Is Money Spiritual or Evil

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Is Money Spiritual or EvilIf you come across a group of spiritual persons and ask them, “Is money spiritual? The chances are that you may get two kinds of diagonally opposite responses. The first one could be somewhat like, “Money is energy. There is nothing good or bad about it.” The other kind of persons may be very skeptical and scoff at the idea of money being spiritual.

This is totally understandable and expected, as when we confront limited beliefs and biased views. In some people, the mention of money stirs up fear and unease. Relevant: How to Overcome Fear of Money.

Is Money Spiritual or Evil ?

In this post I wish bring to surface the clarity about the role and importance of money, the origin of money, and the nature of money.

The Paradox

Unless you go deeper into the subject, you may not be able to fathom the ultimate truth. There are people who believe that money is evil and yet they are compromising with their life style. One may wonder that although many such people may be blessed with high potential to earn good money regularly, but why they still continue to live with inadequate supply of money.

On the contrary, there are many rich or rather very rich people who do not see to blessed with anything extra ordinary – personality, good higher education, commitment and dedication to profession – nothing at all and yet they continue to live in luxury? Why is it so?

To know the true reasons read on till the end.

Is Money Really Bad and Evil?

There are many ‘spiritual’ folks who experience this predicament about their relationship with money. They consider money as bad. Remember the adage “money is the root of all evil”?

As a child how often have you heard an elderly Mr. Good or Ms. Nice, telling you that ….“too money is bad”,….“don’t be greedy”,….”to be rich you have to be manipulative”…., “rich are exploitative” and most certainly “ to be spiritual and receive God’s grace, you have to let go of your desire for money”

Such messages if repeated constantly to a young and impressionable mind, gets embedded at the core level of the belief system.

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As a grown up adult, this very child carries around the deep rooted programming in his mind that if he has to be good or spiritual, he must stay away from money because too much money is root cause of all evil. Interestingly, this grown up man (or woman) understands and experiences that money is required everyday or rather every time to buy products and services which are necessary to sustain a good living. Whether it is buying or renting a house or paying for the school and college fee or buying the food for daily consumption, nothing is available without spending money. Checkout: How to Align with the Source of Abundance

It is, therefore, still a dilemma for this person with these issues on a core level. Such persons are likely build a huge wall between money and themselves because they perceive money as bad or evil and most certainly not spiritual.

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What is the effect on life?

With such self created ‘money blocks’ (put a link to money block clearing), these persons are relegated to live in conditions which range from poverty to somewhat limited means.

Thankfully, even though many people are such, life may still keep providing them with enough for basic needs – essentially food, clothing, water and shelter.

You do not have to go very far to get the proof. Just dive into your high school and college time memories. The classmates, who were brought with the belief that too much money is evil, are perhaps still finding it hard to meet both ends meet or are contended with their modes life style. Mind you, this has nothing to do with their academic brilliance or the opportunities life might have offered them. Unless of course, they have change their mind set.

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The Opposite Picture

There is a picture of the other side too. Most of us would have known or interacted with people who are obsessed with money. They are so possessed with the idea of earning lots of money and having tons of money that they would go to any end – right or wrong to quench their thirst or rather lust for money.

To such persons having lots of money and becoming very rich is the ultimate mean to freedom, pleasure and happiness. Most of us must have seen or heard of such individuals literally losing their soul. Sooner or later these people suffer too – mentally, emotionally and physically. Perhaps they never get to enjoy the money they earn or usurp.

So What Is The Ultimate Reality About Money

Money in itself is neither good nor bad. Lots of New Age people believe that Money is a form of energy.

To me Money is a signal of abundance or lack of it from the Universe. Did I confuse you a little bit? Well let us put it this way, when you see a person who is well dressed, well groomed, and arriving in an expensive car, you may come to a conclusion that he must be very well educated, at a good position and earning good income. Similarly if you see an unkempt man, you may think just the opposite. Isn’t your guess right? Well, most probably yes!

So having money, more money, less money is the direct result of a group of key factors like  the person’s attitude towards money, does he love and respect the money or fears and shuns money, does he carefully save and invest money or he thoughtlessly spends and if need be borrows too!

Let us go to a higher level in the same concept. All over the world, you must have noticed that the rich and ultra rich have a very philanthropic mind. They have proper organizations to run many kinds of welfare schemes for the poor and needy all over the world. The examples are Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (by Bill Gates of Microsoft who is the  richest man in the world), huge charity by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, who is 6th richest man in the world, Ford Foundation, Azim Premji Foundation and so on.

Next let us look at the rich religious organizations. Almost every country and every religion has religious organizations like church, temple etc. which are extremely rich and in turn they use these funds for the welfare of the people.

What Is The Final Truth About The Nature Of Money?

Just ponder on this for a minute: “The more they have the more they can give”. In order to pledge millions and billions of dollars, people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Azim Premji, Warren Buffett and many like them, first earned huge amounts of money and then only could they pledge so much money to people’s welfare through the route of philanthropy.

Likewise, the churches and temples welcomed and received the donations without any restrictions or conditions. Over a period of time, the board trustees found the organization owning piles of cash and more keeps coming.

On its own, Money is neither spiritual nor evil. It is how we intend to earn it and then what we do with it.

Is Money Spiritual?

Yes, money can be spiritual if it is earned through legitimate means, spent on genuine products and services or given for ethical purposes.

Unless you have it how can you give it?

So change your mindset and core beliefs about money. Do an exercise in deservability, learn to accept money happily. Spend money happily.  Also you must save respectfully and invest wisely.

Above all, regularly give a certain percentage of money to charity.

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