How To Manifest Money In 3 Simple Steps

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How To Manifest Money In 3 Simple StepsAre you looking to create powerful money manifestations? Whether you are trying to manifest money for some specific purpose or improve your credit rating or significantly increase your regular income, you have to go with the basics principals of money manifestation. The basics are simple. Hence the title of this blog: How to Manifest Money in 3 Simple Steps. Just follow these steps each day to make the law of attraction work in your favor and get you the money you ask.

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How To Manifest Money In 3 Simple Steps

1. Know What You Want

Knowing exactly what you want, releases clear communication to the Universe. Just like you go to a departmental store or restaurant, you can’t wish for a particular item but ask for something else. This way you will never get what you want. The Creator cannot give you what you do not ask.

Similarly, be clear about the amount of money you want and the purpose for which you want. It is not your job to worry or even think that how the money will come. Just make room for it. Once you make room, cosmos will always fill it.

In case, it is not the money in the form of currency notes you want but something valuable, say an expensive watch or a mink coat, then create some space in your wardrobe. Now allow Universe to do its job.

If you are clear with your intention and know exactly what you want, then you will easily be able manifest it.

How To Manifest Money In 3 Simple Steps

2. Think of It

Always think of yourself and of others as already rich. Regardless of your present socio-economic status, you should view each person you meet as rich, full of money and living happily in abundance.

If you focus on lack and poverty, this is you are likely to invite. Universe does not understand negative or ‘No’. For example, if you say “I don’t want to be poor”, Universe will understand your focus on being poor. As per the Law of Attraction, you attract what you put thoughts at. Hence you should always focus on money and the riches.

3. Feel It

Being rich is not just numbers. It is an experience of financial freedom in life. Abundance is more than just having enough money. It’s about how we feel and live our daily lives.

When you identify yourself with abundance, you invite because you accept and acknowledge it. Therefore, regularly and consciously celebrate abundance. Even if you have less of it right now, imagine and feel that the money is on its way. Celebrate what you already have and be grateful for it.

Readers may please note that visualization is also a good way to enhance their feelings. Please refer to: Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals

Is it that simple?

Yes, it is that simple. When we start noticing, experiencing and feeling abundance, all of a sudden the money blocks start clearing up and money starts flowing in. In other words, money shows up.

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The lacuna in the process of money manifestation

Very rarely do we follow all the steps right. Even if the abundance were already around us but we didn’t seem to notice or acknowledge it because we were too focused on our money deficit.

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Thus think and feel abundance and make it your focus to attract what you desire. Be mindful about abundance of money all around you. Be specific about what actions are best going to support your manifestation of money flow and attracting abundance.

Useful Tips for improving the process of money manifestation

Let me share three tips:

  1. You should create a belief that everything you do is a stepping stone to money, riches and abundance.
  2. Regularly do Powerful Money Affirmations.
  3. Be grateful for what you already have

Happy Money Manifesting!!

Video: How To Manifest Money In 3 Simple Steps

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