How to Use Law of Attraction To Get Anything You Want

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How to Use Law of Attraction To Get Anything You WantIn this blog we share with you the basic techniques and simple methods on How to Use Law of Attraction To Get Anything You Want. The secret of success is that it has to be followed sincerely, persistently and with full faith and belief. You will then be able to manifest your dreams, your goals and any ambition you might have. Before we jump onto the methods and techniques to use law of attraction to get anything you want, let us define in brief at what is Law of Attraction. This is for those who are not familiar with the term or have not heard of law of attraction at all.

What is the Law of Attraction?

It is told to us that one of the laws of universe is that like attracts like. This means whatever vibrations you emit through your thoughts, actions and emotional energy you are going to receive the same and more of same from the infinite resource bank of the universe.

Also think of it in another way that you have so much power with you that whatever you think or act you are given back the like of it. So if you are kind and helpful to others for you donate money for some right purpose, you attract help, kindness, support and money to yourself. You have the power to shape your reality.

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Is The Secret of Law of Attraction That Simple? Is Law Of Attraction Merely Wishful Thinking?

If you are skeptical or learning about this concept for the first time, you might react by asking, “How can it be that simple?”, or “How can you just wish for something and wham ! it will appear?”.

Well the answer is both “yes” and “no”. “Yes”, because it is that simple and “No” because you have to follow certain principles and guidelines to make Law of Attraction work for you, every time.  It should manifest what you desire regularly and consistently.

How The Law Of Attraction Works?

The underlying principle here is that your beliefs shape your thoughts, your thoughts give birth to your verbal expression, your words determine your action and behavior and finally your actions determine your reality. There is hardly any secret about it.

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How To Use Law Of Attraction To Get Anything You Want

Here are some tips and some suggestions which can help you tap into the enormous power of the law of attraction.

1. Change your thoughts and beliefs to high positive level

As manifestation and attraction is done by your thoughts and beliefs, you should pay attention to the colour, quality and richness of your thoughts and beliefs. Remember, stronger is your belief,  better is the working of law of attraction for you.

At the same time, be careful about what you ask. Because universe does not decide for you that what is good, better or best. It just responds by giving to you what you ask.

Also negative beliefs and limiting beliefs hold us back. So identify and remove negative blocks and limiting beliefs from your life.

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2. Watch Your Words Carefully

We all have a set of pet words and favorite set of expressions. We use them all the time to describe our feelings, emotions, desires and situations. From now on watch your words very carefully because they will decide the type and quality of action. The action in turn will decide your life to be in reality. In other words, your reality matches what your thoughts beliefs were sometime back.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs when expressed in words:

    • “Lots of money can’t be made the honest way.”
    • “It is so hard to have a good life partner.”

Needless to say, you have to change them and affirm :

    • “It is possible to become rich by staying honest and ethical”
    • “It perfectly possible to find a honest soul mate”

So now you know how to change your reality and attract what you want in your life.

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3. Live in Attitude of Gratitude

The concept here is that the more you express your gratefulness to Universe for what you have already; they are going to be more things in your life you would be grateful for. Hence you should make it a point to practice gratitude in your daily life. To know more about gratitude, please read: Gratitude Affirmations

4. Say Affirmations

Affirmations are like rewriting the script of your mind or reprogramming your subconscious mind to align it with the source of abundance. Affirmation is a set of words or a phrase which are very powerful. When affirmations are repeated regularly, day after day and especially when it is combined with faith and visualization, they have the power to manifest what you desire. Affirmations also help you to strengthen your belief system. To know more, please read: All about Affirmations

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4. Feel that you are already have and are enjoying what you wanted

You have to set aside sometime every day to feel as if have achieved or manifested what you dreamed of. Feel that you are enjoying it.

The specific techniques to help you do that are:

Act as if you already have reached where you wanted to be. For example, if your dream is to be a business owner, may be you would like to think how you would dress up to go to your office every day. Practice interviewing suitable employees for your organization to hire and build up a fantastic team.

4. Take Action

Nothing can ever be achieved if you don’t take action. So get up and take action and Universe will match suitably with your action. So work with your collaborator and co-create with Universe.

Summing up

The law of attraction says that while you are taking action towards your goals, focusing on your dream goals, the universe will conspire will conspire to help you achieve that. This is centuries old secret now at your command!

So why don’t you begin now? In the comment box below, write one thing you would want to manifest in your life. Also do your friends a favor by sharing this article in Social Media for them.

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