How to do Psychic Readings

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How to do Clairvoyant Readings

Did you know that almost all of us are gifted with some psychic abilities? If you don’t believe me then think of the mother of a new born baby who is in the other room but she suddenly feels that the baby is crying. Is she not correct most of the time? Some people call it telepathy. Let us take another example, of a loving and devoted wife. One look at her husband who has just reached home from office and she can quite accurately guess the kind of day her husband had. Are you also interested to know how to do Psychic Readings?

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Although things like psychic abilities, clairvoyant readings, clairvoyance psychic abilities have no acceptance by science and the rationalists, yet we all have experienced at one time or the other the wonders of sixth sense or what we call is intuition.

This rather difficult to explain role of paranormal phenomenon is nothing but our connection with higher self or the ability to connect with the divine super computer and get the right guidance.

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Who is a Psychic ?

People who are sensitized to the energies and can feel them, see them or hear them are their natural or developed gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance respectively. Not strictly speaking, these people are termed as Psychics or Clairvoyant. Their special gifts of psychic abilities lets them connect to the outside world or higher self or the energies or the Divine – whatever term you think fits better here.

Is everyone gifted with Psychic Abilities ?

The answer is gentle yes, without intending to start a debate. Some people are able to connect easily and are natural medium for getting the message from across the world. While another section of individuals have developed their psychic abilities consciously and with sustained efforts.

How to do Clairvoyant Readings

How to do Psychic Readings

To begin with you need to have a psychic talent. Secondly, there must be real serious interest to develop your psychic abilities so that you can do psychic readings. Keep in mind that the purpose must be to help someone or yourself in a positive way and not harm anyone, in any way, at any point of time.

The role of a Clairvoyant is to use his skill to see the events of the past, present and future. There is a specific term used for this – precognition, which encompasses learning about the events that have already taken place or are going to happen in someone’s life.

The psychics adopt many techniques to do this. Some of these tools are Tarot Cards Reading, Crystal Gazing, Palmistry or Simple Focus on the subject matter for the client.  There are also many psychics and psychic mediums that prefer to use entirely different techniques such as contacting angels and / or their spirit guides.

Listed below are some of the popular methods and techniques used by psychic mediums or clairvoyant


Intuition can also be referred to as well developed sixth sense. In the world of clairvoyants and believers, all the information about past, present and future already exists in cosmic super computer. This is downloaded by the psychics and they receive it in various forms such as flashes or information or images which could be hazy or very clear. Some people also have gut feeling, while other practitioners may hear the messages. Of course, all this is beyond the normal reasoning or rational logic.

These individuals claim to have developed this ability of extra sensory perception (ESP) better than others.

Tarot Card Reading

Although the tarot card reading does not have any prescribed rules there are tarot card readers who give amazing results. Whatever be the rules or the instructions given in the book or prescribed by the tarot card teacher, there is fundamental role of psychic reading combined with intuition in giving accurate readings. Also read: My Tarot Reading Experiences

You can buy a standard pack of tarot cards, hold each card in your hands, gaze at it, observe different colors, items and shapes. There are total 78 cards in each deck. Do refer to the guide booklet – mostly given with your deck to learn the meaning and various messages of each tarot card. In addition, you can also invite your guarding angels to guide you and tell you what to say.

Each tarot card may have multiple meanings, which are to be used depending on the type of question and subject matter of the question. Learn as many as possible to give your tarot card reading more relevance, context and depth.

Practice Palm Reading (Palmistry)

Palm reading also popularly known as palmistry is the study of the hand of the person who wants to know about his life. Of course, palmistry involves study of the hand but calls for psychic abilities and psychic skill to give precise interpretation and readings.

To begin with you need to study the hand and analyze the information such as the lines of the palm (Chiromancy) along with shape, size, and texture of the skin of the hand (Chirognomy). As mentioned, it is the interpretation of the information hidden in the hands of the person which provides unlimited scope and possibility for psychic medium readings.

Many more tools and techniques

Doing psychic readings is not restricted to above methods only. There are several other popular and not so popular methods – just ask friends around or research on internet.

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Duration of Psychic Readings

You may do your readings for clients and friends in just Yes and No or give short answers, and yet it can be for several long hours, depending on how deep you go while connecting to the higher consciousness and how long you stay deeply connected.

Also there can be one session or several sessions for the same client. It depends on the need of your client, as well.

Fee for the Work of Intuition

What you charge and how much you charge depends on a number of factors such as the level of your practice, your own decision to decide the amount to be charged, and the time spent. Fees could range from free hundreds of dollars. However, if you are a beginner you should do it for free or charge only a very nominal amount.

Towards the end

All the methods, skills and techniques mentioned above can be learnt and there are various programs and professional teachers for that. But for the sake of accuracy there is need for sharpening of the psychic abilities and polishing the Psychic Readings skills. This requires one to practice, spend a lot of time understanding the messages from the other side, and interpret them in our common human language. Keep in mind accurate readings take time and faith.


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