Law of Attraction and How to Become a Money Magnet

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Law of Attraction and How to Become a Money MagnetIn this article the concept of Law of Attraction and How to Become a Money Magnet is explained in detail with simple and powerful tips. We will discuss in detail how you can attract any amount of money by properly applying the law of attraction. Once you learn to apply Law of Attraction properly, you too can attract money and wealth.

The law of attraction is all about energy work- both positive and negative. Whether you want positive results or negative results in life, the law of attraction is always working in the background. Hence one has to properly learn how to use the dynamics of energy to attract money in one’s life.

The Universe and its creations are made of energy. This includes us human beings as well as the money. This energy can be used both to attract money and also to repel money. The first use will make you rich and very rich where as the second type of energy work can make a person poor. For the purpose of this article, we will stick to the concept of Law of Attraction and How to Become a Money Magnet.

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Law of Attraction and How to Become a Money Magnet

1. Reprogram your Mind

The law of attraction is always working and is working on everything. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in the concept or not. We are made of energy and this energy can be programmed to attract whatever we wish.

Repetition is one of the important tools to program ourselves. Whatever you wish to achieve, you have to think and behave as if it is on its way to you or better it is already there for you.

Therefore, if you wish to have lots of money, you have to send the signals to the universe by dressing well, thinking rich and believing that you live in abundance. On the contrary, if you have ‘lack’ mind set or keep talking to others about your limited resources then you are programming your mind for lack of money. Therefore, stay alert and watch your thoughts and behaviour.

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By training your mind and believing yourself to be capable of becoming rich, you begin to become more positive in your thoughts, behavior and approach. Once this pattern becomes automatic, will you begin to attract more money toward you.

2. Network with Rich and Wealthy People

Network with Rich and Wealthy to become Money MagnetThere can be several reasons for a successful person to be rich and wealthy. But it is not the reasons we are after. The idea is to surround yourself with many such people so that the aura of their super charge fields also rubs on you. Like a magnet, their quantum field and vibrations should positively affect your vibrations and take them to higher levels.

Let their company change your thoughts, habits, mannerism and approach to life. Knowingly and unknowingly, consciously and unconsciously you will pick up some of their good habits which are responsible for making them rich, wealthy and prosperous.

Being in the company of people who have lots of money will alter your energy field and you too will begin to attract money into your life.

It is also equally important that you avoid the company of gloomy, pessimistic and negative people. As per the principles of law of attraction, the negatives personalities will always attract all that negativity which day hold in their minds. Therefore, any negative energy around you will automatically influence you and reduced the intensity of your positive energy. Therefore if you want to attract money, wealth, prosperity or anything good in your life then you must stay away from negative and pessimistic persons – all the time.

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3. Use Oriental Knowledge to Attract More Money

There are well established fields of knowledge in different countries for the benefit of mankind. These laws are supposed to give all the good things to the humans in a balanced way. For example it is known by the name Feng Shui in China and Vastu in India. Please do read: Spiritual Ways of Attracting Money

Given below are some easy tips which you can follow in your day to day life to stop the leakages of money and at the same time to attract more money into your life. If you are passionate about becoming a money magnet then do try all of them.

  • Keep the lid of the toilet always down when not in use.
  • Keep the door of the toilet and the washroom always closed.
  • Do not wear dirty or torn clothes ( even if they are in fashion).
  • When you receive cash or cheque, accept it with both the hands showing love and respect for money and touch it to your heart.
  • While giving away money, part with it happily and say it in your mind that let many times more money come to you effortlessly.
  • Keep good amount of money in the form of currency notes (and not credit cards only) in your wallet.
  • Regularly bless money – Read Why You Should Bless Money
  • In many countries and cultures green and sometimes purple represents money. Therefore, to attract money energy into your home and office introduce this color. Maybe you would like to add a few green or purple cushions, or a green throw, over your settee?

4. Create Money Symbols Around You

Create Money Symbols Around YouThe human tendency is to go back to its basic program or early life learning, just like a rubber band goes back to its original position after being stretched. Therefore it is advisable to keep reminding yourself that you are a money magnet and becoming rich is your birth right.

This can be done by creating symbols of Money, Abundance and Prosperity around you. For example, keep some coins or currency notes in a glass jar. This is letting the money energy know that there is a ‘saver’. Further, you are creating the right conditions for the money energy to flow to you.

5. Appreciate the Rich and Wealthy

Next time around, when you see a rich person passing by then do appreciate him for the success he has achieved in life. If you see him wearing an expensive suit or driving a luxury car silently appreciate and be happy.

This will serve two purposes. One, you will not get into the negative mode of envying or criticizing him and to you will send the signal to the Universe that you rejoice and feel happy seeing money rejoice.

Secondly, this way, you will produce more positive and healthy mental thoughts thereby increasing your positive energy level. This will sure work toward changing your circumstances and help you become a better money magnet.

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