How To Pray Effectively And Tips For Beginners

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How To Pray Effectively And Tips For BeginnersPrayer is a wonderful way to reach and communicate your thoughts to God. But most of us often have problems with our process and method of praying. We have so much to pray for, but when we sit down to pray it becomes boring or tiring. Some people complain that their thoughts travel to other things and they can’t focus on their prayer to God. Similarly, while praying in the night, some people quickly fall asleep. Hence we bring some useful tips on How to Pray Effectively and Tips for beginners. Beginners are expected to find these tips to pray effectively very useful.

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Before starting the main topics “How to Pray Effectively And Tips For Beginners”, there may be some readers who would like to know that why should they pray or What is Prayer? So let us dwell on these subjects briefly.

Why Pray to God?

Prayer connects the individual to the Higher Power / God.  A prayer made with full faith and from the bottom of the heart moves the hands of the God on our behalf. For God Almighty all things are possible. The problems and situations to which we can’t possibly find a solution can be solved by God at the blink of an eye.

The victim becomes the victor, because the human capacity is finite whereas God and His powers are infinite. God wants us to talk to him for God listens. In response to a good prayer God gives us strength, clarity of thought, direction and helps us in numerous ways.

Prayer is an amazing privilege granted to mortal humans. If we refer to scriptures like Bible, God has prescribed Prayer as a way to connect with Him: “Call to me and I will answer you.” (Jeremiah 33:3a) We have a promise that He hears us: “You will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.” (Jeremiah 29:12)

How to Pray Effectively And Tips For Beginners

On my spiritual journey, I have discovered a few effective tips for how to pray:

Tip 1: Think what you are going to pray for

Before you sit down (or you prefer to keep standing) think on what you will pray about. May be there are situations or people in your life that trouble you?

Perhaps you are not sure about the next move. In that case you could pray to God for clarity, guidance and direction.

May be your life is going smooth and you don’t seek anything specific from God. So why not be thankful for what you have? Perhaps you could pray God to be more into your life and be by your side always.

Perhaps you have some questions that are bothering you. You may pray for giving you clarity.

To put it simply, being clear beforehand about what to communicate to God, will make you feel more clear and comfortable when you go to pray.

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Tip 2: Find a good place to pray

It will be a good idea to find an appropriate place pray to God. Appropriate place denotes a quiet place where you are comfortable. The place should be neat and clean so that you can devote some time undisturbed and focus on your conversation with God. The idea of cleanliness is to show Him your respect

However, if you are in distress and need to pray on the spot then go right ahead and pray wherever you are. Pray with a clean heart in whatever position you are in, God will hear you. God will understand your agony and if you love him.

Tip 3: Revere God

Respect, devotion and faith are the pillars of a true prayer. If you have faith in God, it will boost up your respect and devotion for the Almighty Lord. If possible, dress plainly, be neat and clean when you pray. Show respect bowing your head or be on your knees (if you can). This will humble yourself.

Reading books and articles on faith and God being limitless will increase your faith. Listening to other’s faiths and the sermons of the saints will reinforce your faith and devotion to the Creator.

Know that He is the creator of the Universe and only thing we can offer is our praise, respect and honor to his glory. In your prayers also you should acknowledge the mighty Lord as in control of your life.

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Tip 4: Pray in a Simple Way

It would be better if the Prayer is kept short and simple. There is no need to make the prayer an essay or poetry and load it with difficult words or lace it with adjectives and adverbs. We might think these words will make our prayer passionate and persuasive but for God to hear us, He is simply interested in our feelings. God listens even to our shortest prayers.

Martin Luther said, “The fewer the words, the better the prayer,” said. Isn’t that wonderful and reassuring? Go ahead and try talking to God in everyday language, as if there is a helpful and wise friend sitting before you.

Examples of simple prayers:

“Please heal my child.”

“Lord, please give me guidance and wisdom to perform at work today.”

“God, give me the courage and strength today”

He listens and answers to your requests in his unique ways.

