How to Manifest Anything – Universal Rules of Manifestation

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How to Manifest Anything – Universal Rules of ManifestationSo you want to manifest some of your desires and also manifest it fast! No problem at all. This article  -How to Manifest Anything – Universal Rules of Manifestation will give

Let us catch up on the concepts of Manifestation, Universe, Law of Attraction and related stuff

May be you already know something (if not fully) about the stuff like Visualization, Affirmations, Power of Subconscious Mind etc.

And one of the probable reasons you are reading this article are:

  • You want to learn more about the manifestation
  • Your manifestation is not always successful : sometimes you get what you desire and sometime the manifestation doesn’t happen
  • The manifestation process is irregular: sometimes slow, sometimes fast and sometimes nothing manifests despite long wait.

If the above points or similar situations are applicable to you then you are not alone so no need to lose hope of give up.

Learning how to manifest anything and manifest on purpose is not so difficult. In fact, the steps are very easy! You hardly need to apply any conscious efforts to manifest. On the contrary going easy, co-creating with the Universal Energy is the name of the game.

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Role of Meditation in our daily life

What exactly is Manifestation?

As per one of the dictionary definitions – “Manifestation is an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical.”

In the context of this article, Manifesting is the abstract yet subtle art and science of how to effortlessly bring our desires and wants into this physical world.

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Almost everyone manifests and manifests all the time that is why it is called a natural process. Manifestation involves reaching a certain vibration of energy through the use of mind, which will attract your desired item or person or the set of circumstances to you effortlessly in its own way!  Another way to understand is that Manifestation is also sometimes referred to as the process of “Co-creation” by modern authors and motivational speakers.

Is there a difference between Manifesting and Creating?

Manifestation is done through the power of thought, while creation may or may not be manifestation. For instance, an artist creates a painting, well he may have first used his mind to create the image of that painting, planned it on paper or in his mind then used his hands to make the painting to create that magic with colours on the canvas.

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How to Manifest?

You can manifest the experiences you want. Human mind has the energy to bring into existence what that person wants to manifest.

Each thought we think has energy and the repeated thought of the chain of thoughts on the same subject create a flow of energy within and around our physical being. Since the mind connects with the Universe at certain frequency, when this thought energy is released in the Universe, it energy attracts what it is supposed to.

Manifesting will happen for you better or faster when you practice these Laws of Manifestation along with the tips given to raise your manifesting vibration.

How to Manifest Anything – Universal Rules of Manifestation

The following ‘rules’ can be applied to anything you desire to bring into your life.

1. Relax Fully, Be Here and Now

Have you ever noticed the process of Nature? Barring a few natural events, nature doesn’t seem to be in a hurry. Nature is working quietly and effortlessly to produce results. There is almost no struggle, rather there is a rhythm.  While traffic jams are manmade, the birds are flying freely in the sky, the pack of wolves or herd of elephants never get stuck in the self – created traffic.

Notice how the grass blade comes out from beneath puncturing through the hard upper crust of the earth. There is no violence, no sound and no one get hurt or even tense.

So learning from nature, we need to still our mind and body. Relax your mind, rest your body. It is this stillness which the yogis and gurus try to achieve through meditation and observation of their breath. You can also achieve this state of mind and body with a little practice. Be present in NOW, live in the current moment. Don’t try to chase your thoughts nor force them to stop or change. Just observe them.

Slow Down, Relax Fully, Be Here and Now

As you become better at slowing down your brain frequencies by relaxing your brain, through breathing and the movement of your body, eventually the mind comes to a stop and connects to the infinite source.  This is the time to tap into the Infinite Source and place your order.   Beginning with walking slow, eating slow, talking slow try to actually slow down your body, mind and system and be more relaxed.

A regular practice will create more depth, relaxation and awareness in your being!

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2. Have Clarity about what you want

This should be easier to understand. We live in the world of computes, IT and digitisation. So if you are trying to tune in to a specific radio station in your car radio, you will have to know the exact frequency to hook to that broadcast. Let us say it is 102.3 FM, no matter how good your radio, antenna or the car is, you will not catch clear signals at even 102.00 hertz.  Clearly, you have to Know what you want ! In case your current focus is Wealth, Money and other materialistic objects, then it is recommended that you also refer to: Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth and Prosperity.

3. Identify the blocks that prevent you from Manifesting

Of course, things are not right that is why you are not able to manifest successfully. One of the most important reasons for the delays / failures of manifestation is the blocks. These blocks are nothing but the hindrances to the flow of energy from the divine. Speaking more specifically the blocks are of two broad types – Emotional and Mental. The other way to describe these blocks is the limiting belief which restrict or prevent you from manifesting your desires and wishes.

One of the best ways to clear the blocks of disbelief is to pray for release and clearance. On a regular basis ask the Universe to set clear all your limiting beliefs and set you free. You can even ask for guidance to reinforce your belief and strengthen your faith in laws of attraction.

Now allow the Universe to guide you in whatever unique ways and style it deems fit. Trust that the more you clean your thoughts and energy, the more positive experiences you will attract into your life.

4. Clear the blocks, release the negative beliefs

To be successful now and always in your manifestation process, you must consciously release all your disbelief in your power to manifest.

