How To Remove Negativity About Money

How to remove negativity about money

There can be different possibilities between two extremes. One end is that you have abundant money, wealth and the other end is that you are struggling to earn money even for your basic day to day requirements. Most of us are in between these two states. In this article, you will find out the possible reasons that may be holding back the abundance flow of money and how to remove negativity about money.

You will also learn how to come out of the debt trap and be open to receiving increasing amounts of money on a regular basis.

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What is your current level of earnings?

  • Are you living in Abundance or Debt Trap?
  • Are you experiencing lack of money or insufficient money in your life?
  • Do you often find that your income is less and expenses are more?
  • Have you got into a debt trap or have huge liabilities that are bothering you?
  • Do you regularly search internet on the topic “How to get out of debt?”

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Despite a lot of efforts to earn money or to increase your earnings, if the amount of money that flows into your life is insufficient then the frustration is likely to set in.

Moving from Debts to Abundance of Money

But don’t worry any more. The good news is that you need not live with this situation forever. But first we have to understand that what causes the restricted flow of money in your life, what is the role of mind and negative thoughts in restricting the supply of money to you, what are the possible causes for it and how to remove negativity about money.

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What is Money – defining Money Spiritually

Money is a form of energy. The energy cannot be held confined to one placed or stored. It is meant to be exchanged. Therefore, holding on to money for reasons such as fear of losing it leads to blocking the inflow as well as the outflow of money.

Do you have Money Blocks?

Remove negativity about moneyOne of the most common explanation on the metaphysical level individuals are unable to attract what they want in life, is because they have energy blocks in their subtle body.

If you are receiving limited amounts of money, it means that flow of money chi (energy) into your life is blocked.

Don’t be surprised if an energy healer or a master scans you aura and tells you that you’ve been programmed to have an opposing relationship with it.

It is the relationship of each individual with money which determines his state of prosperity and the level of abundance he enjoys in his life. For more details, please see Our Relationship With Money

Money is also a form of energy which needs to flow freely. If there is negativity about money in the mind of a person, it will create the blocks for money to flow in easily into his life.

As a result, there would be undesired and negative experiences in the life of the person such as:

  • Need to borrow money from friends and relatives
  • Taking loans from Banks or Financial Institutions to run the business

All this means more liabilities and less assets. If one gets into a serious debt trap then it may even lead to bankruptcy

These negative and not so pleasant experiences will give birth to more reasons and causes in the mind of the person, confirming his earlier beliefs. All these go ahead and strengthen the negativity about money.

Money blocks are a set of beliefs which one has been given or has acquired and they get in the way of the free-flowing energy.

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Reasons for Money Blocks

Negative beliefs about money in the subconscious mind are the most common block to flow of money and wealth accumulation.

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There could be several situations such as childhood conditioning by parent which may lead to negativity about money. During childhood the mind may be conditioned by such attitudes as:

  1. Too much money will kill the harmony of relationships.
  2. Money is the root of all evil.
  3. Rich people are crooks
  4. Those who have money don’t have good integrity.
  5. Lot of money can be earned only by dubious means
  6. Too much money invites jealousy

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Consequences of Money Blocks

This may lead to development of behavior such as:

  1. Harboring unfriendly or dislike towards the rich and wealthy.
  2. The fear that if they became rich one would be unable to trust the friends.
  3. Too much money will mean loss of sound sleep


How do Money Blocks limit the flow of money

Such conditioning and early experiences are stored in the subconscious mind. Taking it as a true command, the mind develops a programming that might manifest as:

  1. The lack of interest in earning handsome amount of money.
  2. The tendency to be lazy and not being good in financial planning.
  3. Association of guilt feelings in making handsome profits or charging fee from the client or asking for a raise.
  4. Compulsive urge to give it away.

And so on.

How to Remove Negativity About Money

Clear Money Blocks

So all we have got to clear this negativity about money by unblocking the flow of money energy. If you want a long lasting permanent solution then there has to be a wholistic approach consisting of:

  1. Working on the negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions
  2. Working on metaphysical level
  3. Reinforcing with Positive thinking
  4. Affirmations
  5. Attitude of Gratitude
  6. Manifestation of Money
  7. Prayer for Money

How to clear Money Blocks

Let us understand each one in detail

I  Work on the negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions and get rid of the negativity about money

The subconscious mind accepts without questioning what is told to it repeatedly and especially in the very early age.

These suggestions program the mind. If these suggestions are negative or harmful then most of this programming acts clandestinely and without the individual consciously aware, wreaking havoc over such a prolonged span of time that the patterns often ever get recognized until it’s too late.

Of course it is possible to not only become acutely aware of the presence of such self destructive programs but it is also possible to effectively and permanently erase them.

Let us take a common example and see how to free yourself and delete negative thoughts that block the flow of money

Belief: I have to work hard for money

Write it down and replace it with a Statement ” It is so easy to earn money and fun too.”. Every time you have this negative thought, cancel it out and say aloud the new statement a few times.

Over a period of time your thoughts and emotions will change ans so will your programming leading to clearing your mental blocks and removing the negativity about money.

II   Working on metaphysical level

Energy blocks in the subtle body is also one of the most important reasons people are unable to attract money in life on the metaphysical level.

So we have to clear the passage so that the flow of money energy (chi) into your life is unblocked.

Here are a few things which you can try (preferably with the help of a learned master or an experienced guru):

1. Chakra Activation and Chakra Balancing

Chakra Activation and Chakra Balancing for Removing Money BlocksHuman body has seven main energy centers – which are chakras points in our bodies. Each chakra relates to some specific aspects our life and our energy flows into and through them.

