How to Manifest Miracles with Law of Attraction

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How to Manifest Miracles with Law of Attraction

Can a practitioner of law of attraction manifest miracles in his life? The plain answer to this question is yes, law of attraction most certainly helps manifest miracles. But not only that – the law of attraction can create so many miracles in your life that soon enough, you will no longer feel that they are miracles but rather, just regular occurrences in your life. Naturally, you would like to know How to Manifest Miracles with Law of Attraction.

So let us proceed and learn systematically. You are also welcome to watch an interesting video on the same subject embedded in this article towards the end.

What is a Miracle?

A miracle is defined as “a surprising and often incredible event that defies common logical and/or scientific explanation.”

Since miracles are so narrowly defined and are described from the context or background of science, it’s no surprise that people call the products of conscious creation “miracles.”

What is manifestation of miracle?

Truth be told, the products of your manifestations are quite simply the creations of your mind and vibrational energy.

Make no mistake: when you have been a non-conscious creator for the longest time, meaning you were not aware of your own power to create things in physical reality, the paradigm shift and its positive effects will seem amazing.

And it’s alright to be amazed, too!

How can you create more miracles in your life?

I keep telling friends and readers: conscious creation is not rocket science. You don’t need a degree in anything to try it and succeed with the law of attraction.

How to Manifest Miracles with Law of Attraction

I have a few techniques that I’ve learnt and fine tuned over the years. It is my observation that these tips and techniques will help you manifest miracles in your life. When followed sincerely and practiced with faith, they will really help you make the Law of Attraction work for you, turning it into your secret weapon if you will.

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However, there are some things that you have to accomplish if you want those “manifestation miracles” to continue in your life:

1. Trample your fears

Fears are just nasty bugs and crabs that litter the path to success. Instead of allowing your fears to dictate which path you should take, take no heed of them and push through.

If a fear bites your toe, shake it off and continue down the path that you’ve chosen.

Your fears do not represent the outcomes of your actions. Your mindset, behavior and the actual steps that you take are the elements that influence the results in your life. These are all vital reminders that you should keep in mind when manifesting the life of your dreams.

2. Leave hardship behind

Life doesn’t have to be difficult. If you are presently encountering hardships in your life, it’s possible to leave that place of hardship and lack so you can have an easier life.

The change begins with the decision to take action. Taking action is synonymous with receiving, which is the second step in the manifestation process. The more actions you take to remedy your situation in life, the more abundance you will receive from the Universe.

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3. Control your thoughts

Thoughts, like emotions, can either be negative or positive in nature. Steer clear of negative thoughts at all times. One negative thought attracts another (in the true spirit of the law of attraction) and soon enough, you’ll have a truckload of negative thoughts to take care of.

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You’re in charge of your thoughts. No one else can take care of mental and emotional negativity for you. We choose to be positive in our thoughts and ways. We train ourselves to overcome negativity at all cost. This is the path that you have chosen to take when you accepted the task of conscious creation.

4. Be clear of what you want to manifest

Be absolutely clear on what exactly you want to manifest using Law of Attraction. Make a list of everything you are looking for to make you happy. For example, if it’s a career in a particular field, make a list of everything in that career that would make you happy – position, money, location, job responsibilities, prestige, management, etc.

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Make sure you include how you would like to feel. Using the desired career example above, how do you want to feel in your job? Respected? Appreciated? Valued? Happy? Write it all down!

You can gain even more clarity by taking another piece of paper and writing why you want to make a career in that particular field.

5. Clarify through visualization

Individual desires and needs will make a lot more sense if you visualize what they look, feel or even smell like (if that applies to what you want!) Creative visualization unleashes the power of the subconscious mind, which is often repressed by the waking consciousness.

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When you’re done visualizing your present desire, use the same technique to find out how you can accomplish your goals. Writing down your goals is alright, but to visualize them in such a way that you mentally experience your intended results or outcomes will make you so much more ready for the actual tasks ahead.

6. Visualize what you want

Everyday visualize you having manifested your desire. Visualize that you have achieved your goal and you are enjoying it. Spend time every day by being in the picture.

Actually experience what it would feel like to manifest your miracle before it has even happened. Absorb yourself in the movie with full feelings.

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It takes as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day to practice visualization. Get a detailed insight into Visualization – Tips, suggestions and techniques

7. Repetition makes it perfect

In school, teachers often repeat important points and lessons because it makes them stick to the students’ memories better.

Utilize the same method when establishing affirmations and desires for the first time. Writing down your desire once isn’t enough for the mind to accept it as something that you need to manifest at once.
I use two methods to make new desires “stick:, ” I write them down repeatedly on a piece of paper until I’m satisfied or I make special, positive affirmations that I repeat to myself at regular intervals throughout the day.

Some folks I know create mantras that allow the to reach a higher consciousness with a single thought in mind – their current desires. This is indeed a powerful way to ensure that the mind is able to focus on essential tasks.

8. Surrender to Universe and Trust the Planning of Universe

You should now be able to reach a point which if full of belief that you are certain of manifestation of your desire – exactly or in way which is better for you. Also you are willing to wait and you are not having any doubts or impatience.

You don’t have to check your watch every now and then.

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In other words, you aren’t wondering when your miracle will manifest. You have full faith in higher powers and you have surrendered to Him after doing your bit. Hence surrender all attachments to results, sit back and trust that your miracle will manifest when the time is right.

You leave the timing and way of delivery of the results to the Universe as it has a plan for you which it knows is the best for you.

9. Clear Your Blocks

It’s normal to have doubts and fears – especially when you are a beginner. But don’t let them weaken your faith. When they come up, work on releasing or clearing them.

One of the best ways to increase faith and clear blocks is to do Affirmations

Secondly, you may ask the Universe itself to guide you to what will best clear your limiting beliefs or blocks to manifesting miracles. Whatever suggestions or circumstances it brings you, remember that it is there to help you so that you can manifest more miracles in your life.

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Towards the end

I encourage you to follow these steps to manifest miracles so that your dreams become your reality, now!

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