How to Stop Negative Thoughts to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

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How negative thoughts damage usAre negative thoughts tearing you apart (or some you know) and leaving you prone to depression and anxiety? Well something can definitely be done to effectively control the negative thoughts and not stop them but to let only happy thoughts be in your mind. Here we discuss first the working of mind to create thoughts – happy thoughts and negative thoughts and then the effective tips and suggestions to stop negative thoughts followed by a simple exercise.

The magic of mind

First we must praise the Creator for the mind of this kind of grand capability – which only we humans have. It took millions of years of evolution to get this kind of mind.

The mind has tremendous scope, capabilities and powers. One of the qualities of mind is creating, entertaining and sustaining the thoughts. Some people call it mind chattering. Yes, mind always chatters.

You are happy as long as it produces pleasant, happy thoughts. You are on the top of the world as long as your subconscious mind is helping you manifest – money, health, wealth, relationship etc. for you. You don’t want to stop your mind and you have no complaints.

The negative thoughts

However, sometime we all experience negativity in mind and body. One feels really down and most of the times it has origins to our thinking, because of mind body connection.

According to one view point, there are only thoughts. By this logic you have negative thoughts as well as positive thoughts. It is our individual attitude or the meanings assigned to it which makes them negative thoughts or positive thoughts. Thus the meaning that you assign to your thoughts is what shapes what they manifest for you and how they affect you on all levels.

It is only when the destructive, negative thoughts start interfering with our life that we think of stopping them from tearing apart our mind and body. To begin with it may only spoil the mood, later the spoil the day. If the negative thought patterns are left unchecked then they are quite capable of spoiling mental health and inviting a plethora of challenges such as health issues, health problems, relationship problems finally leading to depression and anxiety.

Yet it is a demanding effort to stop your mind from letting in the negative thoughts.

How negative thoughts damage us

Our composite whole mind, consisting of both conscious mind and sub conscious mind, is a very fertile place. Whatever seeds are thrown here, it accepts them unconditionally by nurturing them and letting them grow into big plants or rather trees. So whether the seeds are of a poisonous plant or weeds or creepers or fruit trees, the mind does not discriminate. It is YOU who has to be on the guard – always to check what is going into your mind.

People who regularly have negative perceive the world through a distorted view. It becomes a repetitive cycle where negative thoughts attract more negative thoughts and emotions, which in turn produces negative actions causing self destructive behavior. In the interest of the person, it is essential to break the cycle. If left unbroken, and allowed to run uninterrupted, it is likely to have a detrimental physical and mental effect on the person experiencing it. In addition, if these negative cycles are allowed to spin over a period of time, they can lead to further complications like clinical depression and anxiety.

How to Stop Negative Thoughts to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Tips and suggestions to Stop Negative Thoughts to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Tips and suggestions to Stop Negative Thoughts to Overcome Depression and Anxiety

Negative thoughts suck you down to the ground, they are so sabotaging. You don’t know how to get out of it. In short, the most important faculty you are gifted with has gone out of control. Your mind is entertaining and also producing rubbish, negative thoughts all the time. It is not doing what you want it to do. So this brings us to the certain facts and tips:

1. Do not use mental force or try mindlessness

These days a lot of self help gurus and meditation practitioners are recommending the concept of mindlessness or zero thought. It may be emphatically pointed out that this is practically impossible to achieve. Please accept the fact that the mind cannot stop from functioning: As long as the body is alive and other organs like heart, kidneys, liver etc. are functioning, the mind shall function too. Instead brings awareness through more clarity about what you are.

2. Meditate

Next time when you sit in meditation, just do not enjoy the relaxation or the darkness with the closed eyes. Do a specific exercise. Visualize that you are first with the mind and immersed in its subjects of chatter. Let this be followed by visualization that you are distancing yourself from the mind’s activities.

This is similar to you driving to the airport to catch a flight and the traffic is heavy. But after some time when the plane takes off, you fly over the same traffic but this time you are watching the traffic from the sky and the traffic does not affect you in anyway.

Please see: Meditation Techniques for Good Health and Spiritual Healing

3. Mental House Cleaning

Remember the early IT days? There was a very famous quote those days – “garbage in, garbage out.” So if you feed your mind with unwanted, pessimist, low quality negative thoughts, it is but obvious that the mind will process that raw material only and working on those vibrations only it will produce same quality thoughts. Hence the negative outcome will increase manifolds affecting health, financial position, career, relationship, family life etc.

Let only positive thoughts / happy thoughts stay with you and filter out the rest. Useful Article: How to increase Positive Vibrations and Raise Energy Level

4. Avoid triggers which lead to negative thoughts

It is just like a person whose digestive system is sensitive or weak, he carefully avoids junk food and unhealthy food lest there is a problem of diarrhea or other complications. Similarly you should carefully and systematically avoid thinking negative thoughts; shun the company of negative people with low vibrations, stop visiting places which give you low or sad feeling. Do not read anything in print or electronic media that triggers the feeling of being low, dismal, helpless, stressed, depressed or anxious.

5. Be at peace with yourself

The Creator / God has made you in certain unique way. You should happily accept that and celebrate your uniqueness comprising of your personality, features, talents, skills etc. In case you are not happy with yourself or try to someone else, which you are not this will create a lot of internal conflict. If you try to be different than what you are not – the mind will work overtime but fruitlessly and unnecessarily. You must stop associating yourself with the things, people and circumstances which are not good or which you are not connected with. It is like if you have eaten bad food, you can’t stop your stomach from holding gas or other related problems. Instead, you get the lesson of eating only healthy food next time.

6. Do not be stressed

Mind is like a mirror – if you identify yourself with so many things, it will obediently think of all those things. Therefore, just be yourself, create a clear identity of yourself, clear all confusions and limit your wants and needs. With more clarity the mind will reflect nothing but good positive thoughts.

7. Do Affirmations

Clutter – physical or mental is like a rubber band. No matter how much you try to clear it, it has the property of coming back. Therefore, keep the mind tuned on to positive things and affirmations is one of the best ways to keep the mind constructively busy.

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An exercise to stop negative thoughts trigger and cycle

Next time you feel that you are experiencing a negative thought or a cycle or negative thoughts then take following steps:

  1.  Put aside your tools like – Pen / Laptop and stop doing whatever you are doing.
  2. Go deep within your mind and ask yourself this question “Is this useful for me?”
  3. If the answer is not good then give a command “Please go. You don’t belong here”.
  4. Encourage yourself to take some useful / constructive action on that subject matter.

By following this process, the logical mind gets activated and alerted. By doing this practice couple of times, the negative thoughts will stop. The constructive action taken by you will further reinforce the filter gate.


A negative state of mind is not caused by in a single day or by a single emotion. Usually it is the build-up of triggers over a period of time that distorts reality. Get up and take charge by creating a realistic and more positive outlook of your life. Be mindful of your environment and rejoice in all that is positive in your life.

The tips, suggestions and exercise given in this blog are not quick fix solution. Creating a lasting change takes time. So be persistent, regular and don’t give up.

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  1. I really like your advice to exercise and try positive thinking. However, that is much easier to said than done. It seems that many people don’t understand how some of us have a hard time overcoming depression. Some of us just need the help of a professional. Do you have any other tips about finding someone good to treat your depression?

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