How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

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How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

Do you know how to attract money? Do you want to attract your soul mate? Do wish to manifest a dream job? You know others have successfully manifested these things in their lives using Law of Attraction. Well the good news is that you too can manifest your dreams. This blog logically explains how to apply law of attraction to manifest your dreams.

This article has been divided into following sections:

    1. What is Law of Attraction?
    2. How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?
    3. How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams
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What is Law of Attraction?

Have you ever felt that someday you were thinking very intensely about a particular friend of yours and suddenly he called! Similarly, sometimes you think negative for yourself, as if today my day is going to be a bad one, and definitely you end up having a rotten day.

What exactly is this? Is it merely coincidence or something else? The answer is that this is the result of what you have been thinking. Like attracts like, so you manifested such events or situations or people into your life.

Very broadly, this is Law of Attraction and it is a simplified version of the definition of Law of Attraction and the process of manifesting.

Everything is energy

The experts of Law of Attraction believe that everything in this world is in the form of energy. Even our body, our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions everything vibrates at certain frequency and is energy.

Popular writers and gurus of Law of Attraction like John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Rhonda Byrne have said that when we repeatedly think thoughts with intensity, feelings and emotions, they are transmitted to the Universe. It then attracts the same thing or circumstances in our life. First it is attracted in the form of energy, which then manifests physically in our life.

The Power of Beliefs and Thoughts

For example, in our day to day life, you may come across many people who say, “I will not drink cold water” or “I will not eat sour pickle because my throat gets spoiled”. And literally, when such people drink cold water or eat something sour, most of the times their throat gets affected!

At the same time, there will be many people who don’t have such a belief not have they noticed that drinking cold water or eating pickles affects their throat or they get cold.

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These are tiny examples from our daily life. But Law of Attraction is one of the very important and effective laws of nature. It is capable of giving extremely beneficial results in abundance and also the difficult situations and circumstances.

Law of attraction is double edged weapon. So let’s talk about how Law of Attraction can be used to our favor.

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How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

First of all, we have to understand that Law of Attraction does not apply to us whenever we want and stops whenever we don’t want. Similar to Earth’s gravity which is affecting all of us at all times, whether it is a human, an animal, or a lifeless object, the Law of Attraction is always applicable on us – at all the places.

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We have no choice in that matter. Only thing we can do this to understand the way or learn the secret – as some people like Rhonda Byrne calls it. So that we can attract positive events, favorable circumstances and perfect set of friends and people in our life or manifest our dreams.

Now let us try to understand it better by going a bit deeper. Suppose a child is born in a poor person’s house. From birth till the age of 8 to 10 years, he has heard many times that he is poor, his parents are poor, his family is poor and he is living the life of poverty. Therefore, when he grows up, he is most likely going to be a poor person. Even if the child is sharp or intelligent.

In contrast, children born in a very rich homes grow up to live a life full of prosperity, even if their intelligence is not extraordinary.

Do you know the reason? As you might know, we humans have two minds – Conscious Mind and the Sub Conscious Mind. You may compare sub Conscious Mind with a computer in which some programs are embedded. In the case of humans, these programs are nothing but our series of beliefs or group of values of the similar kind.

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Like the child in our example, in his Sub Conscious Mind there is a deep rooted belief that you will also grow to be a vegetable vendor, just like your father. No matter what you do, you will never become a rich man.

Our Sub Conscious Mind is very obedient. It never argues, it is just programmed to obey and not ask why. Therefore, no matter how talented the child is, his sub-conscious mind will always discourage or de-motivate him from inside, from moving ahead in life. If he tries to, his sub conscious mind will instill fear in him. Please refer to: How to Activate Subconscious Mind

How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

Up to now, you must have understood that our Sub Conscious Mind has an important role in the whole process of Law of Attraction.

For example, just having a good car is not enough, you should also know how to drive that car. In the same way, you should also learn how to effectively give command to Sub Conscious Mind to manifest your dreams.

Although on this subject we have already published many articles where we have discussed various Law of Attraction Techniques and Law of Attraction Methods, but briefly we will tell you about the important steps in this blog also.

For your ready reference, here are links to some of these articles:

1. Connect with subconscious at Morning and Night Time

At the time when you are about to slip into the sleep state in the night, is the time when you can give command to your Sub Conscious Mind. Similarly, in the morning when you are just getting up from sleep is the perfect time to communicate with your Sub Conscious Mind.

2. Language of Sub Conscious Mind

The language of our subconscious mind is slightly different. It either understands through pictures, or it understands expressions only in present tense. Let’s understand this with the help of an example.

Suppose you currently earn $ 75,000 in a year. And now you want to make $ 100,000 per annum. Well you just have to visualize some scenes or images. Visualize that you are receiving an increment letter. The letter says that in appreciation of your services, your salary is now increased to $ 100,000 per annum.

Second scene to visualize – You are very happy and celebrating the salary raise with your family and friends.

Third scene to visualize – you are very happily filing your income tax return based on the basis of annual earnings of $ 100,000.

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3. Put Feelings

In the previous point, you must have noticed that I suggested celebrating the event of getting an increase in your income.

That’s because the feelings empower our thoughts. Feelings only put wings on our thoughts and desires and help transmit them to the Universe.


4. Believe it will happen

The biggest pillar of the success of Law of Attraction in your favor is your faith. When you firmly believe with Faith that your desires and dreams will manifest, then it is a strong case for manifestation before the Universe.

If you are even in a small doubt or think that “Let me try, if it works very great!, otherwise I’ll do think else!” In that case, may I suggest that you should not do it at all. It will be a waste of time only and only and may cause some frustration too.

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5. Expect it to happen

Going further, the Law of Attraction experts recommend that you continue to do your job in the direction of achieving your goals and be confident that manifestation is going to happen.

6. Keep on working

There is no need to check your e mail every day or follow up with HR department, to check if your increment letter has been issued? Now let Universe will do the needful. How or when – just leave all these details to Universe and forget about it.

Of course, do your job regularly and keep moving forward in that direction.

Video: How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

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Dear Readers,

These were some of the essential tips to make your Law of Attraction successful. Happy Manifesting !!

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