How To Visualize To Manifest Faster With Law Of Attraction

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How To Visualize To Manifest Faster With Law Of Attraction

Visualization is an important and essential component of Law of Attraction. Good and correct Visualization is the key to success in achieving or manifesting our goals, dreams and desires through Law of Attraction. Therefore, we share some tips on how to visualize to manifest faster with law of attraction.

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What is Visualization?

Visualization is not a difficult or too technical term to understand. Essentially in the context of Law of Attraction, visualization refers to think or see in the mind’s eye. In other words, it means to think about or see what one wants to achieve in life.

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Suppose the grandfather is narrating a fairy tale to his grandchildren and the children normally imagine the images – still or moving almost simultaneously. I am sure you too would have experienced this in your childhood. May be the process or imagining or visualizing in one form or the other still is a part of you.

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Importance of Visualization for Successful Manifestation

Before elaborating on this concept, let us see once again that how Law of Attraction works. This unique law says that whatever one thinks and focuses on, that becomes a reality in one’s life. It means the person can attract that particular situation or product in his life with his dominant thoughts and feelings.

For instance, if a person has been feeling good and positive most of the time, he is likely to attract happy and good set of circumstances in his life.

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To a good extent the other side of the picture is also true. If a person has been feeling low or is loaded with negative feelings like anger, depression, frustration, anxiety he is likely to attract similar set of circumstances in his life. If not exactly so, he may still experience hurdles and blocks in getting results.

In short, what you feel, you may attract that. If the feeling is intense, the manifestation is more likely to take place.

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How to Make Visualization More Effective

Hence it can be said that anything – whether a method or technique which can intensify the feelings or emotions associated with the desire which one wants to manifest, will improve the effectiveness of the visualization. Related: Ultimate Secret to Manifesting Wealth and Prosperity

Let us now understand the second important factor of an effective visualization. Some of the reader might know that human mind (not brain) is unable distinguish between real and imaginary.

For instance, a good stand-up comedian can enthrall and make his audience laugh with his funny but imaginary stories and incidents. Although people know that this is not real yet they laugh their heart out spontaneously. This is because the audience is visualizing those funny scenes and it tickles their funny bone.

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Visualization and Law of Attraction Manifestation

Therefore, with practice if a person is able to visualize with feelings at the right level that he has already achieved his goal and is enjoying his achievements, he would be able to attract or manifest that thing or situation in his life.

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How To Visualize To Manifest Faster With Law Of Attraction

With regard to a getting a good visualization experience, all you have to do is can be put into the following simple steps:

  1. Think of your desire or dream which you want to manifest
  2. Sit down with a relaxed state of mind and body and close your eyes. This exercise will take just a few minutes
  3. Imagine with full feelings that you already have what you wanted
  4. Do this couple of times each day for a few days or till you achieve your goal

For example, you have an intense desire to buy a luxury apartment in a rich neighborhood. So during your visualization exercise imagine that you have already bought such an apartment.

In your mind’s eye see how beautiful are the interiors. Appreciate the spacious interiors, the color on the walls, the beautiful view from the balcony, the grand feeling of living in that apartment. Imagine you exchanging the greetings the rich and successful neighbors.

The more you can emotionalize the experience and associate it with happiness the better would be the effectiveness.

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Some Tips To Visualize Better

In addition to the suggested process above, if other senses are also involved, then the feelings become more close to reality. Continuing with the example of manifesting a luxury apartment, you may like to:

  1. Imagine fresh smell of the paint on entering the apartment
  2. Everything looks so clean and unused since it is a newly furnished house
  3. You open the window and the cool breeze touches your face. It is a wonderful feeling to breathe fresh air and feel on the face at the same time.
  4. You may like to lengthen the experience of feelings by adding a scene such as you are leaving your present house, get into the car to your new apartment, you drive down to your new apartment, see yourself parking your car next to the building where you own the new apartment and finally you take the lift from the ground floor to go to the floor where your new apartment is.

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The idea is to involve your other sensory organs such as nose for smell and skin for touching and feeling in the above example. This will create a better experience of feelings for the subconscious mind. Recommended reading: Change Your Attitude and Belief to Improve Your Circumstances

Can anyone visualize? – A visualization exercise

A lot of people have an opinion that they are not good at visualizing or they just can’t visualize. So let us try the following experiment.

You may first like to read this and then do the exercise with your eyes closed (hopefully you are sitting at home and not driving or operating a machine).

  1. After closing your eyes, think of or imagine anything
  2. However do not, I repeat do not think of a blue elephant or imagine a blue elephant.
  3. After 2 minutes or so, open your eyes and be in your normal state.

It can be safely assumed that more than 85% of the readers were able to visualize or think about the blue elephant.

Therefore, it is evident that you cannot not visualize. In fact, we all have been visualizing, since our very childhood.

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Are There Any Set Rules To Visualize Better 

The answer is NO. There are no fixed rules or rigid methods for doing visualization.

  1. It all depends on personal experience and what gives an individual better results. Depending on the ease and level of comfort, you may also prefer or not prefer a particular method or technique of visualization.
  2. Between images and movie in your mind, although a movie is better but it is not compulsory.
  3. You may prefer to see future in vivid colors and past in black and white. (For some specific exercises, working on the past is required, especially if there are painful experiences associated with past)
  4. Similarly it can be a silent movie or you may prefer to play sounds / music also with it.


Visualization should be in first person or third person?

Some people may ask, “Should the visualization be first person or third person?” Again there is no fixed formula for that but it is better to see yourself in the scene and hence visualization in first person is better.

At the same time if you are visualizing yourself in a movie, there is no choice but to see yourself as another person.

So you may alternate between both the methods and either chose to continue with both or pick one out of the two.

Once again, there are no hard and fast rules. Only requirement is intense feelings of happiness and joy to be associated with the pictures of the dream already manifested in your mental imagery.

What works for better for one person need not be as suitable for other person. So go with your experience and gut feeling.

What should be the frequency of visualization?

  • How often should I visualize in a day?
  • What are the best timings of the day to visualize?
  • For how long should I visualize in each sitting?

These are often asked questions. Well, the honest answer is that it depends on your personal feelings.

You have to be guided by your instincts. As long as you enjoy the visualization and love to do it, you may do the visualization exercise.

However, it is suggested that it should be done once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the night. Again the visualization duration may be from 5 to 15 minutes each time.

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But don’t compel yourself to do the visualization in a regimented manner. Let us say that you normally like to do it every day at 7 in the morning. But if for some reason, you got up late or you have to catch an early morning flight then don’t feel bad.

It is OK. Don’t put yourself under any sort of pressure or guilt. You may do it at the next available opportune moment. There is no loss to you as such. Therefore, don’t be under any stress. On the other hand, if you are in a train or plane and have nothing better to do then you can grab this opportunity to do visualization.

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A note to dear readers:

If achieving financial independence and earning more money is your dream goal then you may combine your visualization with the Powerful Money Affirmations . Also please follow the suggestions given in the following articles:

Wishing you all the success in visualization for manifestation of your dream goals.

How To Visualize To Manifest Faster With Law Of Attraction

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