How to Attract Abundance in Life

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How to Attract Abundance in LifeThe Universe is Abundant

Universe has always been abundant. There is enough conclusive evidence of this around us. Look around and you will find that nature is lavish and extravagant.

Abundance is the fundamental law of the nature

The world population was one billion in the year 1800 and it is over seven billion today, and is expected to keep growing. All these seven billion people are living, surviving and thriving on the same earth.

We have witnessed increase of food grains production, abundant availability of material utilities, better comforts and overall prosperity despite the increase of population. There is enough of food, clothing and other facilities for the increasing population.

Abundance is all around us

How to attract Abundance in Life

We see increase of resources available to us everywhere. In our life time, we have seen increasing salary levels of individuals, increasing revenue turnover of businesses and increasing GDP of countries. Every country is setting up new power plants, new steel plants, new cement plants, new automobile plants, new manufacturing units, new mines etc.

We see setting up of new companies, we see construction of new buildings, factories, cities, highways, flyovers, railway tracks every day. The need for resources and raw materials is ever increasing. Where from more and more raw materials and resources are coming? All this is happening because universe is expanding to fulfill the needs and desires of human race.

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Nature has abundant supply of resources

How to attract Abundance in Life

Nature is an inexhaustible source and the supply will never run short. When the soil is exhausted of nutrients, it will be renewed or more soil will be made, when building materials are exhausted more will be produced, when all the metal ores have been exhausted, more will be produced..

Nature is extravagant and lavish and we see manifestation of profusion in everything. Millions of plants, trees and animals keep on reproducing continuously. This indicates nature’s lavishness. We can easily see that there is an abundance for everyone, but many of us fail to participate in this abundance. We do not realize that mind is the active principle which connects us to the things we desire.

Relationship of abundance with Law of Attraction

Thoughts of abundance respond to similar thoughts. Affluence within us and all around us is the secret of law of attraction. It is this inexhaustible source of supply of prosperity in our material life.

Why people are not rich

Human race collectively is abundantly rich. If certain individuals are poor, it is because they live in a state of fear and lack. They are afraid to ask for what they want, and they don’t believe that they can get it. They are not aware of the concept of universal abundance. Either they are not applying properly the Law of Attraction or not applying it at all.

Why with Law of Attraction fails to bring in Abundance

People ask for what they want when they are desperate, or they ask on a pleading note without believing what they are asking for will be granted. They tend to focus far more on what they don’t have rather than what they do have. Too many people trap themselves into poverty because they simply don’t understand the infinity of the universe. What people focus on is what they always attract into their lives.

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How to Attract Abundance in Life

Here are a few powerful tips, which you must follow if you want to attract abundance in your life.

  1. To attract abundance in our lives we need to conquer impoverishment buried deep within. This creates blockages and restricts the smooth flow of abundant supplies to us.
  2. Resolve to change your habitual pattern of thinking here and now. The stream of plenty flows to the expectant mind which is open for receiving abundance.
  3. Allow abundance to flow into your life, master the art of receiving it and do not hold on to your money too tightly. When you hold to your money too tightly, you give money power over you. This leads to generation of scarcity thoughts in your mind and this in turn interferes with the flow of abundance of money in your life.
  4. To attract in your life what you want, focus on what you do have, or what you want to have with the underlying feelings of abundance and not scarcity.
  5. Universal abundance is not a zero sum game. This is the other aspect of abundance of the universe. It means that when you get more, someone else doesn’t get less. When someone else gets more, you don’t get less. Universal pie is ever increasing and expanding in endless cycles. Therefore, do not be jealous of others’ progress and prosperity. Do not desire more in comparison with others. Just seek what you want.
  6. Be clear of what you want in specific terms, believe that you are worthy of it and can get it, believe in the abundance of the universe, express gratitude for what you already have, maintain focus on your desire and work for it in a planned manner. Materialization of your desire is sure.

Practice these well tried and proven methods and bring in Abundance, Prosperity and Money and Happiness in your life.

This article is written by Indu Wadhwa

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