Tip 5: Include gratitude in your prayers

Always remain in a spirit of thankfulness and express gratitude for what you have. Especially during the prayer or toward the end of the prayer express your gratitude to the Creator of the Universe. Be grateful for whatever blessings you are enjoying.

Let us say someone is having a problem with his boss in his office. Well, he can definitely pray to God for the correction of this situation but what about an understanding family he has which comprises of supportive spouse, lovely kids? At least he drives a car, has a house and gets a salary every month. Should he not be grateful for all these?

It is said that when you express your gratitude for what you have, you open your doors to receive more from the Creator. Please see: Gratitude Affirmations

Tip 6: Pray unceasingly

Harder the circumstances, more frequent should be our prayers to God. During tough times, our thoughts turn negative. We are surrounded by vibrations and thoughts of pessimism, worry, fear, disappointment and anger. The best antidote is to pray constantly. Turn every thought into a prayer and every prayer into thanksgiving.

Prayer should be like breathing. There is always an opportunity to say prayers. For example, you can start your day with a prayer; say a prayer before breakfast, lunch and dinner; pray for the growth of the organization you work for and the coworkers. You may pray for the clients of the company as they give you business. You can pray for the vendors of your company as they are helping you execute the orders.

You may even pray for the unknown people. For example, if you enjoyed the delicious mangoes today, pray for the person who planted the mango tree 10 to 15 years ago. Blessing others is also a prayer as God treats such things as a loving prayer.

Surrender yourself at his feet!

Tip 7: Don’t think of only yourself

A high quality prayer is one where one prays for the good of others first. For example, a prayer for the welfare and peace of the world is a good prayer. Similarly, rather than asking for materialistic boons, we should pray for our own spiritual evolution, we should pray for wisdom and knowledge. We can seek the God’s grace upon us !!

Tip 8 : Combine Prayer with selfless service

Prayer alone cannot set you free. Prayer can give you peace, it can get you direction and his blessings. But many spiritual paths lay a lot of stress on selfless service along with the prayer that gives you freedom from the bondage and troubles that you constantly create for yourself because of karma.

Selfless service means performing your duties and responsibilities without expecting rewards or the fruits of your actions. Enlightened people pray to God to give them strength so that they can understand and fulfill their duties and serve others selflessly.

Tip 9: Ask God for forgiveness

“Prayer and repentance are the greatest purifiers that purify the way of life and lead us to Self-realization. Prayer without repentance does not help much.”

Also learn to forgive yourself. If you think that you have done something wrong, which you shouldn’t have, don’t condemn yourself. This will only strengthen guilt which is not a healthy emotion.

Just resolve not to commit that same mistake again. This will set you free, Pray to God to forgive you and seek inner strength from Him. Prayer gives you that strength.

Tip 10: Ask for God’s will to be done

Due to our limited vision and understanding, we don’t know what is best for us. But we keep asking God for the same thing. Have faith in God, as He knows what is best for us. Look around and you will find numerous examples to illustrate this point.

A person may pray for healing, for example, and it can be hard to understand why he doesn’t get healed when he prayed for it. Maybe God is using this situation to show him his unhealthy life style or pointing his attentions to his sins. So unless he mends his ways, how will he stop damaging his health?

So when we cry out to Creator for help, are we looking for an instant solution to the problem? Instead of asking “God, please take me out of this situation,” it should be “God, show me what I can be saved from here; why did you bring me into this? What is the important lesson to be learnt here?”

Then God can show us, for example, our lack of respect or empathy for the others. May be we are filled with jealousy, envy, or other negative things in our nature.

Hence in our prayers we should say that God’s will is accomplished, for ourselves, as well as in our prayer for the others. It is important that we learn to rejoice in God’s will.

Video: How to Pray Effectively And Tips For Beginners

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Dear Blessed Soul,

Now you know how to pray. So go ahead, pray frequently, pray earnestly and pray with full faith. Once you have the spirit of purity, devotion, surrender and welfare of everyone in your mind, your prayers shall be answered appropriately and at the right time.

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A humble request to our readers,

Please do share these divine prayers with your parents, spouse and children, so they too can benefit and always feel blessed and grateful!

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