For a healthy, balanced and prosperous life, it is necessary that these chakras are active and aligned.

To be more specific about the money matters, there are two energy points – first root chakra or base chakra and second sacral chakra (also known as mooladhara and Swadhisthana charkas) which control the flow of money. Red is the color for the base chakra, while orange is the color of sacral chakra.

While it is recommended that you more knowledge and deeper understanding of the chakra, you can do this simple abundance meditation to activate your money energy spiritual point

Close your eyes and bring your awareness on the first chakra. It will help to place your hand gently over the front of your first chakra giving it the energy.. Imagine a warm, deep red light beaming throughout your Root Chakra. Set an intention to own this chakra for yourself.

Take a few minutes to simply breathe and connect with the energy until you can easily and freely spin the sphere in your mind. Finally, le the energy of abundance rise up and spread throughout your body.

2. Reiki

Reiki is a healing concept using Universal Divine energy. Reiki has its origins in Japan and deals with attunement and correction of energy flow. Reiki is based on the belief that when spiritual energy is channeled through a Reiki practitioner, the individual’s spirit is healed, which in turn heals the physical body.

Since money is also a form of energy, Reiki practitioners believe that Reiki can be used to boost the flow of Money, Prosperity and Abundance into your life. Money Reiki Healing is used to channeling of energy, balancing and aligning and overall strengthens your energetic system in the area of money.

Thus Money Reiki Healing is specifically about money, it is to help you earn and manage money more effectively and efficiently in ways that support your highest good.

3. Past Life Regression

It is believed that there could areas in a person’s present life where past lives have a powerful influence. The concept given by them is all of our deeds (good and bad) in previous lives are stored in Akashic Records. These Akashic Records are linked to your subconscious programs.

For instance, you may have an anxiety or a phobia whenever you are at high places like tall buildings or mountain tops, this could have a roots in a past life where you experienced unpleasant situations.

So, any persistent problem areas in your present life are most likely caused by past life experiences. On these lines, a session with a Past Life Regression could help you resolve / correct the experience of your past live(s) regarding negativity about money and help you in your present life clear the money block.

Of course, releasing issues of past life it is not scientifically proven and is subject to your belief system.

III   Reinforcing with Positive thinking

One of the biggest blockages to money and abundance is having a “victim mindset”. Over a period of time, you may rather become comfortable with your own “sad story” without realizing the infinite damage it is doing to you – with money and other things too. Even if you WANT to have an easier financial life and be successful, you are unable to usher in more money, better earnings with your old victim mindset.

Money and prosperity cannot come to you because you aren’t aligned with receiving them. Therefore, only speak positively about your financial situation. This is because removing the negativity about money requires you to start changing the way you see yourself and your relationship with money.

It is worth emphasizing that you should not even joke about lack of money. No matter what you intention is or in what context you would mention about lack of money. When you speak of lack, you think of lack and you create a mental image of lack.

When you start visualizing yourself as a person who is rich, wealthy, abundant and blessed in many ways, you start dissolving that old victim mentality. As a result, you start dissolving the blockages. In the process, you start becoming the person who attracts great abundance and opportunities instead of crises and problems.

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IV  Affirmations

If you desire more money and also wish to remove the blockages, affirm several times a day that the money is coming into your life and you always have money when you need it.

Initially, it may seem like a lie, but soon you will get used to these much more positive statements about abundance and soon you will experience an increased money flow in your life.  Of course, this also implies that you are learning to see yourself in a different light NOW. To know All About Affirmations, click on this link.

For suitable affirmations for money, wealth, abundance and prosperity click here.

V   Attitude of Gratitude

Whatever be your present situation, the chances are that you are still at a level higher than zero and not negative. Even if you do not enough money, the chances are that you may still be blessed with good education, friends, networking, job, encouraging family, supporting spouse or good personality and health.

It is important to be grateful and appreciate whatever money and other things that you have. Everyday express your gratitude to God / Universe / Higher Powers. This way you are opening doors for more money to come in your life at the same time making yourself more positive.

It is strongly recommended that you do Gratitude Affirmations. To know more about Gratitude Affirmations, click here.

VI Manifestation of Money

You must have heard of Law of Attraction. Manifestation is deeply connected with Law of Attraction. Manifestation is using your power of thoughts in a particular way to get from Universe what experience or object you want including money.

VII Prayer

If you believe in God and see God as your Divine Father or Divine Mother, then you should ask for money and other materialistic or non materialistic things from God. The logic is simple. When you were a child you always asked your parents without hesitation – whatever you wanted or needed. Sam way you can ask the Universe to provide you with your needs.

The communication with God is called prayer. To know more about the subject, please refer to following useful articles on this website:


These powerful techniques of letting the money flow in your life by removing the negativity about money will help you receive money. Naturally going with the process shall create suitable circumstances that shall help you become financially more abundant.

You can try all of the techniques or only the ones that resonate with you. If you follow them with faith and excitement, they must work.

However if you start following them with a negative attitude, they will not work because your negative energy will not resonate with the potential benefits of these techniques.Therefore act on these steps with confidence and positivity, and soon you will enjoy constant money flow.

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    • Positive affirmations are great! What a lot of pelope don’t understand is that the brain is like a computer, you put software in and if that software is corrupt you don’t get your desired outcome. When your brain hears something over and over again, it gets programmed into your head and that’s what you start to do or feel like. An example of this would be if a person was trying to lose weight they would get much a much better result if they were to say I’m going to be healthy, I can do it rather than I’m fat and hate the way I look . Your thoughts can easily effect your entire life, so keep on saying positive affirmations, it’s great for your mental health and overall well being!Sorry if this was a bit more than what you asked for, but I hope it helps!

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