Improve Health and Healing By Power of Subconscious Mind

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Improve Health and Healing By Power of Subconscious MindDid you know that you could use the power of your subconscious mind to heal your body? And if it is not healing any particular disease or problem, you can apply the powers of subconscious mind to keep your body and brain healthy. Some of you may wonder if there is any scientific logic of keeping the body in good health or healing by just applying the power of subconscious mind. While others may be keen to know How to Improve Health and Healing by Power of Subconscious Mind

How to Improve Health and Healing By Power of Subconscious Mind

Let us first discuss the logic that how our mind can influence the health and healing of the body. This is because it is the part of mind / spirit that controls and directs the functions of body and brain including all growth functions and healing modalities.

While it is the subconscious mind that quietly does the healing work, it is our thought processes and belief systems that affect the working of subconscious mind.

Therefore, to achieve regular maintenance of the body’s good health level and to get good healing whenever required, it is necessary to have full confidence that you can heal yourself.

The logic of quantum physics is that thoughts affect matter, therefore, a right kind of attitude and belief is important in getting proven results for healing.

What is the Right Belief System to Achieve Good Health and Healing?

The uninitiated main believe that we have no control over our immune system. Them I believe that body’s response to infection, toxins and other negative factors by falling sick.

Whereas the fact is that we are all gifted by God with a powerful force within us. If tapped properly it can work wonders.

The seat of this power is our subconscious mind which controls all vital functions.

How to Tap the Infinite Healing Power?

When we live our lives in harmony with the laws of nature and connect with the creator, we can access this amazing power and heal ourselves.

Is it a Magic or a Placebo Effect?

It is neither magic nor the placebo effect. Our subconscious mind has the power and that is directed all misdirected by the belief system.

For example, if a child or even an adult who has every impressionable mind is told a few times that “you look sick and you must see the doctor”. The person’s subconscious mind will accept this as a fact and will interpret this as “unless I see a doctor, I will not get well”. Interestingly as soon as the person goes to the doctor the healing begins stop.

Why? This is simply because the subconscious mind does so.

What is the Role of Conscious Mind?

The conscious mind controls only about 5% of the functions, whereas the subconscious mind has a control over our functions 95% of the time! Even if your conscious mind thinks, “I am healthy,” your subconscious mind may be running a different script, and much more powerful program in the background, such as “I have unhealthy genes and my family has a history of arthritis and heart disease.”

The Formula for achieving Good Health and Healing

This is a very simple and easy to understand logic. When the thoughts are positive, the belief system is strong and the powers of conscious and subconscious mind are aligned to the laws of nature, the body responds with enhanced healing and good health.

Techniques for Tapping into the Power of Subconscious Mind

1. Affirmations

Affirmations is a great science. If you want to know more about it then please read All about Affirmations. All you have to do is choose for yourself if you positive and vibrant sentences which a firm good health and faster healing in the present tense.

By constant repetition over a. of time, the subconscious mind will absorb these thoughts and then proceed to enhance the healing of the body. For good animations for health and healing, you may refer to:

2. Visualization or Mental Imagery

3. Meditation

Suggested reading: Meditation Techniques for Good Health & Spiritual Healing

3. Filter Out the Negativity

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