How To Make Vacation And Travel Less Stressful

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How To Make Vacation And Travel Less StressfulTravel to a great holiday destination will take you away from monotony of daily boring routine and place you in a world of colorful landscapes and beautiful sunsets to help forget your stress and enhance your mood; a perfect measure to destress. However, most of us get little worked up and during the holidays. So instead of letting ourselves relax and enjoy the vacation, we come back rather tense, tired in a not very good mood. Since this is not an uncommon phenomenon, let us discuss the possible causes that spoil our mood and do not let us enjoy our holidays. Naturally we shall also discuss how to make vacation and travel less stressful.

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How To Make Vacation And Travel Less Stressful

1. Get Enough Sleep

For various reasons people tend to do a lot of jobs or chores just the day before is supposed to take place. Hence they tend to hit the bed very late, leaving a deficit of much needed.

Even at the beginning of the holiday, if you start with inadequate sleep it can seriously curtail enjoyment for all the members of the holiday team. Studies have shown that lack of enough sleep can make you forgetful, irritable, short-tempered, and will be falling asleep in the middle of it all while with family and friends.

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Having enough sleep is also recommended if you are going to flight into different time zone. It will help to minimize jet lag effects.

2. Don’t pack too much stuff

By keeping your baggage light, you get yourself many advantages of traveling light: not paying for extra baggage, getting to and from the airport, checking into your hotel, and waiting at baggage claim. To lessen your load, make a list of bare necessary items and stick with it. Leave behind unnecessary items like your favorite shampoo, high heels sandals etc. A better idea would be to wear only those pair of shoes that you can wear day and night and chose clothes that are comfortable. Don’t worry about the shampoo, as most of the hotels do provide good quality cosmetics and toiletries.

3. Disconnect from work

There is a good percentage of people who check their e mails, work on laptops or are constantly checking mobile. Some people even feel guilty or insecure when they are not connected with their office or don’t do some office work. This is going to limit your getting the most out of the holiday. In fact, you are defeating the very purpose for which you have come on a vacation.

In case the nature of your profession or the type of the organization does not permit you to disconnect totally, then you should set limits. For example, you may say that for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening you will be available on phone and shall reply to urgent mails only. Also talk to your boss, colleagues and juniors before proceeding on vacation not to disturb you unnecessarily.

4. Be flexible when travelling with children

Travelling with children can be very demanding and taxing, especially if they are very young. Therefore, you should be prepared for anything unscheduled, unplanned and even unexpected. Stock up on the medicines; their pet toys, pillows, shoes, any favorite brand of snacks etc.

Emotionally also you should be ready to accept their tantrums which may demand a change in the schedule or the trip program. It’s OK if you and your children are not able to visit all of the important sights in the city, or see all of the museums and amusement parks. The purpose of a vacation is to enjoy and unwind , rather than checking things off a list. At the end of the day, the kids will not remember all the sights that they went to, but they’re going to remember interacting with parents.

Sometimes due to kids’ funny behavior a serious difference of opinion can develop between the adult parents. Hence this should be anticipated too and both the parents should finish off the matter there and then rather than letting it kill the joy of vacation.

Once you are physically and mentally prepared, you will experience less stress and frustration. You would rather congratulate yourself for being a smart vacation planner.

5. Keep cushions in your holiday itinerary

Trying to squeeze in too much can be simply exhausting and stressful. Yes, you guessed it right! We are referring to scheduling every hour of every day right from the word go.

Keep cushion for flight delays, canceled tours, traffic jams or long ques waiting to get into the amusement park or museums – are all part of the reality of vacation. I have even experienced inordinate delay in giving you the room when you want to check in after a long flight. This can happen in some of the best hotels.

While doing holiday planning, remind yourself that you going on the vacation to relax. You are not going to participate in a race. So keep sufficient room in your holiday itinerary for changes – desired and undesired.

An easy going vacation planning will also allow you to stop rushing around in a city which you do not well.

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