How to increase Positive Vibrations and Raise Energy Level

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How to increase Positive Vibrations and Raise Energy LevelWhy Raise your Positive Vibrations

Better quality of Consciousness and higher frequency go hand in hand. When someone is depressed, angry or agitated he is operating from a lower level of vibrational energy. Such a person has limited potential of the good he can do for himself or his loved ones.

When you are at the increased state of self realization or are at a heightened level of consciousness your potential to achieve and succeed increases remarkably.

How to increase Positive Vibrations and Raise Energy Level

The whole concept is to let the flow of life force be unrestricted.

1. Consciously notice your thoughts

The human mind creates thousands of thoughts per day. If not watched or monitored properly then it can take you in different directions. This makes you lose focus and diminishes the power of concentration.

You can compare your untrained mind like a busy railway station where people of all type, different age group / gender / backgrounds are coming and going. In the absence of a watch over them, there could be chaos too. Whereas think of a disciplined school or academy where unwanted people cannot enter easily and those who are already there have been carefully selected to study or train or work there. I am sure you would agree that that system and order under which carefully selected people are working would be far more productive than a group of randomly picked up of heterogeneous individuals who are not under any supervision or any process.

We all are familiar with the Law of Attraction and the concepts of manifestation. “Whatever a man thinks he becomes.”   “Whatever thought is repeated it attracts that person or circumstances or product in the life of the person”.

So begin from this moment onward. Check the thought that enters your mind now. Is it positive? If the answer is “Yes” then it is very good. It will contribute to make you happier, healthier or popular – depending on the type, quality and intensity of thought. How soon it will happen? Well it is a difficult question to answer as each person is different and so are his circumstances. But this is certain that “Thoughts become things”. When a negative thought comes up, immediately catch it and cancel it by thinking a counter positive thought or read a quote or read affirmations.

This will have a double beneficial effect. First, your mind will have less of negative thoughts and second you will have more of positive, reinforcing thoughts which will help to increase your Positive Vibrations and Raise the energy Level.

2. Use the power of Affirmations

We are all familiar with the use of different affirmations for manifesting different end goals. (Please see: All about affirmations). You too may have your own set of individual goals and priorities. Therefore, please say your affirmations (verbally or repeat in mind). This website too offers carefully selected affirmations on a few subjects and they are:

3. Meditate Regularly

Depending on your learning, faith or practice you must make it a habit to meditate every single day of your life. Certainly meditation is one of the best ways known to the humans to connect to higher self. Some of the benefits derived from the regular and sincere practice of meditation is that it helps clear the mind, watch the thoughts and still the mind.  Of course, it will lead to raise the vibrations.

There are now innumerable methods of doing the meditation. As long as you are regular and doing it right you don’t have to bother about the method or the type of meditation.

4. Eat right food

Some people strongly believe that “We are what we eat”.  Foods also contribute to making of our body and influence our thoughts and thereby the character. Some fruits have high level of pure energy thus they vibrate at higher frequencies. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy spices etc. In Sanskrit it is called the Sattwic Food

Stale food, overcooked food, sugar, refined flour, foods derived from animals etc. are not supposed to be helpful in connecting one with Divinity or higher self. Also the canned, too much processed food, preserved food is not good and so is food grown with liberal use of pesticides. It is best to go in for organic food, consume it fresh with minimum processing.

Also included in the category of high vibrational foods are nuts and milk. But this list is neither complete nor applicable to all at the same time. You need to do your own research about the kind of food which suits best for your constitution and nutritional needs.

5. Cut down on intoxicants

For a well educated and informed person, the innumerable disadvantages and harmful effects of consuming Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs etc. in any form need not be elaborated here. Not only their use is detrimental to the physical body but it also damages the thinking, analytical and other useful mental faculties of the person. Like attracts like. So if one is into substance abuse he may move in the company of similar persons. These substances vibrate at low frequencies and so do the people who consume them.

The use of these products is addictive. The more you use them the increased is the craving to consume them in higher quantitative and frequencies. This makes the man slave of the addiction. Such overpowering habit takes the man downwards rather than evolving him into a better spiritually connected being.

6. Check what you feed your brain

Out food for mind, brain and soul is what we listen to, read and watch. Therefore, you are listening to soothing music or to a motivational speaker, reading books to gain real knowledge then you are enriching yourself. On the contrary watching violence or negative news or serials on Television or listening to high noise oriented music or reading unhealthy literature are detrimental to the mental health of the person. So if you want to be calm, composed and at peace with yourself then listening soothing music or singing a good song can help you achieve that better.  When the soul is left starved of the nourishment it cannot raise its vibrations to ascend and connect with the Creator of Universe or the higher powers.

Thus reduce the low vibrational Audio – Video inputs to your own self.

7. Check your surroundings

Man lives in his home and works in a factory or office. Both the places have certain environments which have considerable effect on the body, mind and soul of the person. Imagine that after a hard day’s work you arrive home to a very comfortable, cosy and welcoming interiors. The lights and layout of the furniture are just perfect. The interiors of the house have colours which are easy on eyes and let you relax with a smile. When you look around there are photographs, hangings on the walls, decorative items on the side tables and shelves and even there could be statutes. If everything gives you a comfort you feel effortlessly relaxed. On the contrary if there are statues, photographs, pictures on the wall which depict hunger, violence or such disturbing scenes you will feel deprived of that serenity around you. Everything around you has energy and the level and type of energy depends on what these articles represent.

Thus raise your vibrational energy by carefully selecting right type of furniture, books, artefacts, crystals, statues, upholstery, paintings, photographs, plants etc. So make sure that you have positivity built into your home.

8. Check the people you meet and interact with

Once you have understood well that environment, objects, audio / video – all have typical vibrational energy, it should not be difficult to understand that humans too emit vibrations and have different shades and levels of energy. This is direct result of their thoughts. It would not come as a surprise that why everyone feels happy to see a smiling toddler. It is because babies are innocent, playful and vibrate at a very pure level of energy. Conversely, almost nobody smiles at a shabby, unkempt and disheveled beggar.

Therefore, be choosy of the friends and the groups you associate with. Shun the relatives who are negative, such as complaining, ungrateful or jealous. Keep your interaction to basic minimum with such types of clients, colleagues or relatives since you can’t avoid them altogether.

That is why it is always recommended that you surround yourself with people who are positive, passionate and forward looking because their vibrations and energy will empower you also.

9. Try to be a better human

Almost every wise person, successful businessman, religion or faith advice us to become a better human being by doing certain things. Basically the idea is to help other individuals and the society at large. It need not be donating money for a cause or giving monetary help to someone. There are various ways of serving the mankind such as helping someone in his or her studies, donating school books which you no longer require or giving away surplus clothes / food and so on. Even helping a blind person cross the street or giving your seat to an old man in a bus can give you a feeling of humbleness.

Such random or regular acts of kindness put you in touch with your higher self. Of course, you should not expect anything in return and should not shout about your acts of kindness.

10. Spread the message of Love

We all are the waves and drops of the same ocean. So if the source is the same how can one be different from the other? Whether it is the humans or animals or birds or plants they are nurtured by Mother Nature with same love and compassion. The Sun shines equally for them and Air is available to everyone to breathe. So learn the lessons from the Nature and practice. This is one of the best ways to increase your Positive Vibrations and Raise Energy Level.

Keep in mind that the kind thoughts of Love, Compassion, Help, Empathy help raise the vibrations while negative thoughts such as shame, guilt, hate, anger, jealousy lower the vibrations and energy levels.

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