How To Destress And Relax Body And Mind

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How to Destress and Relax Body And MindDid you know that that the stress is of two types? There is good stress and bad stress. While the good stress is important and helpful in being aware of the situations and how to deal with them, it is the bad stress that needs to be avoided, reduced and managed at all costs. Too much stress is very unhealthy or rather harmful. It can cause problems for body, mind and emotions. This may result into problems leading to blood pressure, heart disease, depression, anxiety etc. Hence it is important to know how to destress and relax body and mind.

Why Stress?

Stress happens when we the things to not happen as per our expectations or planning. This causes state of mental pressure. This state of mind is an emotional strain which can also result from unrealistic deadlines, demanding situations, sudden information and mounting load of responsibilities.

How to Destress and Relax Body And Mind

It is always good to learn to manage the good stress and control the bad stress. Here are some simple yet effective ways to manage your stress, so you can get on the path to living a healthy and happy life. Also you may like to read more about How To Remove Fear and Anxiety

1. Identify Your Stress Triggers

Before we begin to deal with the problem, it is important to know the reasons for origin of problem. Try to find out that what causes stress or anxiety to you at the first place. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a life without stress these days but there has to be in limit.

Every person has his own stress triggers and it may not be same in all the persons. For example, if you see lot of traffic everyday when you go to work you may get stressed. So traffic for driving your car in traffic could be your stress trigger and perhaps others may not even bother about it. You could avoid this stress buy either changing route starting a little early.

Recognizing the stress triggers will help you to avoid harmful and self damaging physical and mental reactions to stress. This is the first step to finding balance in life and getting some peace of mind.

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2. Deep Breathing

This is a simple and basic technique but a powerful technique to help you manage stress.

Simply, you have to take long, slow, deep breaths as per your physical capacity and comfort. It is also known as abdominal or belly breathing. As you breathe, start focusing on your breaths. This will help you gently take away your mind from disturbing or stress giving thoughts and distracting sensations.

Be cautioned, this technique may not be appropriate for those with specific health problems that make breathing difficult, such as respiratory ailments or heart problems.

3. Spend some time alone

Try this morning ritual – get up 15 minutes before your normal time. Sit in your favorite place such as by the window or in your study. Do nothing, say nothing just feel the Invisible energy which runs everything on this planet and the universe. During those moments of solitude, try to soak in positive energy full of healthy vibrations and optimism, as much as possible. Although you can do it anytime of the day and any number of during the day, but there is something special about the freshness of the early morning.

If you can also combine the practice of being thankful to God / Universe for all that you already have, it will become a more powerful exercise.

This is one of the most effective and pleasant techniques to keep negative emotions like stress, anxiety, tension, depression at bay.

How To Destress And Relax Body And Mind

4. Exercise

It is well known that ancient exercise systems like Yoga, tai chi, and qigong combine rhythmic breathing with a series of postures or flowing movements. Besides granting the physical benefits of flexibility, movement, strength and balance to the body of the practitioner, these practices let you improve mental focus. This is helpful in avoiding negative, racing thoughts. So you are much better off with a healthy body and positive mind compared to a person who is suffering from diseases, pain and other challenges.

When you keep your body is in a great form, you feel lighter, energized, enthusiastic and more positive, better preparing to manage life’s stresses.

However, do check with your doctor before starting them.

No matter what your fitness level may be, the central key is simply to maintain and improve your health through a regular exercise routine.

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5. Meditation

Meditation is an age old, well tried and proven technique to not only counteract stress but also to prevent it from being a part of your life. Meditation is one of the best tools anybody can practice at any age hot stage of life.

Simple meditation technique involves sitting comfortably, being quiet and focusing on your breathing process, and bringing mind’s attention to the present moment. When you still your mind, problems like negative thinking, stress, anxiety, depression, and pain are relieved.

Many scientific studies and researches have proved the effectiveness of meditation beyond doubt.

In meditation, the body actually releases stress and helps to protect you from perceived dangers to your health.

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6. Sleep to Combat Stress

Are you getting enough sleep or you are sleep deprived? A good night’s sleep is an essential key to staying healthy and peaceful. When your body and mind are well-rested, you can handle stressful situations more calmly and effectively.

Yet, many of us often neglect the importance of getting enough sound sleep. Hence, it is important to sure you’re not only getting enough sleep, but also good quality of sleep. Keep in mind that the process of sleep is restful and restorative.

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7. Do not attempt to do too much too fast

You must have felt that a very hectic schedule or a busy schedule, is one of the sure contributor to stress. When you have a long “To Do” list, it is demanding as you are supposed to rush through the day and so multitasking, which will only add to existing stress levels.

Deliberately keep some gaps in your schedule to reduce your chances of inviting stress. Leave yourself enough time between two tasks, for example going from one meeting to second meeting from first meeting, or getting from home to work to dinner with client. This will certainly help to avoid inviting unnecessary stress that may arise because you are trying to be a control freak or working by watch.

8. Practice Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful law of nature that you can use to increase the gifts you have received from Universe. By being appreciative and thankful for what you already have will help you get more of that. So be grateful and expand your happiness, improve your health, and of course, reduce the stress also.

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9. Take a break regularly

We live in a crazy, fast speed world, where most of people are constantly living with loads of tensions, anxiety and stress, caused by, a irregular and unhealthy diet; lack of sleep; lack of time for self, family and friends. Hence, it needs to undone periodically.

What I am suggesting is to take a break regularly from this kind of maddening schedule. Go for a vacation or a holiday. The escape from the pressures of life and almost non stop work could be in the form of a travel to a place having beauty of nature or a stay in a nice hotel itself. This destress technique will visibly show results on you. If you are tight on budget, then you could think of a low cost holidays or travel by car if train or flights options are not available or are not cheap.

There are several direct as well as indirect benefits of taking a break and going on a vacation. You can catch up on your sleep, you have enough time to be with your immediate family, you can call your friends. You can eat healthy nutritious food, go for long walk in woods or try hiking or mountain biking or just swimming. Your body will get much needed movement and you will feel much relaxed, happier and cheerful.

This magic will last for several weeks even after your return from the vacation. Read more: How To Make Vacation And Travel Less Stressful

10. Be Social, meet friends and laugh

Spending time with friends and family members who give you love and care also gives you a sense of belonging, purpose, fun and relaxation. This in turn gets you much needed relief from stress and anxiety.

Make a habit of socializing and taking part in festive activities on a regular basis.

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