How to Meditate Anytime Anywhere

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How to Meditate Anytime AnywhereAre you enjoying your practice of meditation? Hope you have already experienced many benefits of meditation? But are you able to do meditation regularly? Do you sometimes find it difficult to meditate regularly or to meditate at will because of many distractions and impediments? If so, then we bring you some tips and suggestions on how to meditate anytime anywhere.

Clearing the misconception about meditation

Before we discuss the tips on how to meditate anytime and anywhere, it is important that we come on the same page with regard to the fundamental principles of meditation. Some people think that meditation is very difficult. You have to focus your attention on a particular subject or clear your mind of all the thoughts and emotions.

On the contrary, meditation has to be done effortlessly. You have to simply ‘let go’. You do not have to force your mind to become thoughtless. The key is observing what is happening inside your mind. You can very well watch thoughts entering and leaving your head . Mind is like a monkey, it is restless and it cannot sit still. So stop forcing it to be quiet. Eventually, it will happen.

How to Meditate Anytime Anywhere

We are sure, that once you go through these tips and suggestions and follow them, not only will you begin to meditate at will but you will also find meditation simpler and more enjoyable. In case you are a beginner, then please refer to: Meditation Tips for Beginners

1. Just sit and start meditating

This means that you begin with baby steps first. Whenever you want to meditate, just sit comfortably with your spine straight and observe. Be in the present. Be here and now. If you are at any public place, you do not even have to close your eyes. With your eyes open you can either choose to observe your surroundings or simply de-focus.

Practicing even for 2 to 3 minutes of quietness can give you a feeling of long time of relaxation when you start meditating. Hence this way you can do meditation anytime anywhere. You can be indoors or outdoors – it would not matter to you anymore.

2. Watch your breaths

This is one of the best ways to bring stability and stillness to the dance of restlessness inside your head. Once you are seated comfortably, start observing your breaths. The tip is to be simply aware of each breath leaving your body and each breath entering your body. Do not change your breathing pattern, just breathe normally and naturally. Even if thoughts come and go, you will still able to meditate.

3. Watch Your attention: Be in the present

The biggest block to meditation is your wavering mind. The good news is that you can control your mind. All you have to do is be a passive observer.

If you notice yourself drifting away do not try to pull yourself back strongly. Just observe what is happening in the present moment. Simply try to focus on your breath. This will get better with practice.

Challenge of Modern Life

When we think of meditation, often a picture of a person sitting in a far away destination and away from hustle and bustle of busy life comes to mind. Hence the challenge is find silence inside the noise; find order in the chaos without having to leave your daily routine.

This comes as a welcome relief to those of us who lead busy lives in metros. Hope this blog post gives you useful tips to practice meditation regularly.

To sum up

All you need is a few minutes daily to be video practice of meditation. Practice makes a man perfect. Whether you find time when you are half awake in bed and trying to get up in the morning, or sitting on a beach watching the waves, or vacation in the lap of nature or commuting to work in a busy metro, now you can always meditate fully and enjoy the process.

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