How to Use Positive Energy to Attract Money

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How to use Positive Energy to manifest Money

Ask a metaphysics expert or a spiritual person what is the nature of money and most likely you will be told that “Money is a force” or “Money is a form of energy” or money has vibrations. Without getting too technical for the purpose of this article – “How to Use Positive Energy to Attract Money”, it is sufficient to take money as powerful symbol of energy in our life and it is powerful one.

Like all forces in the universe, money too is bound certain laws of Universe. By understanding and following those laws, we become money magnet to attract money and enabling wealth and prosperity to come our way.

Most of us are aware of these laws of money, the principals that govern the flow of money – fully or partially; consciously or subconsciously. For example, everyone knows the importance of hard work, determination and passion to attract money.

However, the complete road map to become rich and have abundance of money is not known to most of us. It is either forgotten or not known or is not fully understood. Besides, there are some more secret and subtle ways to attract money, wealth, and prosperity.

When followed and acted upon systematically, these methods have a tendency to create more and higher level of Positive Energy. This can almost instantly attract money in unexpected and unpredictable ways, defying our normal notions of cause and effect, and what is logical and possible.

Such sudden and abundant results are indications of the wondrous phenomenon of Positive or Higher energy at work to attract money.

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How to Use Positive Energy to Attract Money

So let us look at some important aspects, steps and tips to raise the level of Positive Energy to attract Money.

In addition, for our keen readers, we also share a list of good books and more related articles on the subject.

1. Love Money

Love is the most powerful human emotions. Perhaps it is one of the largest searched key word on the internet and if not the largest. When you love something from the bottom of your heart, you want that person or article or situation to be with you, in your life – forever. It has a great pull or attraction effect.

As we discussed in the previous lines, money is also a force and when we combine two strong forces – Love and Money, you are welcoming money and attracting more money into your lives.

Love is a powerful human emotion and strong emotions have an important role in manifesting in your life as it is positive energy which attracts.

Your love for money effectively changes your from pushing money away to allowing it into your life. Don’t think how you will get money, just change your vibration to one of allowing yourself to manifest money now.

Try a simple exercise – make a list of why you love money. For example:

“I love money because it helps me travel around the world.”
“I love money because it helps me pay my bills.”
“I love money because it allows me to do good to others.”
“I love money because it smells so good.”
“I love money because it gives me a great life style.”
“I love money because it gives me financial freedom.”
“I Am Rich and Lovable.”
“I love Money and Money loves me. “

This simple exercise will make your feelings and emotions positive about money.

When I say love money, I don’t mean that become greedy or lust after it. On the contrary, simply love having, receiving and managing money and attach it to something doing something positive. Even while giving away money for charitable purposes be happy to do so. This will help you in creating great wealth.

2. Smell Money

Yes it is as simple as that… manifest hold a few (or many) crispy currency notes, take them near your nose and smell. Some of you might protest or some may ask the logic behind smelling money and manifesting money. It is so simple to explain. One by holding money a few times a day lovingly and smelling it, you are removing any negative beliefs you might have about money. I am not saying that everyone has negative beliefs about money. Extending the same logic further, some people have fear about money. Also please refer to: How to remove negativity about money.

Secondly, smelling money makes you at one with money. Hence this simple exercise puts you in vibrational alignment with money and you become better at manifesting money or manifesting money fast.

I’m sure you’ve smelt money at some point in your life. It has that distinctive odor. Some people just love the smell of newly minted and crispy bills. It is one of the ways to love the money and give their senses (smell) the association with money.

Smell the money with the realization that actually you have an infinite amount of money already (with this technique as well as with any other) because money is potentially available to you in the space-time continuum, waiting to manifest in the physical plane.

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3. Respect Money

When you want to invite someone to your house for let’s say dinner you extend the invitation very politely and respectfully. Also when the guests arrive, you are respectful to them throughout the evening. Next imagine, you are want the person you love to become your wife or husband. So you propose in the best possible manner to him or her to enter your life forever. Same analogy holds equally good for money too.

In this world, everything responds to your feelings including money. May people feel frustrated, disappointed, sad and fearful about money and we need not emphasize about their unhappy circumstances. In fact, money is about bliss, love and joy. So love your money, keep it in your wallet or purse nicely in an arranged manner – rather than shoving the currency notes thoughtlessly.

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When you receive money or have to pay money to someone, hold the currency notes in your hand with love and respect, look at them admiringly, count them respectfully, seeing each bill thoroughly.

If you like, you may say a prayer and send love to them, and to yourself. Bless every dollar in your bank account, cash in hand and every dollar that you spend. Make peace with your money and wealth. Be absolutely grateful for their presence in your life.

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