar to autosuggestion – a powerful subconscious mind exercise. You feed images you visualize to your subconscious mind. Nevertheless, visualization requires a lot more concentration, effort, and single-mindedness than autosuggestion.

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For achieving best results in visualization, create “synthetic experiences” and involve other senses to feel sounds, touch feelings, seeing clear colorful shapes and smells.

It is important that you get the same feeling of pleasure and joy which you would have got if you were to actually achieve your goal. Create the emotions of happiness, satisfaction and pleasure that you would have if you really achieved your goal.

To give you more insights into the subject of Visualization, please refer to: Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals

The more often and more intensity of emotions you apply to your visualizations the more unstoppable you become.

Video: How To Activate Subconscious Mind

9. Create a Dream Board to Activate Subconscious Mind

There are quite a few ways to alter or activate subconscious mind such as repetition (already discussed under affirmations), identification with someone (example parents or a role model), intense emotions and Guided Imagery. It is the most proactive and easiest method. It has been discussed under the step – Visualisation.

Here is one more useful and effective technique called Dream Board.

This is nothing but creating a pictorial version of the goal that you want to achieve. All you have to do is cut out pictures of what you want to achieve or have from the newspaper, magazines or simply download from the internet and print them.

Next paste them on a big board and paste it at a place where you can see every day.

You may also paste these pictures in an arts album and sift through the pages regularly.

For example, you may want to buy an expensive car or a big house in a posh neighbourhood or reach your target body weight and drop your clothes size by 2.

All you have to do is to select appropriate pictures. Scientists tell that this method works because of the R.A.S. (Reticular Activating System) in our brain, which is our antenna or radar that attract things that we focus to us.

As what Earl Nightingale said, “The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts.” You start receiving a steady flow of ideas and energy for goal attainment.

That’s the power of the subconscious mind!

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To Sum Up

It is believed that your subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Most of the successful people and the motivational speakers and gurus like Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Wayne W. Dyer, Joe Vitale, Robert Kiyosaki, Oprah, etc. know how to unleash the hidden power of their subconscious mind power.

The subconscious mind is our source of energy. If there is insufficient power flowing into your life you need to begin with making changes at the subconscious level but it has to begin at the conscious level. To have permanent changes in our lives, we must change the thinking of our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind acts like a programmed computer.

Therefore, to change the output of the computer, we need to change the programming. Unless it is changed our habits will continue to dominate us as will power can only dent the surface.

Tony Robbins, once said, “All personal changes must take place at the subconscious level.”

The truth is that there is no Secret at all and to activate your subconscious mind power, you don’t have to use any special technique. All you need is a clear goal and a burning desire to achieve the goal.  The intensity of the desire provides the energy to the subconscious which in turn will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.

SO GO AHEAD, TOUCH THE SKY, with MASTERY OVER SELF through regular daily practice!

Note to Dear Readers

Being a thought provoking article, you are most welcome to share your views, experiences and ideas please. 

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