How to Overcome Fear of Darkness and Ghosts

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How to Overcome Fear of Darkness and Ghosts

Do you know that fear of darkness or ghosts is one of the very common fears. Many kids as well as adults are known to suffer from various kinds of fears and phobias. One of such common fears is fear of darkness night phobia. There are several terms used for describing this kind of phobia, such as: Nyctophobia, Scotophobia, Lygophobia as well as Achluophobia. So in this blog we share our research on the subject – how to overcome fear of darkness and ghosts .

Without going into the technical terminology, it is sufficient to understand that the person suffering from the fear of darkness or the ghosts, fears that something very bad will happen to him the moment Lights are switched off or if he steps into it a dark street or a dark lane.

Such an unwanted situation can seriously impact the sufferer’s day to day life mainly because the person tends to be anxious or restless all the time. Sufferers often refuse to sleep alone or live alone. The family can also go through a lot owing to one’s fear of darkness.

Apparently this fear or phobia could be of something paranormal, the ghost, the monster or some other supernatural phenomenon or supernatural power. However there is really no logic to fear these things. This will unnecessary restrict the life and movement of the person suffering from such fear. Thus by getting rid of unhealthy or phobia you will be able to do better in your life.

Now the million dollar question is how to overcome fear of darkness and ghosts? 

Find the root causes of fear of darknessFind the root causes of fear of darkness

1. Experts believe that this kind of phobia can be traced back to some traumatic experience or deliberate conditioning in the past or rather childhood.

The child might have been made to stand in the dark as a punishment with the added fear embedded into his mind that something will emerge from the darkness to fetch him or harm him. Sometimes mere threat and not the actual punishment is sufficient to cause the long term damage. Often, irresponsible parents, grandparents, nannies or even the siblings might also be responsible for instilling the fear of darkness.

2. Sometimes the movies, TV shows and printed comic books depicting horror, blood, ghosts and other paranormal activities that are watched in the night are also often directly instrumental in instilling a deep rooted fear of darkness in a child’s impressionable mind.

3. The odd behavior of one or both parents, siblings, grandparents or caretakers in childhood (at night), car accidents and other or traumatic events can also leave a child devastating, scared and anxious. It could be the learned behavior of elders such as theft, break in which persisted as the fear of night or darkness.

When children grow up and, some of them mature and forget about it. However, in some cases, the phobia about darkness can persist well into adulthood. This is because they tend to keep recalling these past events which they associate with the darkness.

Steps to Overcome Fear of Darkness and Ghosts

1. Recognize that you have a fear of darkness

To begin with, it will make a lot of sense to accept that you are nurturing a feeling of fear and something needs to be done about it. This is not a healthy practice – rather it is impacting you negatively in more than one ways.

 2. Confront your fear ghosts and darkness

It is a well-known psychological fact that it is the fear of the unknown which is more dangerous than the object of fear itself. So it is high time that you sat down with yourself and asked that what it is that you are afraid of.

  • Do you think that there is a ghost in your house?
  • If you think so, then ask yourself what is the worst possible that this ghost can do to you?

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