How to Stop Negative Thoughts about Money

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts about MoneyIn response to my blogs about money manifestation, especially a recent blog How to change your mindset about Money, I got quite a few responses asking me How to stop negative thoughts about money or how to get rid of automatic thoughts about money management or how to stop anxiety about money and wealth.

The irony is that more they try to stop the negative thoughts entering their minds, the stronger they become sticking to their mind more strongly. Concerned people often ask me, “Is there a way I can control the negative thoughts entering my mind, making me miserable?”

How to Stop Negative Thoughts about Money

Of course, it is possible to not only stop the negative thoughts but also replace them with positive thoughts about money or whatever subject matter you want to be positive and creative about.

But before jumping to the process and the technique, let us try to understand the thought process and how the mind functions.

How and Why do the Negative Thoughts Occur

The origin of the man on this planet is not recent. Thousands and thousands of years ago, when the man was living in the caves the predominant thought was survival. Man’s actions were to look for food to eat and live; man also had to guard himself from innumerable dangers and threats to his life such as the wild animals, reptiles, natural disasters like floods, earthquake, lack of water, diseases etc. Living in the midst of known and unknown dangers and threat was the order of the day. Hence our lower brain functioned as a guard against negativity and that’s how our responses to a sudden sound or light also formed.

While the modern man does not have to face those issues in his day to day, but the programming of the lower or elementary brain has remained with the man.

Is Man not a Master of His Mind?

Even now there is duality, whether we like it or not. There is yin and yang, day and night, good and bad, poor and rich, negative and positive and so on. Hence it is natural to get the negative thoughts under uncontrolled conditions. 

Why We Get More Negative Thoughts Than Positive Thoughts

There are two components of answer to this question. Firstly, there is quite a lot of negativity around us and we let it enter our individual world. For example, the news channels, radio and newspapers like to give sensationalize more of negative occurrences such as Accident, Deficit, Rape, Crime, Suicide etc. There is continuous bombardment of this on the human mind in terms of pictures, videos and texts. Right from the time one wakes up till the time one goes off to sleep the TV Channels, Mobile Messages are doing their job.

Secondly, we not allow the negativity to enter our world by keeping our doors open but also feed them. You may wonder what is feeding. Well it simply means that if we give our energy, time and attention to the negative thoughts they will become stronger. They will become stronger and occupy more space in our mental disk, out placing the creative, constructive and positive thoughts. Useful reference: How to remove negativity about money.

Let me give you an analogy. Suppose you have two monkeys in a cage and you keep feeding one much more and better than the other, over a period of time the first one will become stronger and the second one will grow weak.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts about Money: Technique No. 1

Drawing lesson from the example, we have to stop feeding the negative thoughts such as poverty, insufficient funds, lack of money etc. Here is a simple technique in three steps:

Step 1

Sit in a comfortable position, where you will not be disturbed for the next 5 minutes or so. Rethink all the negative thoughts about money which you have been having such as:

“I don’t have sufficient savings.”

“What if my client refuses to pay”

“What if my business fails”

“What if the Venture Capitalist does not finance my project”

“How will I pay next month’s rent or bills”

Step 2

Think through one thought at a time, telling your thought to go as far ahead as possible to show the final consequence. Sit through it boldly and be ready to see anything.

Step 3

In majority of the cases, you will notice that the negative thoughts about money become feeble and weak. They evaporate in no time, taking with them all fears and anxieties. It is good if it happens like this and you should try to deal with all major negative thoughts one by one in a row. See them disappear.

The second possibility is that some thoughts may actually persist and bother you about your financial position and money matters. In that case, say “Cut & Cancel”, “Cut & Cancel”, and “Cut & Cancel” (  3 times, loudly). Further, neutralize it with a suitable affirmation such as “I am very happy & grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities from many sources on a continuous basis” with full visualization and emotions.

For more affirmations, you may click here:

How to Stop Negative Thoughts about Money: Technique No. 2

Step 1

Think of all the things which are positive and in your favour and say them aloud. For example:

“I am well educated”

“I have very supporting parents”

“I have a job”

“I own the house I live in so I don’t have any rent liability”

“I am blessed with very good health”

“My communication skills are excellent and customers are happy to deal with me”

“I have a pleasing personality”

“My reputation is very high and goodwill is impeccable”

Imagine these statements to be some items which you use to construct a solid baseball bat for yourself.

Step 2

Invite your most disturbing thought or anxiety about money. Using your power of visualisation convert it into a baseball.

Step 3

How to Stop Negative Thoughts about Money

In your mind, hit the ball strongly with your baseball bat and see the ball flying high, going far and far away from you. Using your imagination and power of visualisation, send the ball towards the Sun where it catches fire and burns into ashes. Keep watching happily till the ball turns into ashes completely. For improving your visualization, you may like to refer to: Powerful Visualization Technique to achieve dream goals

Some more powerful suggestions to stop negative thoughts about money

It is highly recommended that you combine some conscious efforts with the two techniques given above. These conscious steps are:

 1. Stop speaking negative words or sentences

Watch your words and the sentences. Even casually or jokingly words can cause harm, for example:

“I am broke.”

“I am penniless”

“I am not as rich as you are”

“I wish I had the money to buy that dress”

Over a period of time, these expressions if repeated a number of times become the habit and the subconscious accepts it as the command for the situation you want to be in. Subconscious dutifully creates whatever command is given to it. Click for more on How to Use Your Subconscious Mind to be Successful.

 2. Stop thinking in extreme negative

It is just the continuation of the previous point. You should neither speak nor think negative. When God created you, did He send you on the planet earth with a manual that only and only negative will happen to you! So why should you think mostly in terms of lack of money or unable to have sufficient money.

As a counter response to negative thinking is to replace with a positive thought or at least something which is better than absolute negative thought. Say you’ve been worrying on getting a raise of salary. Rather than thinking: “It’s going to be a disaster, I just know how my boss is” replace it with: “I am sure there will be good bits, if not very great, just like my other colleagues’ experience.” This is the effective way to control anxiety about money.

3. Don’t kill the positive thoughts or positive possibilities

Negative thinking has the power of making people stop seeing the positive, even if it is there or is going be a positive outcome. It’s a filter blocking out positives and just letting in stuff that confirms the ‘negative bias’. Negative thoughts magnifying past failures, setbacks and minimize achievements, leading to de-motivation and misery. Also stop the habit of criticising every positive suggestion or possibility of success. The power of Positive Thoughts hardly needs to be over emphasized.

4. Use Affirmations

Good affirmations when done regularly and positively can shift your mind’s attention and resources towards the idea of possibility, success and positive outcome. For more on Affirmations, check out All about Affirmations

5. Stop visualizing negative and visualize money manifestation

Find out when and how you tend to imagine negative scenes relating to money and finances for yourself. Stop it there and then. Additionally, make it a habit to do positive money visualization on a sustained and regular basis.

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