How To Develop Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities

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How To Develop Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities

Have you ever been to a clairvoyant or a medium for a psychic reading? If your experience with the clairvoyant was good, this might mean that his psychic reading was amazing. Did you ever wonder how he did that? There are many people who believe who believe that psychic powers can be developed. Since you are at this page, there are chances that you are searching for answer to the question “How To Develop Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities”.

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Well we shall try to address this topic in a systematic way and as best as we can.

Can the Psychic Powers be developed?

The shortest answer is – Yes, the psychic powers can be developed.

Some readers might have the opinion that the psychic powers are god gifted and the psychics are special people who are born with such gifts. While others might think that we are crazy.

No, I haven’t gone crazy writing about something like that. The English psychic Amber Garnet has explained how to recognize and develop these skills.

According to psychic Amber Garnet, everyone has the potential to be a psychic but, as in everything, you have to work to develop it.

 “It is not necessary to have a family tradition to being a psychic, “says Garnet. “This ability is something that everyone is born with, but they are usually lost by the environment in which people develop or their personal conditions.”

Understanding what are Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities

It is a kind of sixth sense. You can know it by different names such as intuition, sixth sense, psychic abilities etc.

The truth is that many people occasionally feel things that they have this special ability in them to understand situations or understand the thoughts of others.

Although they cannot explain it rationally, but this special power or ability allows them to perceive situations of the past, present or future which a person is not aware of.

Similarly they can read or understand the thoughts of others.

This does not mean that they can see the future or have magical powers. Rather, they have a special sensitivity that allows them to get to know other people better or even predict certain events.

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Psychic Abilities or Sixth Sense

“A psychic perceives the energy, feelings and information around a person, situation or personal relationship,” explains Amber. She emphasizes the difference between a psychic and a medium, since the latter “can receive messages from people who have died.”

Instead, a psychic is able to read the minds of others – thanks to his ability to understand the complex network of energy and feelings around him. In this way, you can help shed light on a specific event or personal situation.

Therefore, it is very likely that you also have your own skills. “Being a psychic is an intuitive way of being, that is, it is based more on feelings than on rational thinking. And it happens often. For example, when you have a hunch about something.”

Common Type of Predictions by Psychics

You have probably sometime experienced a feeling that something is happening before it even happens.

That is, in fact, that your psychic part is showing you that it exists.

“Predicting information about the future is something that can happen spontaneously,” says Amber.

“For example, you thought of someone and the next minute you received a message from that person?”

These types of common predictions show us that we are more in tune with our environment than we can think.

Amber suggests another case: “It usually happens that one day you decide to make a different route to work instead of taking the usual subway and, later, you find out that there has been some accident or procession causing delay in your usual route.”

So this kind of hunch can be very useful if you listen to it. “This kind of premonitions or predictions can come from nowhere,” says Amber. “But if you decide to ignore them, maybe later you regret not trusting your instincts.”

Qualities of a Psychic Person

While Amber thinks that everyone has certain psychic abilities, there are many people who are reluctant to have an open mind in this regard.

“The left part of the brain is related to logic, the rationality, the analysis of situations and concrete and objective ideas,” explains the psychic. On the contrary, if the right part of the brain is used more often, the personality will be different. “For example, the users of right side of brain can feel more comfortable with the idea of ​​predicting things.”

A very important aspect of the personality of a psychic is empathy and being able to understand other people’s feelings. And with that part of the brain it is easier, since it is associated with intuition, chance or subjective and global thinking.

Therefore, the psychic qualities in a person will depend a lot on his way of being, his temperament and his tastes. “Someone who is very analytical and rational or who does not feel comfortable expressing their emotions will have more difficulty developing this sixth sense, no matter how much they are interested in it,” explains Amber.

The negative part

We would all like to have some help from time to time to understand complicated situations and predict things. In this context, the psychics can be unique, interesting, empathetic and understandable friends, but having psychic abilities has some disadvantages as well.

For example, they are greatly influenced by negative feelings, such as anger or disconnection and learning to take care of oneself. This is because they are highly sensitized receptors to energies.

Keeping this in mind, you need to safeguard your own energy to protect the body from what it considers as external aggression.

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Do you have Psychic Abilities?

And you, do you think you are psychic? Do you have A sixth sense of the most intuitive?

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How To Develop Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities

So many people are interested in developing their Psychic Ability. These are the people who are interested in seeing things that are beyond the perception of common people.

If you have been keen about developing your psychic abilities, then it might be time for you to dedicate some time to develop these special abilities.

Of course, you will ask “How do I develop my psychic abilities?”

Fortunately, there are a lot of methods and techniques you can use to develop your Extra Sensory Perception or commonly called ESP, to see the world beyond normal perception.

In other words, the idea is to develop your intuition and see and know things that generally people around you won’t be able to perceive.

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Exercises, Methods and Techniques to Develop Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities

How To Develop Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities

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Technique # 1 Playing Cards

Take four aces from a standard deck of playing cards: the ace of Hearts, the ace of Diamonds, the ace of clubs, and the ace of Spades.

Concentrate a lot on one of the cards, for example, the ace of Hearts. Visualize it well and connect with its symbol, shape, color etc. With its red color and unique shape, it may convey warmth or love or some other emotion.

Once you have the feeling that the ace of Hearts is well established in your mind , place the four cards face down on the table. So that you can only see their back, mix them well, or have someone shuffle them up.

Next, you will have to find the Ace of Hearts Card out of the 4 cards.

Concentrate again on the image of the ace of hearts. You have to find it among the 4 cards with only one try.

Take the time you need, pass your hand over each card, if you think it is necessary, it may help you strengthen your more extra sensory perception.

Your inner voice or gut feeling may direct you towards a particular card. Choose that card.

If it is the ace of hearts then you have guessed it right.

Still do not believe that you are a genius or a great Psychic.

You must perform this exercise and similar exercises a number of times and raise the success rate to a level with which it is difficult to speak of “a matter of chance”.

How To Develop Psychic Powers and Psychic Abilities

Technique #2 Developing Telepathy

This is an exercise to practice with a partner. In this case, you will work on your telepathic ability.

Telepathy is a skill that can be developed and consists of transmitting message or a symbol, or an image, or a feeling, etc at a distance, from mind to mind.

To begin with, you need to decide on some signs with your partner. It can be anything. For example, you can set up geometrical shapes – such as Triangle, Square, Circle, Cube, Cylinder, Pentagon etc.

Agree on 4 or 5 of them and both of you should concentrate on them.

In this case, one of the two becomes sender or the one who transmits and the other person becomes the receiver.

Second person must concentrate on receiving something in his mind. If one is wrong, you are both wrong in reality.

Once you have both taken your time, the one who should receive must say the image that has arrived. If it is correct then the telepathy experiment was successful.

You can continue repeating the exercise, but do not forget to exchange the roles from time to time.

Again keep in mind that the success is often a matter of chance, to really talk about the development of psychic abilities. Therefore, it is necessary to put it into practice many times and get the majority of them right.

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To sum up

The more often you do exercises and practice, better would be your psychic abilities and psychic powers.

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