How to become a Millionaire – Core Principles

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How to become a Millionaire – Core Principles

Most of the people want to be rich but many do just wishful thinking or put half hearted attempt. Let us show you How to become a millionaire – core principles

1. Become different and do things different from average persons

Let us assume that your annual salary is $100,000 and if you manage to save 20% of your salary then with $20,000 it will take 50 years to become a millionaire. This is more than the average career span of an average person. Even if you earn $200,000 then @25% of annual savings, it would take you 20 years to reach 20 years to hit million dollar mark to just become a millionaire. (Of course, for simplicity purposes, we are not calculating annual increments and the interest earned on savings and investments).

Are you prepared to wait that long to become a millionaire? Of course, not. There is got to be a better way because it is an average way.

If millions of average people are doing the things in some typical ways and if you too do your thinking, working the same way, it is for sure that you can’t be different from them. This logic can’t be simpler than that.

So convince yourself that if you want to be a millionaire then you have to thing, act and behave radically differently from the average persons. 

2. Don’t depend on your luck

To be a millionaire, there is no magic wand, there are no hidden secrets, and there is no luck factor. From now on tell yourself that you are the boss. Being your own boss here does not imply that how many people are reporting to you. It means that you have to take charge of your state of your affairs. This means that you have to free yourself of the financial beliefs of limitation and lack.

Working on these beliefs will make you more resourceful unshackling your social bindings.

You can’t be a dependent on external factors and be a millionaire at the same time.

3. Don’t be a victim of your limitations

If you want to be a millionaire, you have to break through the glass ceiling of self imposed limits. If not self imposed, you may have accepted the facts and figures attached to your earning capability of people near and dear to you.

You may like to give the excuse of lack of family connection or a bad marriage to think that you can’t be a millionaire. Even not having a professional degree from a great college or MBA from well known business school should not come in your way from a business school. Lack of business opportunities in the economy, bad employer organization, etc. – you have to take full responsibility of earning money for yourself to become a millionaire.

You can’t be a victim and a dependent at the same time.

4. Raise your personal vibrations

Taking responsibility of the external factors is a good beginning but it is one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is your state of mind, your self – talk and work on personal development. Replace your anger with better understanding of self and human behavior, choose to respond rather than react. Let there be no room for negative thoughts and there should be only positive thoughts, constructive behavior and powerful money affirmations. Prepare yourself for earning millions of dollars on a sustainable basis. Eradicate all negative limiting beliefs.

Empower yourself with a millionaire’s mind set. 

5. Find your passion and leverage it

The points discussed so far were to prepare you to become a millionaire but if you stop there then you will become merely a money chaser. There is more to becoming a millionaire on a sustainable basis than merely having a wonderful exercise in personal development.

You need to be passionate about something. It could be a technology or a unique product or an extraordinary service which you are sure the people will like. They may like it so much that it will impact their lives in one way or the other. This passion is your internal motivation which gives you unprecedented energy and drives you all the times.

To find this passion (if you do not know it already) then you has to dig within you deep enough. Ask yourself “what is the purpose I have in life”; what do I have to help the world? Just money and money alone cannot be the life purpose. Money is an energy received in exchange for what you do for the society or the community or the world at large.

Your deeper purpose will give you authority and determination to cross the hurdles and become successful.  

6. Think outside of your regular job

If your work status is of employee, then it let me remind you of first 2 points in this article: 1. Become different and do things different from average persons and 2. Don’t depend on your luck.

If you are in a well paid and cushy job then the chances are that you will raise your eyebrows. Well here is the mathematical logic to prove my point. It is only very few jobs at the top level or key positions that pay about a million dollars a year or more (better count the take home salary after taxes). Agreed the good job offers position, respect and perks but that is not going to help you make a million dollars soon enough.

So you may have to think becoming an entrepreneur. These days, it is not necessary to start a big manufacturing business employing hundreds of people. You may get into a niche business with some assistants or doing most important things yourself and outsourcing the trivia. Even a reasonably successful TV Actor makes more than the CEO of many companies.

Therefore, if you are a celebrity then you are converting yourself into a brand and opening a lot of sources of money besides the main line such as product endorsements, brand ambassador, public appearance, etc. With your skill sets (natural or acquired or both) you may become a well known Singer, Actor, Standup comedian, Author, Internet business owner, Coach. The chances are that the usual 9 to 5 job may not offer such opportunities to earn money, even if you work your butt off – day after day, money after month.

This is no way to suggest that you should get up and resign from your job. It would be a wiser idea if you make a proper action plan and create a time based transition to leave your job.

7. Create higher value of your work

You shall be paid for your product or services in accordance to its perceived value. The more positive influence you work will have on the lives of large number of people, the better shall be the values paid for it. In other words, the higher the value of your product and service and larger the number of people influenced by it, there shall be louder jingle in your cash box. You will be able to make more sales in total value terms which shall return higher amount of real profits, thereby making you a millionaire faster and longer.

People turning into your customer should find your product or service very useful, powerful, remarking and be influenced by it.

Remember making money or wealth is directly in proportion to the value you create in your product or service and people gladly pay for it.

Do read this article more than once and refer to the points if you truly want to become a millionaire earnestly.

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