Law Of Attraction To Manifest Dream House

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Law Of Attraction To Manifest Dream House

So you have been applying or thinking of applying law of attraction to manifest dream house. Did you know that everything you want, is already yours. Yes I do mean, everything – It could be:

  • Money, Wealth and Prosperity
  • The financial freedom
  • The empowerment
  • Love and Relationship
  • Success
  • Good Health

Agreed, these may not be with you already but they are already there, waiting to be attracted by you. So if you’ve ever bought a book, attended a seminar to learn you “how to manifest this or that…” well, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’ve wasted your money…and your efforts.

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In addition to the 6 steps technique given in this article, we have given links to several other useful articles at the appropriate places, besides embedding a video towards the end of this article: How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

Law Of Attraction To Manifest Dream House

If you’ve been working with the Law of Attraction for a while, you probably know just how flexible the techniques are. Here’s how…

However, if you’re still learning the basics, you may like to check out>>>>

1. Know What Kind Of House You Want

Make a list of everything you want your house to have: the size, type of floor, kitchen, number of bathrooms and bedrooms, what the surrounding is like, … Anything you can think of and want, write it down.

2. Practice Gratitude

This means that you have to be consciously GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. If you have not done this exercise before, you may want to begin by writing down all the things that you are grateful for in your life.

In the beginning, you may think of a few things only. But once the daily practice picks up  even one page of your gratitude journal may not be sufficient.

Every time you write down one thing that you are grateful for, please take a moment to visualize it your my mind and feel how blessed you are that this particular thing has manifested in your life.

Also please remember emotions are a big key to manifesting faster and effectively!


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3. Visualize Your Dream House

Next step is to imagine yourself in your house. See all the things you love and appreciate about it that are in the house. Notice how much you love your house. Pretend that you are inside your house and feel how wonderful it is to have this kind of house. Pretend that you are telling your family and family about your new house. Let them know how happy you are to live in it.

For your ready reference, here are links to 2 articles on visualization:

4. Believe That You Are Worthy And Deserve This House

Believe you deserve this house. Believe that you deserve to live in this house. Cast away any limiting beliefs and release any mental blocks you may have. Believe in abundant Universe which has arranged this house for you and that you’re allowed to live in your dream house.

For your ready reference, here are links to some of these articles:

5. Practice Oneness With Universe

Be at one with your house and the person you would need to be in order to have your house. What would a person who belongs in that house do? Do those things.

6. Release Your Attachment To The Goal

In other words, LET IT GO. This means that you have full friendship and contact with the Universe and you have full faith in the abundant Universe and now you are letting the Universe do its job of fulfilling your wish ( in this case – a house).

This is also called – surrender. Letting go of your expectations, know that what you have desired is already on its way. Try not to check it every now or then. Nor try to control it or know that how it is going to happen for Universe has its own mysterious and unique ways.

Of course, waiting for the desire to manifest is the hardest part of law of attraction.

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To Sum Up And Some Suggestions

After you have finished all the 6 steps of law of attraction to manifest dream house, know the Universe would work its magic.

Video: How to Apply Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

Towards the end

Please do share your experiences below about Manifestation with Law of Attraction.

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