How To Calm Down Mind

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How to Calm Down MindAnxiety, Anger, Nervousness are a terrible feelings. These feelings can be triggered if you find yourself in an undesired situation or imagine that you might get into. You can hear your heart thumping and the mind gets choked with negative thoughts. Your body becomes almost energy less. You start imagining awful things which might happen even though it has not happened and the probability of the worst happening is still very small.

Suddenly you feel the load of all the problems on your head and shoulders. You simply press the panic button and start behaving in very odd ways. You wish to jump out of it all at once but do not know how to. How can you deal with this awful feeling when it strikes? Well do not despair, you are not the only one who has experienced this.

How To Calm Down Mind

Here are a few simple but effective ways to help yourself calm down when you’re feeling stressed, jittery, restless, angry or anxious.

1. Do Deep Breathing

Do Deep Breathing to Calm Down MindDeep breathing can instantly and most effectively calm the mind and relax the body. Suppose you are feeling anxious or nervous about the interview or the exam which is going to start in next 30 minutes. All you have to do is to sit in a quiet corner and loosen up a bit. Now take a deep breath, let your chest to expand generously as your lungs take in liberal amount of oxygen. Without making yourself uncomfortable, release the air calmly.

Inhale and exhale consciously and deeply like this 3 to 5 times or more, if you like. Visualize that the air going in is revitalizing and it is replenishing your body and mind with much needed vitality and relaxation. Soon you will feel your heartbeat coming back to its normal pace and the mind calmer.
This will help get your mind off whatever negative is wrecking you and giving you an overdose of anxiety. Also let your body relax and calm down nicely.

2. Share your feelings with a friend, partner or a family member

Share your feelings with a friend, partner or a family memberIf you don’t vent out your feelings, you are like a pressure cooker which can burst. Do not let the negative emotions and feelings bottle inside you. When you find yourself in such a panicky feeling, immediately reach out to your spouse, girl friend or boy friend or mother or sibling and let him or her know what you are feeling.

This will have at least two immediate benefits. One venting out your feelings will give you a feeling of relief. This is a proven psycho-therapeutic technique.

Secondly, the other person who lends his or her ear to you may come out with a good suggestion or idea which can help you come out of the situation or the reason causing stress or anxiety.

Even simple chatting with a good friend or simply calling up your mentor will get you much needed love and reassurance. Open up to someone who cares for you, get rid of all the negativity associated with anxiety. This will calm your mind and also relax you body.

3. Get up and Take Action

Worrying over an issue and sitting without finding a solution will not help you solve the problem. In fact, the passive stance will attract more of negative thoughts and create a feeling of helplessness.
On the contrary, grab a pen and paper. Write down the names of the people who can help you in this situation. Alternatively, think of the possible actions by you which can improve the situation. This will calm your mind, elevate your mood and raise your vibrations.

For example, you have been told that the company you are working for is going to downsize and your name could be in the list. So instead of indulging in self pity or getting restless, tell your mind that there has to be one solution at least. Now think of the names in your network whom you can call for help. Also you may like to make a list of actions such as updating your resume, posting your resume on job sites etc.

This will not only stick your mind out from the loop, but the action will give you a different perspective.

4. Meditate to calm down Mind and Relax Body

No suggestion to calm the mind is complete without recommending Meditation. Similarly no blog or article on the subject “How to Calm Mind” can be conclusive without suggesting Meditation. It is a proven and effective way to calm down the mind and reduce anxiety. Meditation also helps to regulate the breath and relax the tense body.

Whether you need to relax after having a fight with your boss so as to regain your composure or you need to look cool before an important job interview, just meditate for a few minutes and it will help you to relax and calm the mind.

In fact, why do meditation only when you have to. Rather you should do mediation regularly so that you don’t have restlessness, anxiety, tension or stress.

Here are links to some very useful articles:

Do meditation regularly and enjoy inner peace too.

5. Exercise to Calm Down Mind

Exercise to Calm Down MindPeople who do not have enough physical activity during the day as in a sedentary life style, tend to accumulate stress in their bodies. For them exercising is very necessary to get the body releases endorphin. Endorphin’s are stress-busting hormones. Thus they are generally associated with happiness and a more positive outlook.

So get up and get moving. Do some physical activity – Yoga, Dancing, Jogging, Aerobics or go to the gym and work out.

This will lift up your mood.

6. Disconnect and go for a long drive

Sometimes the mind gets stuck. It cannot think differently. It is like if a regular door is shut and you are so used to it that your mind does not notice the other door which is wide open. So one of the techniques could be pack some sandwiches, grab the essentials and go out of the city and enjoy the country side drive.

7. Go shopping and have fun!

If you truly enjoy shopping and visiting malls then do it right away! The idea is to break the pattern of mind and let you do something which gives you joy and fun.

This is a simple trick to take your attention off the trivia. However, this suggestion is not for those who are compulsive shoppers or shopaholics.

8. Have a Refreshing Bath

Have a Refreshing BathTaking a bath is a wonderful way to relax the mind and body and promote healing.

You may like to dissolve Epsom Salts (also known as magnesium sulfate)into your bath water. Your body will get a healthy dose of magnesium which is known for its miraculous healing abilities.

In place of Epsom salt, you may like to add Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender oil has been known to counter anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and depression.

Also to create a great ambiance you may light some aroma candles.

9. Get a Massage

Getting a massage is a great way to relax and get relief from the daily tension of work, home, and family place on your body and mind. Adding aromatherapy oils such as chamomile or lavender can be particularly relaxing and beneficial.

Massage can be an excellent way to relieve the daily pressures on mind and body that you tend to pick up from office and home. Treating stress with massage helps to relieve the pain caused by muscle tension, as the soothing touch also promotes a feeling of well-being and calm.

How Does Massage Help Stress and Anxiety?

During a massage, your soft tissues, skin, tendons and muscles are worked upon, which provides stress relief by stimulating the relaxation response of the body.

Massage increases circulation, releasing muscle tension and activating sensory receptors. The relaxed muscles help calm your mind and improve your mood. Massage also triggers the body to release natural stress busters called endorphin, which counteract the effects of stress, anxiety or depression.

To sum up

An agitated or restless mind is a sign of excessive mental activity. It could indicate imbalance and over active mind needs to be corrected by making it calm and relaxed from time to time – if not always. You have so many interesting and useful options – such as Yoga, Meditation, Calling a friend, Taking a walk and connecting with nature, disconnecting with the issue and going for a long drive, relaxing the body through massage, aroma bath etc. But one must accept that one is having anxiety and wants to bring the change within oneself in order to calm the mind.

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