One of the tolls is to STOP the use of negative words in your conversation with others and also in self talk. Begin by deleting these words from your vocabulary:

“I hope” (change it to “I trust”/”I am sure that…”)

“I think” (change it to “I am sure that”/”this feels right to me”)

“If I could get this, I would become the happiest/luckiest person in the world.” (Change it to “I am one of the happiest/luckiest people, I am successful and I am guided and supported by the kind Universe at every step.”)

A number of times I have experienced how shift in the attitude, thought process and conversation alone can bring miracles in my friends and clients: from “It is so difficult to come out of the depression / I can’t feel good about myself / I can’t get a good job” to “I really start to feel the energy and creative flow / I finally made a decision to remain cheerful and happy and enjoy life / I have got a wonderful job and am enjoying it ….”

When you move away from “self – pity” + can’t do attitude, and co-create, you will feel a subtle internal shift soon which is powerful enough to bring about desire outer changes which will follow soon.

5. Set a strong Intention and Initiate full Mind- Body Sensations

This is the time for you to tell the Universe what you want. So go ahead declare it clearly and powerfully. Naturally, the domain being related to energy and mental powers, it is of primary importance that your intention feels empowering anytime you focus on it. At the same time the outcome you are projecting is something you want to enjoy. Thus you should be able to have fun visualizing its happening for you.

Let me share with you a powerful tool to have a truly fulfilling experience.

Stand up, with full-body straight, take a few deep breaths, stretch your arms and hands skywards and feel a powerful yet relaxing beam of light energy is entering your body through your head. It slowly fills your body and also envelopes you. Feel the process with alignment with the Universe from your head, to your heart, to your belly, to your toes.

Now visualize your desire object or circumstance materializing and you are receiving it with both your hands – happy, excited and with an attitude of gratitude.

It could be anything from a regular increase in salary from your current employer or you feeling a lot better after recovering from ill health or receiving a car of your choice or receiving a onetime payment of $100,000. This is no guarantee that your desire shall be fulfilled in any particular way, but do believe that as long as this is your true desire, it will always be fulfilled one way or another. Just feel the energetic shift, stimulate a feeling within your body and mind. Do this exercise regularly.

6. Release your intention in the Universe and LET GO

This step is actually a combination of 3 smaller steps. After doing all the steps discussed so far, you have to now feel and behave that what you have asked from the Universe is being made / arranged / prepared for you. So expect the desired outcome with excitement. Secondly, release all attachments to the desired object or the circumstances. In other words, just LET GO and relax!

Thirdly, create and stay with the state of High Vibrational Feeling. You have to imagine that you have already manifested your desired outcome. You have to have an attitude and behaviour in sync with this imagination. It may be a little tricky or difficult initially but trust me, it is worth doing it.

Feel with all your emotions and five senses that you have manifested this into your life. The deeper and more authentic you can create the FEELING coupled with the excitement and joy of having already manifested it, the easier and faster this manifestation process can become. Visualize, feel and imagine that your greatest dream is happening to you without clinging to it. The key is to keep focusing and holding onto the exciting and empowering feeling of having already manifested what you wanted.

Being in a deep, positive, open connection with your desired outcome without being overly attached to it, is one of the greatest hidden keys to manifesting it.

7.  Believe in Miracles, know that the Universe there to help you

The need for this step in the process of Manifesting is to acknowledge that there is a higher power inside you and with you and it is very easily available to you.  You are not the creator, you are the co-creator. For example, you are not earning money, you are receiving money from the infinite source.  You may often experienced a phenomenon where you have been thinking of a friend / relative / acquaintance whom you have not met for quite some time and you all of a sudden and most unexpectedly just bump into each other at airport or in the market or in the shopping mall or just receive a call. Is it a coincidence or a miracle caused by your thoughts? Just ponder over this and you shall find many answers.

Tips to improve your Power of Manifestation

Tips to improve your Power of Manifestation

1. Control your Mind

The old and wise used to say that the real victorious person is the one who has controlled his five senses and has his mind under his command. They did not consider a person to be the real victor even if he had conquered the world with his might but was slave of his senses and thoughts.

2. Practice Stillness Everyday

In order to calm down the mind and control the restless of the mind, we need a conscious daily Meditation practice of training the mind.  Practice focusing on one thing (it could be your breath) to make the mind focus on one thing and to obey your every command better.

Once you master the mind, manifestation happen better and faster. The mind becomes your servant and YOU are the master of it.  Learn to master and control your thoughts. Concentrate on what you want without mind wandering or getting distracted.

3. Make Conscious Contact With The Universe

This is an extension cum reminder of the step Believe in Miracles, know that the Universe there to help you. Whatever be your belief and the background, there is a feeling in our hearts that there is an authority above us all which is controlling the spinning of the earth and its rotation around Sun. There are other planets in our solar system and they are following a set of principles. Why don’t they ever deviate, why there is no collision on course? There is an energy which powers the growth of plants – from a mere seed into a huge tree.

The suggestion here is to acknowledge it this omnipresent, omnipowerful and omnipotent energy and open yourself to receiving from this infinite source that is always around – everywhere you are.

Give yourself a special opportunity each day at a specific time to be still, quiet and connect with the higher self.  When you feel some form of contact, ask God to bring your desired goal into form.   If your request is done with sincerity you will manifest the most amazing results.

Believe and feel your personal connection with this cosmic force.  As you progress in your relationship with this very real divine intelligence, you will come to know that God is closer to you than your heart, your mind or your body – HE is in every breath!

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Happy Manifesting – now and forever!

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